What Is The History Of The Last Name Blair?

The Blair family name has a long and interesting history dating back to the early 1400s. The first documented Blair was John Blair, who was born around 1406 in Scotland. Records show that John Blair was a prominent figure in Scottish history, serving as a diplomat, advisor to kings, and even a bishop.The Blair surname began to spread to other parts of the world in the 1600s, with some Blairs settling in Ireland and North America. Today, the Blair name is found all over the world, with the largest concentration of Blairs in the United States.

The Blair family has a proud history of service and accomplishment, and the name Blair is often associated with greatness. If you are lucky enough to have the Blair name, you can be proud of the accomplishments of your ancestors and carry on the tradition of excellence.

Are There Any Famous People In History With The Last Name Blair?

There are many famous people in history with the last name Blair. One such person is Tony Blair, the former Prime Minister of the United Kingdom. Blair was in office from 1997 to 2007, and was one of the longest-serving Prime Ministers in British history. He is also the most recent Prime Minister to date who was not a member of the Labour Party.Another famous person with the last name Blair is actress Blair Brown. Brown has starred in many films and TV shows, including The Days and Nights of Molly Dodd, The Social Network, and Fringe.

There are many other famous Blairs out there, including author James T. Blair, singer Toni Blair, and football player Blair Strachan.

So if you're ever wondering if there are any famous people in history with your last name, the answer is most likely yes!

Where Does The Last Name Blair Rank In The Most Common US Names?

The last name Blair is the 174th most common US name. It is derived from the Scottish clan name Blair, which is derived from the Old French blaireau, meaning "badger." Blair ranks as the 1,665th most common name in the UK.

List of People with the Last Name Blair

Richard BlairRuth BlairAnn BlairJessica BlairTammy BlairJ BlairJeffrey BlairHelen BlairRaymond BlairRonald BlairTeresa BlairPamela BlairBetty BlairCarol BlairJohn BlairLisa BlairMargaret BlairBarbara BlairKelly BlairLaura BlairSusan BlairThomas BlairSteven BlairJulie BlairJoe BlairElizabeth BlairPaul BlairCheryl BlairEdward BlairSandra BlairBrian BlairJeff BlairDorothy BlairMark BlairShirley BlairMary BlairJoseph BlairKimberly BlairWilliam BlairCatherine BlairSharon BlairDeborah BlairDon BlairGary BlairDavid BlairCynthia BlairDiane BlairJennifer BlairAmanda BlairLinda BlairAmy BlairKim BlairBill BlairDonald BlairSteve BlairM BlairChris BlairMichelle BlairJames BlairKaren BlairCharles BlairBrenda BlairJason BlairKenneth BlairJanet BlairFrank BlairCarolyn BlairDonna BlairE BlairMelissa BlairGeorge BlairChristine BlairRobert BlairKathleen BlairChristopher BlairDebbie BlairSarah BlairDebra BlairLarry BlairLawrence BlairA BlairJoshua BlairR BlairTimothy BlairMatthew BlairDaniel BlairAngela BlairD BlairAshley BlairAndrew BlairRebecca BlairStephen BlairW BlairAnthony BlairStephanie BlairPatricia BlairKevin BlairMichael BlairKatherine BlairTerry BlairJerry BlairAnna BlairKathy BlairCindy BlairNancy BlairScott BlairHeather BlairNicole BlairChristina BlairDouglas BlairGregory BlairBilly BlairEric BlairRobin BlairMartha BlairJim BlairFrances BlairDennis BlairJamie BlairJoyce BlairJudy BlairTina BlairMarie BlairJean BlairJack BlairVirginia BlairHarold BlairWalter BlairRyan BlairBrandon BlairBonnie BlairJeffery BlairRachel BlairBeverly BlairJonathan BlairHenry BlairRoger BlairDenise BlairFred BlairCarl BlairJanice BlairConnie BlairWillie BlairShannon BlairRoy BlairBobby BlairPatrick BlairKathryn BlairJudith BlairAlice BlairLeslie BlairTheresa BlairVictoria BlairLori BlairDoris BlairRose BlairTracy BlairJoan BlairGerald BlairSara BlairKeith BlairJustin BlairJacqueline BlairJackie BlairJane BlairHarry BlairSherry BlairSue BlairRandy BlairMildred BlairLee BlairSamuel BlairTiffany BlairBruce BlairEmily BlairSamantha BlairWayne BlairGloria BlairAndrea BlairCrystal BlairBrittany BlairRhonda BlairArthur BlairJulia BlairAlbert BlairDiana BlairHoward BlairBenjamin BlairRay BlairDawn BlairAmber BlairAnne BlairEvelyn BlairEarl BlairWendy BlairApril BlairMichele BlairPaula BlairCarrie BlairRussell BlairWanda BlairCourtney BlairNicholas BlairPeggy BlairSheila BlairMaria BlairFrancis BlairJeremy BlairJesse BlairPeter BlairMarilyn BlairDana BlairDanielle BlairErnest BlairJacob BlairRalph BlairClarence BlairJessie BlairJimmy BlairBryan BlairLouise BlairCharlotte BlairEmma BlairMegan BlairHolly BlairPhyllis BlairLois BlairAllen BlairLauren BlairPhillip BlairDarlene BlairTyler BlairAdam BlairShawn BlairGail BlairRandall BlairStacey BlairEdith BlairAlan BlairGrace BlairRuby BlairTodd BlairKyle BlairFlorence BlairPhilip BlairEugene BlairSean BlairAaron BlairTony BlairMarion BlairDanny BlairCurtis BlairEdna BlairIrene BlairErin BlairTravis BlairGladys BlairPauline BlairAlexander BlairJoy BlairElaine BlairLillian BlairMarjorie BlairCody BlairRita BlairEthel BlairFrederick BlairJordan BlairJune BlairDale BlairBradley BlairRicky BlairNathan BlairZachary BlairCraig BlairTaylor BlairDarrell BlairJohnny BlairAnnie BlairEleanor BlairEllen BlairThelma BlairRodney BlairNorma BlairLeonard BlairChad BlairGlenn BlairMarvin BlairStanley BlairMelvin BlairHazel BlairMartin BlairAustin BlairClara BlairLouis BlairAlfred BlairLeroy BlairFloyd BlairHerbert BlairLloyd Blair