Historical Information About The Last Name Blanton

There are many interesting facts about the last name Blanton. The Blanton name has been traced back to the 10th century where it was found in the English records. The name was derived from the Old English words 'Blaet' meaning 'black' and 'tun' meaning 'town'. This would suggest that the original Blanton's were from a town where many people had dark hair and skin.Over the centuries, the Blanton name has been found in many different countries. In the United States, the Blanton name can be found in Kentucky, Tennessee, and Texas. The Blanton name is also found in Ireland, Scotland, and Australia.

There have been many famous people with the last name Blanton. Some of these include the musician, Dizzy Gillespie, and the actor, Don Bluth.

The Blanton name is a proud name that represents many different cultures and countries. If you are lucky enough to have the Blanton name, you should be proud of your heritage!

The Popularity Of Blanton As The Last Name

The popularity of Blanton as the last name has been on the rise for the past few years. In fact, the name was ranked as the 936th most popular name in the United States in 2016. While this may not seem like a high ranking, it is actually a significant increase from the rank of 1,471th in 2012. What could be causing this sudden increase in popularity?There are several possible explanations for the rise in popularity of the Blanton name. One possibility is that the name has become more popular as a result of its use in popular culture. For example, the popular character Blanton on the TV show Hart of Dixie is one possible source of the name's recent popularity.

Another explanation could be that the name is simply becoming more popular as a result of its sound. Blanton is a unique name that is not too common, but it is not so unusual that it is difficult to pronounce. In fact, many people find the name to be quite charming and attractive.

Whatever the reason for the rise in popularity of the Blanton name, it is clear that the name is becoming more and more popular every year. If you are looking for a unique and interesting name for your child, Blanton could be a great option.

Naming Ideas With Blanton As The Last Name

Are you looking for the perfect name for your little one? If you're looking for a unique name with a bit of history, Blanton might be the perfect choice!The Blanton name has been around for centuries, and it's still going strong today. It's the perfect name for parents looking for something a bit different.

If you're looking for a name with a bit of personality, Blanton is definitely the way to go. It's sure to stand out in a crowd!

If you're looking for a name with a bit of style, Blanton is the perfect choice. It's sure to make your child stand out from the crowd.

Whatever your reasons for choosing the Blanton name, you can be sure that your child will be one of a kind. Thanks for choosing Blanton!

List of People with the Last Name Blanton

Charles BlantonM BlantonWilliam BlantonDavid BlantonMary BlantonMichael BlantonJohn BlantonRobert BlantonThomas BlantonJ BlantonJames BlantonC BlantonElizabeth BlantonPatricia BlantonD BlantonJennifer BlantonRichard BlantonBarbara BlantonLinda BlantonChris BlantonLisa BlantonR BlantonChristopher BlantonL BlantonKimberly BlantonSusan BlantonBetty BlantonJoseph BlantonAmanda BlantonDonna BlantonT BlantonSarah BlantonKenneth BlantonGeorge BlantonBrenda BlantonAngela BlantonJeffrey BlantonDeborah BlantonKaren BlantonDonald BlantonLarry BlantonRebecca BlantonJessica BlantonW BlantonMelissa BlantonMichelle BlantonMark BlantonJack BlantonRonald BlantonSandra BlantonE BlantonDaniel BlantonBilly BlantonTammy BlantonCynthia BlantonSteven BlantonMargaret BlantonJeff BlantonBill BlantonJerry BlantonKathy BlantonDebra BlantonJason BlantonTeresa BlantonCarol BlantonPamela BlantonGary BlantonAmy BlantonAshley BlantonPaul BlantonSteve BlantonJoshua BlantonShirley BlantonKim BlantonBrian BlantonDebbie BlantonTerry BlantonJoe BlantonDorothy BlantonTimothy BlantonLaura BlantonSharon BlantonBobby BlantonEdward BlantonMartha BlantonNancy BlantonCarolyn BlantonMatthew BlantonFrances BlantonKevin BlantonJeffery BlantonStephanie BlantonHeather BlantonMike BlantonScott BlantonCheryl BlantonCrystal BlantonChristina BlantonRuth BlantonJoyce BlantonHelen BlantonKatherine BlantonTracy BlantonAnn BlantonLawrence BlantonLee BlantonSherry BlantonCindy BlantonRhonda BlantonVirginia BlantonJudy BlantonKelly BlantonAnna BlantonEmily BlantonRachel BlantonRaymond BlantonWillie BlantonHarold BlantonAlice BlantonEric BlantonJohnny BlantonMarie BlantonChristine BlantonJulie BlantonDiane BlantonWayne BlantonCarl BlantonDon BlantonJimmy BlantonWendy BlantonKathleen BlantonDennis BlantonLori BlantonRoger BlantonJonathan BlantonJackie BlantonJamie BlantonTina BlantonJanice BlantonSheila BlantonAndrew BlantonCatherine BlantonJustin BlantonJim BlantonAnthony BlantonShannon BlantonGregory BlantonKeith BlantonDanny BlantonDouglas BlantonJanet BlantonNicole BlantonJacob BlantonRandy BlantonApril BlantonAnnie BlantonStephen BlantonDoris BlantonBonnie BlantonWanda BlantonRonnie BlantonRoy BlantonBen BlantonFrank BlantonHenry BlantonJesse BlantonDana BlantonBeverly BlantonConnie BlantonSue BlantonJane BlantonCarrie BlantonJacqueline BlantonJean BlantonAndrea BlantonTiffany BlantonVictoria BlantonAmber BlantonRay BlantonBenjamin BlantonPeggy BlantonJudith BlantonRobin BlantonLouise BlantonBrandon BlantonPhyllis BlantonLois BlantonBrittany BlantonPatrick BlantonFred BlantonEdna BlantonSamuel BlantonMarilyn BlantonPaula BlantonDenise BlantonMarvin BlantonSamantha BlantonEvelyn BlantonDiana BlantonSara BlantonRodney BlantonEddie BlantonWalter BlantonGerald BlantonJeremy BlantonAnne BlantonTonya BlantonShawn BlantonMegan BlantonPhillip BlantonCurtis BlantonErnest BlantonMaria BlantonRuby BlantonAaron BlantonGloria BlantonMarcus BlantonLeslie BlantonTony BlantonRicky BlantonGrace BlantonJessie BlantonBryan BlantonMarion BlantonRyan BlantonJoan BlantonTravis BlantonTyler BlantonTodd BlantonTroy BlantonDale BlantonCharlotte BlantonNathan BlantonBillie BlantonLewis BlantonChad BlantonMildred BlantonLeonard BlantonNicholas BlantonJordan BlantonHazel BlantonEarl BlantonEmma BlantonRita BlantonJulia BlantonKayla BlantonHoward BlantonEdith BlantonRussell BlantonArthur BlantonKyle BlantonEugene BlantonCharlie BlantonGlenn BlantonKathryn BlantonBradley BlantonGene BlantonTaylor BlantonBruce BlantonClarence BlantonJimmie BlantonTommy BlantonMelvin BlantonPatsy BlantonHarry BlantonAlbert BlantonAllen BlantonIrene BlantonRandall BlantonLillian BlantonCraig BlantonJune BlantonCourtney BlantonClyde BlantonAdam BlantonRalph BlantonCecil BlantonBarry BlantonThelma BlantonJuanita BlantonAlicia BlantonJohnnie BlantonBessie BlantonEva BlantonNorma BlantonWesley BlantonDarrell BlantonLillie BlantonDustin BlantonAlfred BlantonLucille BlantonElla BlantonHugh BlantonAustin BlantonFranklin BlantonClifford BlantonHerbert BlantonBertha BlantonVernon BlantonZachary Blanton