What Is The History Of The Last Name Blum?

The surname Blum has a rich history that can be traced back many centuries. The name is derived from the German word "blume", which means "flower". The name was most likely given to someone who was considered to be a gentle and kind person, or perhaps someone who was known for their beauty.The Blum name first appeared in records in the early 1800s. One of the earliest known Blums was a man named Johann Blum, who was born in Bavaria, Germany in 1801. He immigrated to the United States in 1832 and settled in Illinois.

Over the years, the Blum name has spread to all corners of the world. There are now Blums living in countries such as the United States, Canada, Australia, and the United Kingdom.

The Blum surname is associated with a number of notable people. For example, Julius Blum was a prominent Austrian businessman and politician. André Blum was a French mathematician and physicist. And Joseph Blum was a German-born American physician who made significant contributions to the field of obstetrics.

The history of the Blum surname is fascinating and full of interesting stories and characters. If you are interested in learning more, there are a number of books and websites that can provide you with more information.

Are There Any Famous People In History With The Last Name Blum?

There are a few famous people in history with the last name Blum. One such person is Julius Blum, who was the co-founder of the Austrian Social Democratic Party. Another is Irving Blum, a renowned art dealer who was instrumental in the pop art movement. Finally, there is Ludwig Blum, a German politician who was a member of the Bundestag.

Where Does The Last Name Blum Rank In The Most Common US Names?

The name Blum is not one of the most common US names, but it does rank in the top 1,000. Out of over 150 million names in the US, Blum ranks at #948.There are many theories about where the last name Blum originated. One theory suggests that it is derived from the word "bloom," which means to flourish or to be in a state of full development. Another theory suggests that the name is derived from the German word "blumen," which means flowers.

Regardless of its origin, the name Blum is definitely unique and has a special meaning to those who bear it. If you are thinking about naming your child Blum, you can be sure that he or she will stand out from the crowd.

List of People with the Last Name Blum

Robert BlumMary BlumWilliam BlumDavid BlumMichael BlumJohn BlumRichard BlumM BlumJoseph BlumJames BlumCharles BlumS BlumR BlumJennifer BlumElizabeth BlumBarbara BlumSteven BlumL BlumJeffrey BlumA BlumSusan BlumLinda BlumMargaret BlumKaren BlumEdward BlumRonald BlumPaul BlumPatricia BlumGeorge BlumLisa BlumNancy BlumMichelle BlumCarol BlumJeff BlumB BlumChristopher BlumAnna BlumDaniel BlumChris BlumSteve BlumHenry BlumMatthew BlumRuth BlumHelen BlumThomas BlumDonald BlumKenneth BlumGary BlumMark BlumSarah BlumAndrew BlumCynthia BlumH BlumChristine BlumPeter BlumBrian BlumScott BlumSandra BlumDeborah BlumJack BlumDorothy BlumSamuel BlumLaura BlumHarold BlumAmy BlumStephen BlumJessica BlumRose BlumRachel BlumKathleen BlumNicole BlumLawrence BlumJulie BlumJudith BlumEric BlumRebecca BlumAnn BlumBetty BlumJanet BlumJoe BlumKimberly BlumFred BlumJonathan BlumJoshua BlumJacob BlumJason BlumFrank BlumDiane BlumHarry BlumStephanie BlumJoan BlumLarry BlumAmanda BlumKatherine BlumDebra BlumRaymond BlumDonna BlumHoward BlumMelissa BlumJean BlumSharon BlumFrances BlumAlan BlumMarie BlumWalter BlumArthur BlumEmily BlumMartin BlumCheryl BlumJudy BlumCarl BlumShirley BlumAlbert BlumKevin BlumLori BlumLouis BlumMax BlumHeather BlumTimothy BlumJoanne BlumFlorence BlumCatherine BlumAlexander BlumGregory BlumEllen BlumJane BlumGerald BlumDennis BlumAndrea BlumSara BlumAshley BlumAngela BlumEsther BlumAaron BlumWendy BlumDouglas BlumPamela BlumLauren BlumLeonard BlumEugene BlumLillian BlumFrederick BlumBenjamin BlumSam BlumPhilip BlumJamie BlumTheresa BlumHerbert BlumTerry BlumMichele BlumMaria BlumCarolyn BlumSylvia BlumJerome BlumBonnie BlumBernard BlumDoris BlumEvelyn BlumLeo BlumAnne BlumJerry BlumJustin BlumAlex BlumJoyce BlumChristina BlumJacqueline BlumAnthony BlumBrenda BlumBen BlumLeslie BlumJoel BlumNicholas BlumBarry BlumRyan BlumMarc BlumAdam BlumMarjorie BlumJulia BlumTracy BlumMiriam BlumKathryn BlumMarilyn BlumStanley BlumKelly BlumMildred BlumPaula BlumVirginia BlumAlice BlumJeanne BlumSamantha BlumBrandon BlumIrene BlumMorris BlumGertrude BlumLaurie BlumLee BlumKatie BlumJanice BlumSuzanne BlumJoann BlumGrace BlumBeth BlumBruce BlumLynn BlumMartha BlumKeith BlumRobin BlumEva BlumHerman BlumLois BlumNorman BlumSherry BlumIrving BlumDenise BlumMitchell BlumNathan BlumDanielle BlumRoger BlumKarl BlumCraig BlumAbraham BlumEdith BlumEleanor BlumLorraine BlumDawn BlumZachary BlumRalph BlumKristen BlumBeverly BlumLeah BlumSally BlumTina BlumSidney BlumTodd BlumLeon BlumFrancis BlumElaine BlumHannah BlumPhyllis BlumPauline BlumJay BlumGloria BlumMarvin BlumTeresa BlumAllen BlumDale BlumMarion BlumGail BlumAnita BlumGladys BlumKyle BlumJeremy BlumJune BlumSheila BlumEileen BlumCharlotte BlumRita BlumJulius BlumRussell BlumPatrick BlumClaire BlumIda BlumJordan BlumAlfred BlumHarriet BlumArlene BlumLouise BlumCourtney BlumArnold BlumMelvin BlumBertha BlumClara BlumTheodore BlumAudrey BlumNorma BlumRoy BlumMonica BlumEdwin BlumMarcia BlumBeatrice BlumElsie BlumKurt BlumEmma BlumJosephine BlumStuart BlumErnest BlumBryan BlumEthel BlumTyler BlumEdna BlumBessie BlumBradley BlumRegina BlumGeraldine BlumBernice BlumVivian BlumJesse BlumEvan BlumHazel BlumJulian Blum