How Many People Are There In The US With The Last Name Bolton?

There are around 2,000 people in the US with the last name Bolton. Bolton is a very uncommon name, so there aren't many people with it. It's derived from the Old English word bolgethon, which means "town in a valley."

Which State In The US Has The Largest Population With The Last Name Bolton?

The state with the largest population with the last name Bolton is Tennessee. This is according to the 2000 US Census. There were 2,521 people in the US with the last name Bolton. 1,312 of them lived in Tennessee. There were also 1,209 people with the last name Bolton in Texas.

What Are The Most Uncommon Names With The Last Name Bolton?

There are many unusual names in the world, but there are few that are as uncommon as Bolton. This name is not common in any country and is only given to a few newborn babies each year. If you are looking for a unique and rare name for your child, Bolton may be the perfect choice.There are many reasons why parents may choose an uncommon name for their child. Some parents may want their child to stand out and be unique. Others may choose an unusual name in order to honor a family member or loved one. Whatever the reason, there are many unique names to choose from.

If you are looking for a name that is both uncommon and stylish, Bolton may be the perfect choice. This name has a classic sound to it and will never go out of style. Your child will be sure to stand out from the crowd with a name like Bolton.

List of People with the Last Name Bolton

Barbara BoltonRichard BoltonMary BoltonJames BoltonRobert BoltonMichael BoltonLinda BoltonElizabeth BoltonPatricia BoltonCharles BoltonThomas BoltonJohn BoltonDavid BoltonWilliam BoltonJennifer BoltonC BoltonJ BoltonA BoltonGeorge BoltonB BoltonLisa BoltonChristopher BoltonJoseph BoltonChris BoltonMargaret BoltonKenneth BoltonDonald BoltonSusan BoltonKimberly BoltonT BoltonMichelle BoltonDonna BoltonDeborah BoltonKaren BoltonG BoltonEdward BoltonSteven BoltonMark BoltonSarah BoltonDorothy BoltonAngela BoltonBrian BoltonBetty BoltonCarol BoltonJeffrey BoltonLarry BoltonSandra BoltonDaniel BoltonSharon BoltonTimothy BoltonMelissa BoltonAmanda BoltonAmy BoltonHelen BoltonCynthia BoltonJessica BoltonSteve BoltonBill BoltonNancy BoltonAndrew BoltonBrenda BoltonStephanie BoltonWillie BoltonRebecca BoltonLaura BoltonPaul BoltonPamela BoltonCarolyn BoltonGregory BoltonAnthony BoltonKim BoltonRuth BoltonRonald BoltonMatthew BoltonAnn BoltonJack BoltonDebra BoltonJason BoltonAshley BoltonKathy BoltonTerry BoltonTeresa BoltonCatherine BoltonRaymond BoltonJulie BoltonKevin BoltonGary BoltonScott BoltonJoe BoltonFrank BoltonHarold BoltonAnna BoltonChristine BoltonKathleen BoltonHeather BoltonShirley BoltonVirginia BoltonBilly BoltonDiane BoltonJoyce BoltonJeffery BoltonStephen BoltonCheryl BoltonDanielle BoltonJanet BoltonHenry BoltonBobby BoltonTammy BoltonAlice BoltonMarie BoltonKatherine BoltonJudy BoltonJanice BoltonWalter BoltonLawrence BoltonJoshua BoltonJerry BoltonJonathan BoltonMike BoltonTiffany BoltonKelly BoltonDennis BoltonBonnie BoltonNicole BoltonTracy BoltonArthur BoltonJean BoltonBrandon BoltonFrances BoltonTheresa BoltonDenise BoltonJacqueline BoltonMartha BoltonEric BoltonCarl BoltonBeverly BoltonLee BoltonDouglas BoltonDon BoltonPatrick BoltonEmily BoltonRay BoltonCindy BoltonTina BoltonJamie BoltonSherry BoltonSheila BoltonJudith BoltonShannon BoltonRhonda BoltonJohnny BoltonRyan BoltonCrystal BoltonBenjamin BoltonRachel BoltonWayne BoltonJane BoltonRose BoltonKeith BoltonMarilyn BoltonRuby BoltonKathryn BoltonAnnie BoltonSamuel BoltonRalph BoltonCarrie BoltonCurtis BoltonNicholas BoltonConnie BoltonJoan BoltonDoris BoltonJackie BoltonRoy BoltonChristina BoltonSara BoltonFred BoltonRobin BoltonJustin BoltonBen BoltonJimmy BoltonJessie BoltonBrittany BoltonGloria BoltonVictoria BoltonMaria BoltonHarry BoltonAnne BoltonWendy BoltonHoward BoltonPeggy BoltonLynn BoltonJulia BoltonDiana BoltonBruce BoltonCathy BoltonAaron BoltonRandy BoltonWanda BoltonMichele BoltonPhyllis BoltonEmma BoltonMildred BoltonPaula BoltonDale BoltonDana BoltonAlbert BoltonRenee BoltonErnest BoltonAndrea BoltonJacob BoltonRussell BoltonGerald BoltonLauren BoltonTonya BoltonEdna BoltonLouise BoltonDanny BoltonEddie BoltonEvelyn BoltonAmber BoltonApril BoltonMarcus BoltonLeonard BoltonLeslie BoltonJeremy BoltonJay BoltonBradley BoltonRoger BoltonMarion BoltonValerie BoltonMegan BoltonPeter BoltonFrederick BoltonTommy BoltonGladys BoltonSuzanne BoltonLois BoltonEarl BoltonEugene BoltonCourtney BoltonShawn BoltonPhilip BoltonAllen BoltonTyler BoltonJuanita BoltonCraig BoltonTodd BoltonTony BoltonGlenn BoltonJesse BoltonGrace BoltonPhillip BoltonFloyd BoltonRodney BoltonSean BoltonGail BoltonMarjorie BoltonRicky BoltonClarence BoltonBryan BoltonEthel BoltonDean BoltonSamantha BoltonBarry BoltonLillie BoltonKyle BoltonIrene BoltonCharlie BoltonHazel BoltonEllen BoltonTaylor BoltonAlan BoltonRoberta BoltonCharlene BoltonTravis BoltonNathan BoltonClara BoltonNorma BoltonLucille BoltonMarvin BoltonMelvin BoltonPauline BoltonEdith BoltonAlexander BoltonHerbert BoltonLillian BoltonFlorence BoltonStanley BoltonDarrell BoltonThelma BoltonGertrude BoltonAdam BoltonNorman BoltonClyde BoltonZachary BoltonCecil BoltonEdwin BoltonTroy BoltonAndre BoltonEva Bolton