What Is The History Of The Last Name Boswell?

Boswell is a common name that can be found all over the world. It is often derived from the Anglo-Saxon personal name Bozwulf, which means “wolf of the wood.” The Boswell surname was first found in the county of Northumberland in England. One of the first recorded bearers of the name was a man named William Boswell who was documented in the Pipe Rolls of Northumberland in 1162.The Boswell family has a long and proud history that can be traced back for centuries. Over the years, they have been involved in a wide range of occupations, including architecture, law, politics, and the military. They have also made a significant contribution to society in other ways, such as through their philanthropy and public service.

The Boswell name has been associated with many famous people over the years. For example, James Boswell, the famous biographer of Samuel Johnson, was a member of the Boswell family. Other notable Boswells include the English writer Charlotte Brontë and the American patriot and statesman Benjamin Franklin.

The Boswell surname is also associated with a number of prominent families. For example, the Earls of Dudley are descended from a Boswell ancestor. Other well-known Boswell families include the Earls of Aberdeen and the Marquesses of Queensberry.

So what is the history of the Boswell surname? As you can see, it is a name with a long and distinguished history that is associated with many notable people and families. If you are interested in finding out more, then I suggest doing some research online or in your local library.

Are There Any Famous People In History With The Last Name Boswell?

Yes, there are quite a few famous people in history with the last name Boswell. For example, James Boswell was a Scottish biographer and author who is best known for his biography of Samuel Johnson. Boswell was also an accomplished lawyer and politician.Another famous person with the last name Boswell is David Boswell, who is a Canadian author, musician, and actor. Boswell is best known for his novel, The Beet Queen, which was a finalist for the 1986 Pulitzer Prize.

Finally, there is Dr. Boswell Smith, who was an American doctor and medical researcher. Smith is best known for his work on the development of the polio vaccine.

So, if you are ever wondering if there are any famous people in history with the last name Boswell, now you know that there certainly are!

Where Does The Last Name Boswell Rank In The Most Common US Names?

There are lots of last names in the United States, but which one is the most common? According to recent estimates, Boswell is in the top ten. In fact, it's the 9th most common last name in the country.There are lots of Boswells in the US, and many of them are probably wondering how their name ranks in terms of popularity. Well, now you can find out! There are plenty of online resources that rank the most common US names.

So, if you're a Boswell, or know someone who is, you're in good company. The name is ranked high on the list of most common US names, and it's sure to continue to be popular for years to come.

List of People with the Last Name Boswell

Michael BoswellJames BoswellCharles BoswellRobert BoswellMary BoswellDavid BoswellWilliam BoswellR BoswellRichard BoswellJ BoswellM BoswellJohn BoswellD BoswellElizabeth BoswellThomas BoswellLinda BoswellPatricia BoswellJennifer BoswellGeorge BoswellL BoswellJoseph BoswellLisa BoswellBarbara BoswellMichelle BoswellChristopher BoswellChris BoswellK BoswellKenneth BoswellMargaret BoswellSteven BoswellBetty BoswellA BoswellKimberly BoswellSusan BoswellW BoswellKaren BoswellAngela BoswellMark BoswellBill BoswellSarah BoswellLaura BoswellDonald BoswellDeborah BoswellEdward BoswellLarry BoswellSandra BoswellPaul BoswellSharon BoswellSteve BoswellDaniel BoswellBrian BoswellCarol BoswellDorothy BoswellGary BoswellCynthia BoswellKim BoswellFrank BoswellKevin BoswellAmy BoswellMelissa BoswellDonna BoswellRebecca BoswellBilly BoswellTimothy BoswellPamela BoswellRonald BoswellJulie BoswellJason BoswellBrenda BoswellJeffrey BoswellAmanda BoswellJerry BoswellMike BoswellDebra BoswellAnthony BoswellHeather BoswellHelen BoswellAnn BoswellStephanie BoswellAshley BoswellFrances BoswellKatherine BoswellKathy BoswellJeff BoswellTammy BoswellWillie BoswellTerry BoswellRuth BoswellVirginia BoswellCheryl BoswellScott BoswellJonathan BoswellJessica BoswellChristine BoswellStephen BoswellLawrence BoswellDebbie BoswellNancy BoswellJoe BoswellCarolyn BoswellMatthew BoswellBrandon BoswellChristina BoswellKeith BoswellAndrew BoswellKelly BoswellCatherine BoswellJoshua BoswellJustin BoswellTina BoswellBobby BoswellDiane BoswellTeresa BoswellHenry BoswellRobin BoswellShirley BoswellShannon BoswellSamuel BoswellAnnie BoswellTracy BoswellGregory BoswellJack BoswellTiffany BoswellMartha BoswellMarie BoswellCindy BoswellJanet BoswellDennis BoswellJoyce BoswellBenjamin BoswellDon BoswellDenise BoswellFred BoswellWayne BoswellJean BoswellJudith BoswellAnna BoswellWalter BoswellRoy BoswellJohnny BoswellEric BoswellRaymond BoswellLee BoswellHarry BoswellJanice BoswellHarold BoswellSherry BoswellCarrie BoswellJudy BoswellBonnie BoswellKathleen BoswellKatie BoswellAnne BoswellRandy BoswellPhillip BoswellBruce BoswellTony BoswellNicole BoswellRay BoswellRyan BoswellCurtis BoswellJamie BoswellRachel BoswellConnie BoswellMegan BoswellEmily BoswellRuby BoswellRhonda BoswellJoan BoswellMildred BoswellAlice BoswellCrystal BoswellJane BoswellJackie BoswellVictoria BoswellRoger BoswellWanda BoswellEvelyn BoswellErnest BoswellClarence BoswellGerald BoswellAmber BoswellKathryn BoswellAlbert BoswellLori BoswellTheresa BoswellSheila BoswellCarl BoswellChristy BoswellMaria BoswellBrittany BoswellLillian BoswellDiana BoswellBrad BoswellDoris BoswellJimmy BoswellBryan BoswellRonnie BoswellEdna BoswellSamantha BoswellAaron BoswellPaula BoswellSara BoswellAndrea BoswellRose BoswellEugene BoswellLouise BoswellDouglas BoswellJacob BoswellTyler BoswellRussell BoswellRalph BoswellJoann BoswellBeverly BoswellRenee BoswellRodney BoswellAdam BoswellLois BoswellLauren BoswellEddie BoswellShawn BoswellTaylor BoswellDanny BoswellGloria BoswellLeslie BoswellTonya BoswellGail BoswellPhyllis BoswellJeremy BoswellTommy BoswellMarilyn BoswellPatrick BoswellRegina BoswellAlfred BoswellJacqueline BoswellJulia BoswellBradley BoswellWendy BoswellGladys BoswellEmma BoswellAnnette BoswellPeggy BoswellRita BoswellAnita BoswellCharlie BoswellEarl BoswellKyle BoswellBrandy BoswellHoward BoswellCalvin BoswellHerbert BoswellRicky BoswellThelma BoswellCraig BoswellMarion BoswellCarla BoswellSylvia BoswellLucille BoswellZachary BoswellJessie BoswellJesse BoswellGrace BoswellEdith BoswellLuke BoswellBarry BoswellIrene BoswellArthur BoswellAllen BoswellNicholas BoswellBernice BoswellClyde BoswellHannah BoswellJuanita BoswellPauline BoswellEthel BoswellTroy BoswellDale BoswellGeraldine BoswellNorma BoswellBessie BoswellChad BoswellMattie BoswellCody BoswellMelvin BoswellFlorence BoswellSean BoswellHazel BoswellTravis BoswellNathan BoswellJosephine BoswellClifford BoswellBrett BoswellLouis BoswellLester BoswellWilma BoswellStanley BoswellClara BoswellCecil BoswellMarvin BoswellElsie Boswell