What Is The History Of The Last Name Bower?

The history of the last name Bower can be traced back to the early medieval era. The name is derived from the Anglo-Saxon word "bouwe", meaning "bowman" or "archer". The Bower family were likely responsible for defending their village from attack by enemy archers. Bower is also sometimes used as a Scottish surname.The Bower family crest features a bow and arrow, symbolizing the original meaning of the name. The motto of the crest is "Nemo me impune lacessit", which is Latin for "No one attacks me with impunity".

Today, the Bower name is still common in the United States, Canada, and the United Kingdom. Bower is also the name of a small village in Hampshire, England.

Are There Any Famous People In History With The Last Name Bower?

There are many famous people in history with the last name Bower. For example, there is the American architect Louis Henry Sullivan, who was known for his famous phrase "form follows function." There is also the English botanist John Ray, who was considered one of the fathers of modern taxonomy. Finally, there is the American actor John C. Reilly, who has starred in many famous films, such as "The Thin Red Line" and "Chicago."

Where Does The Last Name Bower Rank In The Most Common US Names?

There are a lot of things to think about when you're picking a name for your child. You want something that's unique, but not too unique, that will stand out in a crowd, but won't cause your child any problems down the road. You also want to pick a name that's timeless, that will never go out of style.One factor that many parents don't think about is how common their child's name will be. If you have a common name, your child is going to share that name with a lot of other people. And if you have a unique name, your child is going to have a hard time finding things with their name on it when they get older.

One name that is both common and unique is Bower. It's not one of the most common US names, but it's not one of the rarest either. And if you're looking for a name that will never go out of style, Bower is a good choice.

But what about the last name Bower? How common is that? Turns out, it's not as common as the first name Bower. In fact, it ranks at number 2,873 in the most common US names. So if you're looking for a unique last name for your child, Bower is a good choice.

List of People with the Last Name Bower

William BowerMary BowerMichael BowerJohn BowerDavid BowerRichard BowerRobert BowerJ BowerJames BowerCharles BowerJennifer BowerThomas BowerPatricia BowerElizabeth BowerS BowerSusan BowerBarbara BowerLinda BowerJoseph BowerKenneth BowerMark BowerL BowerLisa BowerDaniel BowerMargaret BowerGeorge BowerKaren BowerDonald BowerPaul BowerBrian BowerAmy BowerChristopher BowerChris BowerMichelle BowerSteven BowerJeffrey BowerA BowerNancy BowerDonna BowerRonald BowerMatthew BowerLaura BowerScott BowerCarol BowerDeborah BowerTimothy BowerKathleen BowerSandra BowerBetty BowerEdward BowerDorothy BowerMelissa BowerKimberly BowerCynthia BowerSharon BowerLarry BowerRuth BowerKevin BowerHelen BowerRebecca BowerSarah BowerJessica BowerGary BowerKelly BowerAnn BowerJulie BowerBill BowerDouglas BowerDiane BowerSteve BowerStephanie BowerDebra BowerChristine BowerKim BowerLawrence BowerStephen BowerJeff BowerMike BowerBrenda BowerAngela BowerKathy BowerHarold BowerAndrew BowerFrank BowerKatherine BowerJanet BowerTerry BowerJack BowerShirley BowerJoe BowerAlice BowerAmanda BowerCheryl BowerJason BowerPamela BowerHeather BowerFred BowerLori BowerCatherine BowerRaymond BowerTim BowerTeresa BowerJoyce BowerDebbie BowerJean BowerTracy BowerCindy BowerEric BowerNicole BowerBruce BowerAnna BowerJudy BowerJoan BowerDennis BowerVirginia BowerJoshua BowerCarolyn BowerKathryn BowerHarry BowerKeith BowerRalph BowerRobin BowerTammy BowerMarie BowerBeverly BowerJerry BowerAnthony BowerJane BowerGregory BowerRoger BowerAshley BowerDale BowerFrances BowerRyan BowerDon BowerJanice BowerAnne BowerRachel BowerDoris BowerEmily BowerJudith BowerDenise BowerPeter BowerConnie BowerDawn BowerJamie BowerChristina BowerWayne BowerBenjamin BowerCarl BowerSara BowerWalter BowerTina BowerLynn BowerPhilip BowerTheresa BowerPatrick BowerRussell BowerRay BowerMartha BowerJoanne BowerJonathan BowerRose BowerBonnie BowerNicholas BowerRandy BowerEvelyn BowerCrystal BowerDiana BowerLois BowerMegan BowerFlorence BowerTodd BowerBrandon BowerShannon BowerGerald BowerJulia BowerRoy BowerWendy BowerFrederick BowerMarilyn BowerPhillip BowerPaula BowerJeremy BowerCraig BowerBeth BowerSherry BowerApril BowerGail BowerAaron BowerMaria BowerAndrea BowerAllen BowerJacqueline BowerPeggy BowerMarjorie BowerGrace BowerLauren BowerJacob BowerClarence BowerJoann BowerSuzanne BowerLeslie BowerJustin BowerHenry BowerMichele BowerArthur BowerLee BowerLouise BowerEugene BowerSamuel BowerStacy BowerMildred BowerEleanor BowerDanielle BowerCarrie BowerAlbert BowerErin BowerAlan BowerVicki BowerBilly BowerAmber BowerEsther BowerJill BowerShawn BowerSamantha BowerNathan BowerPhyllis BowerHolly BowerDarlene BowerHoward BowerBrittany BowerSally BowerAdam BowerVictoria BowerBrad BowerChad BowerAnita BowerBryan BowerHazel BowerEthel BowerEva BowerClara BowerLillian BowerEarl BowerLewis BowerTiffany BowerDana BowerKyle BowerCharlotte BowerEllen BowerGlenn BowerNorma BowerIrene BowerMarion BowerMelinda BowerEmma BowerJesse BowerGloria BowerRoberta BowerErnest BowerBradley BowerShane BowerGladys BowerAllison BowerEdna BowerGertrude BowerBrooke BowerEdith BowerDean BowerLouis BowerJay BowerHerbert BowerClyde BowerSean BowerAustin BowerNorman BowerTravis BowerAudrey BowerBrent BowerJordan BowerZachary BowerKayla BowerRuby BowerWarren BowerLeonard BowerLester BowerRodney BowerTyler BowerBernard BowerLloyd BowerStanley BowerCody BowerMartin BowerAlexander BowerPauline BowerMabel BowerDustin BowerTheodore BowerArnold Bower