What Is The History Of The Last Name Bruno?

The last name Bruno has a long and interesting history. It is derived from the Latin word brunus, which means brown. It was originally given to someone who had a dark complexion. Bruno is also the name of a saint, who was known for his dedication to learning and theology.Bruno is a very popular name in Italy. It is the 10th most common name in the country. There are also a number of famous people with the last name Bruno, including singer Bruno Mars and actor Bruno Tonioli.

If you are interested in learning more about the history of the last name Bruno, there are a number of sources you can check out. The Bruno Name Society is a good place to start. This society is dedicated to preserving the history and heritage of the Bruno name. You can also do a Google search for "Bruno name history."

Are There Any Famous People In History With The Last Name Bruno?

There are many famous people in history with the last name Bruno. Some of the most notable include:- Bruno Bonaldi, an Italian architect

- Bruno Bauer, a German philosopher

- Bruno Groening, a German faith healer

- Bruno Mars, an American singer and songwriter

Whether or not these individuals are actually related is unknown, but it's still a fun fact to know! If you're ever feeling trivia-savvy, you can always impress your friends with this tidbit of information.

Where Does The Last Name Bruno Rank In The Most Common US Names?

There are a lot of interesting facts about last names in the United States. For example, did you know that Bruno is actually the 13th most common name in the country? Here are a few more stats about last names in the US:-Bruno is the 5th most common name in the state of New York.

-The name Smith is the most common name in the United States, followed by Johnson and Williams.

-The name Garcia is the most common name in the state of California.

-The name Nguyen is the most common name in the state of Texas.

So what does all of this mean? Well, it's interesting to see how last names vary from state to state. It's also interesting to see which names are most common in different parts of the country. If you're looking for a unique last name, you might want to consider one of the less common names in the United States.

List of People with the Last Name Bruno

Frank BrunoMichael BrunoMary BrunoLouis BrunoRichard BrunoAnthony BrunoJohn BrunoDavid BrunoThomas BrunoRose BrunoPatricia BrunoJames BrunoRobert BrunoJoe BrunoJ BrunoR BrunoM BrunoA BrunoPeter BrunoMarie BrunoJoseph BrunoElizabeth BrunoNicholas BrunoMaria BrunoCharles BrunoBarbara BrunoLisa BrunoVincent BrunoWilliam BrunoChristopher BrunoJennifer BrunoS BrunoL BrunoJose BrunoPaul BrunoSusan BrunoAngela BrunoAnna BrunoLinda BrunoDaniel BrunoMargaret BrunoMichelle BrunoChris BrunoDonna BrunoSteven BrunoJean BrunoP BrunoNancy BrunoTheresa BrunoAnn BrunoJosephine BrunoNicole BrunoChristine BrunoKaren BrunoCatherine BrunoStephen BrunoDeborah BrunoMatthew BrunoFrances BrunoJessica BrunoCarol BrunoMark BrunoMike BrunoSalvatore BrunoTony BrunoPhilip BrunoSteve BrunoLaura BrunoFrancis BrunoAntonio BrunoDiane BrunoEdward BrunoRalph BrunoKathleen BrunoAndrew BrunoHelen BrunoStephanie BrunoRonald BrunoTeresa BrunoSarah BrunoCarmen BrunoChristina BrunoGeorge BrunoAngelo BrunoCynthia BrunoSandra BrunoJuan BrunoPat BrunoMelissa BrunoVictor BrunoPatrick BrunoKimberly BrunoKatherine BrunoNick BrunoJanet BrunoAndrea BrunoGina BrunoVictoria BrunoDorothy BrunoJacqueline BrunoJulie BrunoDanielle BrunoAmanda BrunoGregory BrunoLawrence BrunoAlbert BrunoDebra BrunoDominic BrunoAnne BrunoSamuel BrunoDominick BrunoLuis BrunoJoan BrunoKathy BrunoGloria BrunoAshley BrunoRaymond BrunoJoanne BrunoMario BrunoSharon BrunoMichele BrunoAmy BrunoJulia BrunoTom BrunoCarlos BrunoJason BrunoSam BrunoJonathan BrunoDiana BrunoJeffrey BrunoAngel BrunoPamela BrunoRuth BrunoBetty BrunoRebecca BrunoKevin BrunoLouise BrunoVirginia BrunoCheryl BrunoRosa BrunoDonald BrunoAntoinette BrunoAngelina BrunoDenise BrunoGary BrunoPhillip BrunoFred BrunoAna BrunoMaryann BrunoArthur BrunoGerald BrunoJoann BrunoTina BrunoCarl BrunoJerry BrunoAlex BrunoLauren BrunoKenneth BrunoTimothy BrunoShirley BrunoJudy BrunoCindy BrunoKelly BrunoRachel BrunoLori BrunoSamantha BrunoKathryn BrunoJudith BrunoRita BrunoJeff BrunoEvelyn BrunoJack BrunoJane BrunoJoyce BrunoGrace BrunoCarolyn BrunoFrancisco BrunoMiguel BrunoBrian BrunoLarry BrunoScott BrunoConnie BrunoRosemary BrunoVeronica BrunoLeonard BrunoAlfred BrunoEllen BrunoEric BrunoMartha BrunoMarilyn BrunoJamie BrunoCarmela BrunoIrene BrunoAlexander BrunoSara BrunoDennis BrunoBrenda BrunoJennie BrunoCarlo BrunoFlorence BrunoHeather BrunoAlice BrunoJustin BrunoRosemarie BrunoEmily BrunoHector BrunoPaula BrunoLorraine BrunoTerry BrunoRobin BrunoPedro BrunoPhyllis BrunoFrancesco BrunoJoshua BrunoPasquale BrunoJesus BrunoJorge BrunoElaine BrunoJanice BrunoAdam BrunoErnest BrunoBenjamin BrunoLucy BrunoArlene BrunoLynn BrunoJill BrunoSuzanne BrunoShannon BrunoEileen BrunoEmma BrunoNorma BrunoValerie BrunoFrederick BrunoGladys BrunoLee BrunoTammy BrunoNatalie BrunoRoberto BrunoChristian BrunoRyan BrunoRegina BrunoFelix BrunoEugene BrunoMonica BrunoRenee BrunoMartin BrunoLena BrunoKristin BrunoGabriel BrunoBeverly BrunoAlexis BrunoEleanor BrunoAlicia BrunoMildred BrunoRocco BrunoJaime BrunoDoris BrunoRafael BrunoLillian BrunoJeanne BrunoManuel BrunoLeslie BrunoGiuseppe BrunoRussell BrunoDolores BrunoConcetta BrunoRamon BrunoGail BrunoMadeline BrunoEdith BrunoKeith BrunoPauline BrunoHenry BrunoClara BrunoAlberto BrunoBeatrice BrunoAnita BrunoCaroline BrunoMarjorie BrunoMargarita BrunoJoanna BrunoVito BrunoGiovanni BrunoAlexandra BrunoJulio BrunoOscar BrunoVanessa BrunoAlyssa BrunoSean BrunoBrandon BrunoSonia BrunoYolanda BrunoBernard BrunoWanda BrunoIda BrunoEdwin BrunoLucia BrunoCraig BrunoCarmine BrunoHarry Bruno