What Is The History Of The Last Name Burton?

Who is Burton? What is the history of the last name Burton?The Burton surname is of English origin. The first record of the name was found in the Domesday Book of 1086, where it was listed as Burteone. The name is derived from the Old English word burh, meaning "borough" or "town," and tun, meaning "enclosure" or "settlement."

One of the earliest record of the name was found in the 1203 Feet of Fines of Essex, where a man named Geoffrey Burton was listed. In the 13th century, the name was found in several records in Worcestershire and Staffordshire.

One of the first recorded bearers of the Burton surname was John Burton, who was listed in the Pipe Rolls of Staffordshire in 1195. Other early bearers of the name include: John de Burton (1202), William de Burton (1242), and Adam de Burton (1255).

The Burton surname was first found in Staffordshire, where they held a family seat from ancient times.

Are There Any Famous People In History With The Last Name Burton?

There are a few famous people in history with the last name Burton. One well-known person is Elizabeth Taylor, an actress and the wife of Richard Burton. Another is Richard Burton, an actor who was married to Elizabeth Taylor. There is also another Burton, Chris, who is a golfer. Finally, there is Tim Burton, a director who has made some popular movies, such as Edward Scissorhands and The Nightmare Before Christmas.

Where Does The Last Name Burton Rank In The Most Common US Names?

The last name Burton is the 126th most common US name. It is interesting to note that the name Burton is not among the top 1,000 most common US names. However, there are some notable people with the last name Burton, including the actor Tim Burton and the singer Jeff Burton.

List of People with the Last Name Burton

Margaret BurtonShirley BurtonDorothy BurtonRuth BurtonRobert BurtonFrances BurtonDoris BurtonWalter BurtonDonald BurtonJoe BurtonBetty BurtonCarolyn BurtonJoseph BurtonAnnie BurtonMary BurtonLarry BurtonHarold BurtonJoyce BurtonSarah BurtonSusan BurtonGregory BurtonAnna BurtonChristine BurtonRaymond BurtonDavid BurtonNancy BurtonMarie BurtonJennifer BurtonWilliam BurtonRebecca BurtonCrystal BurtonBrian BurtonThomas BurtonS BurtonFrank BurtonKatherine BurtonBarbara BurtonBilly BurtonMelissa BurtonCarol BurtonAmy BurtonAndrew BurtonSandra BurtonElizabeth BurtonTerry BurtonAmanda BurtonJohn BurtonBobby BurtonDonna BurtonJudy BurtonHelen BurtonKaren BurtonKenneth BurtonDiane BurtonRoy BurtonArthur BurtonVictoria BurtonBeverly BurtonLee BurtonTina BurtonJames BurtonChristina BurtonJanice BurtonSharon BurtonHenry BurtonPatricia BurtonAshley BurtonJanet BurtonBrenda BurtonRobin BurtonKathleen BurtonKim BurtonRichard BurtonDeborah BurtonDebbie BurtonLawrence BurtonJ BurtonAnthony BurtonSamuel BurtonJamie BurtonKathy BurtonLinda BurtonGary BurtonGerald BurtonCynthia BurtonJason BurtonVirginia BurtonA BurtonMichael BurtonCheryl BurtonCharles BurtonCindy BurtonLori BurtonJacqueline BurtonDenise BurtonJulie BurtonTeresa BurtonTracy BurtonWillie BurtonAlice BurtonCatherine BurtonMatthew BurtonDennis BurtonStephen BurtonMark BurtonAngela BurtonRonald BurtonKelly BurtonAnn BurtonMichelle BurtonJessica BurtonTiffany BurtonLaura BurtonSteve BurtonDaniel BurtonPamela BurtonDon BurtonKimberly BurtonDebra BurtonKeith BurtonShannon BurtonTammy BurtonNicole BurtonLisa BurtonKevin BurtonConnie BurtonD BurtonMartha BurtonHeather BurtonL BurtonJeff BurtonEdward BurtonCarl BurtonR BurtonChris BurtonGeorge BurtonSteven BurtonScott BurtonJerry BurtonJeffrey BurtonTimothy BurtonEric BurtonRoger BurtonFred BurtonChristopher BurtonBrandon BurtonStephanie BurtonEmily BurtonJean BurtonDouglas BurtonPaul BurtonBrittany BurtonJoshua BurtonJack BurtonJustin BurtonClarence BurtonJudith BurtonAndrea BurtonSue BurtonSheila BurtonTheresa BurtonWayne BurtonEvelyn BurtonGloria BurtonHarry BurtonBruce BurtonRachel BurtonAlbert BurtonJonathan BurtonRhonda BurtonDiana BurtonSherry BurtonRay BurtonJoan BurtonDawn BurtonRuby BurtonJane BurtonRyan BurtonWanda BurtonPhillip BurtonRussell BurtonKathryn BurtonRalph BurtonLeslie BurtonAmber BurtonSara BurtonHoward BurtonMaria BurtonAaron BurtonLouise BurtonBonnie BurtonMildred BurtonRose BurtonJulia BurtonRandy BurtonCarrie BurtonPeggy BurtonJeremy BurtonDanielle BurtonBenjamin BurtonJessie BurtonJesse BurtonPaula BurtonNicholas BurtonPatrick BurtonFrederick BurtonSamantha BurtonValerie BurtonDanny BurtonWendy BurtonApril BurtonTony BurtonRonnie BurtonEarl BurtonEugene BurtonCurtis BurtonRodney BurtonDana BurtonErnest BurtonShawn BurtonDarlene BurtonRicky BurtonPhyllis BurtonLynn BurtonEdna BurtonJimmy BurtonPhilip BurtonCharlotte BurtonMegan BurtonEddie BurtonJohnny BurtonGail BurtonMarcus BurtonAlan BurtonLois BurtonBradley BurtonMarilyn BurtonAllen BurtonAnita BurtonAdam BurtonGrace BurtonMelvin BurtonEthel BurtonDale BurtonRegina BurtonErica BurtonCraig BurtonEmma BurtonJacob BurtonCharlie BurtonBryan BurtonCourtney BurtonTodd BurtonMarvin BurtonMarion BurtonRandall BurtonAudrey BurtonGladys BurtonEllen BurtonNorma BurtonGlenn BurtonKyle BurtonLeroy BurtonJay BurtonTravis BurtonIrene BurtonThelma BurtonTaylor BurtonTyler BurtonJuanita BurtonLeonard BurtonRita BurtonClara BurtonStanley BurtonHazel BurtonGeraldine BurtonLillian BurtonEdith BurtonFlorence BurtonCalvin BurtonLucille BurtonBertha BurtonNathan BurtonMarjorie BurtonLewis BurtonHerbert BurtonLloyd BurtonPauline BurtonAlfred BurtonTroy BurtonZachary BurtonFloyd BurtonBarry BurtonDarrell BurtonBessie BurtonAustin BurtonMattie BurtonClyde BurtonEva BurtonClifford Burton