Historical Information About The Last Name Cabral

The Cabral surname is believed to have Portuguese origins. Some of the first people to bear the Cabral name were thought to have come from the region of Castelo Branco in Portugal. There are a few different theories about how the Cabral name came to be. One theory is that it is derived from the Latin word caballarius, which means "horseman." Another theory is that it is derived from the Arabic word kabir, which means "great."The Cabral surname has been traced back to the 12th century, and there are records of a man named Fernando Cabral who was born in Portugal in 1170. Fernando Cabral was a knight in the court of King Afonso Henriques of Portugal. He was a trusted advisor to the king and was appointed as the governor of the province of Alentejo.

Over the years, the Cabral surname has appeared in many different countries around the world. Some of the earliest Cabral immigrants to the United States were from Portugal, and they arrived in the early 1800s. Today, the Cabral surname is most commonly found in Brazil and Portugal.

The Popularity Of Cabral As The Last Name

Cabral is a surname of Portuguese and Spanish origins. It is derived from the Latin word caballarius, meaning "horseman".The Cabral name is particularly popular in Brazil, where it is the 12th most common surname. It is also common in Portugal, where it is the 9th most common surname.

The Cabral surname is often associated with explorer Pedro Álvares Cabral, who is credited with discovering Brazil in 1500.

Today, the Cabral surname is still associated with many notable people, including Brazilian author Paulo Cabral, Spanish fashion designer Carolina Herrera, and Portuguese footballer Cristiano Ronaldo.

Naming Ideas With Cabral As The Last Name

If you're looking for a unique name for your new baby, you may want to consider a name with Cabral as the last name. This Portuguese name has a strong history and is sure to stand out among the crowd.There are many variations of the Cabral name, so you can be sure to find the perfect one for your child. Some of the most popular variations include Cabrales, Cabrales, Cabral, and Cabrali.

No matter which variation you choose, you can be sure that your child will have a unique and memorable name. And, with such a strong history, your child will be able to proudly carry on the Cabral name for generations to come.

List of People with the Last Name Cabral

Mary CabralManuel CabralJoseph CabralMaria CabralJose CabralJohn CabralAntonio CabralJuan CabralJ CabralM CabralMichael CabralRobert CabralDavid CabralLuis CabralCarlos CabralRichard CabralAna CabralJoe CabralAnthony CabralFrancisco CabralDaniel CabralJennifer CabralA CabralElizabeth CabralC CabralD CabralR CabralPatricia CabralFrank CabralAnna CabralJesus CabralEdward CabralJessica CabralRosa CabralSteven CabralJames CabralL CabralSandra CabralMichelle CabralSusan CabralVictor CabralPaul CabralLinda CabralGeorge CabralWilliam CabralChristopher CabralMiguel CabralFernando CabralMartha CabralLisa CabralChristina CabralStephanie CabralE CabralMario CabralLaura CabralJorge CabralPedro CabralDonna CabralChristine CabralChris CabralCharles CabralMelissa CabralRuben CabralNancy CabralKaren CabralTony CabralThomas CabralBrian CabralTeresa CabralJoao CabralAngel CabralBarbara CabralRafael CabralGloria CabralArthur CabralMarie CabralAngela CabralDeborah CabralLouis CabralRicardo CabralMargaret CabralJaime CabralEduardo CabralCynthia CabralRonald CabralSteve CabralRaymond CabralKevin CabralKimberly CabralDiana CabralAlex CabralJason CabralJonathan CabralKathleen CabralHector CabralAndrea CabralRoberto CabralRamon CabralCarmen CabralGuadalupe CabralIrene CabralRose CabralJeffrey CabralAmanda CabralAlfred CabralSergio CabralRaul CabralMonica CabralNicole CabralGilbert CabralClaudia CabralGabriel CabralYolanda CabralMark CabralVeronica CabralAlicia CabralStephen CabralPaula CabralMatthew CabralDonald CabralAlbert CabralArmando CabralAntone CabralDenise CabralErnest CabralMargarita CabralCarol CabralMartin CabralAshley CabralIsabel CabralRebecca CabralDiane CabralSarah CabralJoshua CabralVirginia CabralCheryl CabralJesse CabralCatherine CabralKenneth CabralOlga CabralBrenda CabralPeter CabralJavier CabralDorothy CabralHelen CabralFrancis CabralVictoria CabralKelly CabralAndres CabralSonia CabralVanessa CabralAlejandro CabralRuth CabralCesar CabralJudith CabralEmily CabralAngelica CabralAndrew CabralLuz CabralNorma CabralKim CabralDebra CabralDennis CabralJulia CabralCindy CabralCristina CabralJos CabralCecilia CabralTheresa CabralSharon CabralJosefina CabralJuana CabralChristian CabralLucia CabralGerardo CabralEvelyn CabralEric CabralAlberto CabralKatherine CabralLeticia CabralGary CabralAmy CabralAnn CabralHeather CabralNelson CabralLucy CabralGabriela CabralEnrique CabralSara CabralJean CabralPamela CabralNicholas CabralEva CabralFrances CabralManuela CabralAlfredo CabralJacqueline CabralSamantha CabralBertha CabralRodrigo CabralFatima CabralFelipe CabralJamie CabralJoan CabralTina CabralJustin CabralYesenia CabralJulio CabralPablo CabralGregory CabralWalter CabralRachel CabralAbel CabralGustavo CabralAlice CabralLarry CabralAlexander CabralJulie CabralArturo CabralAlma CabralAmelia CabralSamuel CabralAdrian CabralCarolyn CabralAdriana CabralLawrence CabralScott CabralBenjamin CabralDolores CabralEsther CabralErnesto CabralConnie CabralLillian CabralLorraine CabralDanielle CabralErika CabralKyle CabralTammy CabralIrma CabralPaulo CabralCrystal CabralRita CabralRyan CabralHilda CabralJanet CabralTimothy CabralNatalie CabralCarla CabralMarco CabralBlanca CabralTiffany CabralWendy CabralGrace CabralEugene CabralCarolina CabralJosephine CabralSilvia CabralBetty CabralWayne CabralAlexandra CabralSheila CabralHenry CabralLeonard CabralElvira CabralLorena CabralSusana CabralJoel CabralPriscilla CabralJerry CabralOscar CabralRosario CabralBrandon CabralMayra CabralAngelina CabralDarlene CabralLauren CabralRodolfo CabralAlejandra CabralEstela CabralFernanda CabralYvonne CabralShirley CabralRaquel CabralGuillermo CabralSalvador CabralCarrie CabralArlene CabralLouise CabralLourdes CabralDuarte CabralDoris CabralPatrick CabralBeatrice CabralFederico CabralRogelio CabralMarcos CabralEsmeralda CabralAlvaro CabralJoaquim CabralHelena Cabral