How Many People Are There In The US With The Last Name Carroll?

There are approximately 98,000 people with the last name Carroll in the United States. Carroll is the 97th most common last name in the country.

Which State In The US Has The Largest Population With The Last Name Carroll?

There are many different last names in the United States, but one of the most common is Carroll. So which state has the largest population of people with the last name Carroll?It turns out that the state with the largest population of people with the last name Carroll is Texas. According to the 2010 Census, there were over 9,000 people in Texas with the last name Carroll. California was a close second, with over 8,000 people with the last name Carroll.

So why is the Carroll surname so common in Texas? One theory is that the Carroll surname is actually derived from the Irish name O'Carroll. Many people with the Carroll surname can trace their roots back to Ireland. Another theory is that the Carroll surname is derived from the German name Karrholt.

Whatever the case may be, the Carroll surname is definitely one of the most common surnames in the United States. And if you're wondering which state has the second-largest population of Carrolls, that would be California.

What Are The Most Uncommon Names With The Last Name Carroll?

There are many interesting and uncommon names with the last name Carroll. According to the Social Security Administration, some of the most uncommon are:1. Carroll

2. Carrol

3. Carroil

4. Carrolo

5. Carrott

6. Carrottt

7. Karroll

8. Karrroll

9. Carrul

10. Carull

There are many variations of the name Carroll, and each one is unique and interesting. If you are looking for a name that is not too common, but still sounds elegant and classy, then choose one of the variations of this name.

List of People with the Last Name Carroll

Jack CarrollSue CarrollChristine CarrollJoe CarrollThomas CarrollJean CarrollMargaret CarrollJulie CarrollWalter CarrollAnne CarrollRay CarrollJanet CarrollAmanda CarrollFrances CarrollLee CarrollWilliam CarrollDonald CarrollGregory CarrollRobin CarrollMarie CarrollDon CarrollLinda CarrollWillie CarrollHelen CarrollPatricia CarrollWayne CarrollEugene CarrollNancy CarrollMary CarrollVirginia CarrollMelissa CarrollDorothy CarrollJanice CarrollKenneth CarrollKathryn CarrollPatrick CarrollBarbara CarrollSandra CarrollDebra CarrollHenry CarrollCharles CarrollJimmy CarrollJoyce CarrollTina CarrollSusan CarrollKathleen CarrollJerry CarrollTerry CarrollDiane CarrollDeborah CarrollErin CarrollSteve CarrollBetty CarrollSamuel CarrollJudith CarrollBobby CarrollSteven CarrollBrenda CarrollRose CarrollJoan CarrollConnie CarrollElizabeth CarrollAnna CarrollBeverly CarrollDawn CarrollTeresa CarrollTim CarrollMike CarrollPaul CarrollRaymond CarrollDouglas CarrollEdward CarrollNicole CarrollShirley CarrollPhillip CarrollM CarrollJ CarrollArthur CarrollKaren CarrollDoris CarrollMaria CarrollRuth CarrollAnn CarrollDiana CarrollTheresa CarrollCarolyn CarrollRebecca CarrollJoseph CarrollLawrence CarrollPeter CarrollVictoria CarrollKathy CarrollJamie CarrollAmber CarrollMegan CarrollJane CarrollLori CarrollStephanie CarrollJudy CarrollRichard CarrollJackie CarrollRobert CarrollBrittany CarrollLauren CarrollTracy CarrollC CarrollRoy CarrollJessica CarrollLarry CarrollAshley CarrollChristopher CarrollColleen CarrollSheila CarrollJacqueline CarrollJohn CarrollCatherine CarrollStephen CarrollTimothy CarrollFrancis CarrollSean CarrollLeslie CarrollKelly CarrollAnthony CarrollPaula CarrollMartha CarrollRoger CarrollGary CarrollJeffrey CarrollAndrea CarrollCathy CarrollCindy CarrollSarah CarrollMichelle CarrollChris CarrollCheryl CarrollCrystal CarrollBilly CarrollJames CarrollBrandon CarrollMark CarrollKatherine CarrollJennifer CarrollScott CarrollKim CarrollMichael CarrollDennis CarrollCynthia CarrollEmily CarrollJonathan CarrollPamela CarrollTammy CarrollLisa CarrollAndrew CarrollLaura CarrollAmy CarrollMildred CarrollRachel CarrollCarol CarrollJim CarrollKevin CarrollGeorge CarrollRyan CarrollSharon CarrollRandy CarrollDavid CarrollDenise CarrollMatthew CarrollTiffany CarrollAlice CarrollKimberly CarrollJason CarrollShawn CarrollRonald CarrollChristina CarrollHeather CarrollShannon CarrollAngela CarrollFrank CarrollBrian CarrollMarilyn CarrollBonnie CarrollKatie CarrollJoshua CarrollDaniel CarrollJustin CarrollSara CarrollGerald CarrollApril CarrollEvelyn CarrollJulia CarrollNicholas CarrollSherry CarrollDonna CarrollLouise CarrollPeggy CarrollRita CarrollMaureen CarrollSamantha CarrollFred CarrollCourtney CarrollSuzanne CarrollJohnny CarrollEric CarrollJoanne CarrollBenjamin CarrollWanda CarrollPhilip CarrollDana CarrollEllen CarrollKeith CarrollLynn CarrollTommy CarrollLillian CarrollRhonda CarrollGrace CarrollHarry CarrollBruce CarrollDanny CarrollGloria CarrollHoward CarrollAnnie CarrollEdna CarrollDanielle CarrollStacy CarrollJeremy CarrollFlorence CarrollEileen CarrollWendy CarrollMartin CarrollAaron CarrollEddie CarrollAdam CarrollRalph CarrollAllison CarrollRuby CarrollJacob CarrollEmma CarrollPhyllis CarrollJay CarrollBryan CarrollJill CarrollAlbert CarrollBridget CarrollRegina CarrollRicky CarrollEarl CarrollCharlotte CarrollIrene CarrollLois CarrollJessie CarrollRussell CarrollRodney CarrollMarion CarrollDarlene CarrollJesse CarrollAnita CarrollCarrie CarrollErnest CarrollNathan CarrollTodd CarrollClarence CarrollHannah CarrollTyler CarrollMarjorie CarrollAllen CarrollHarold CarrollAnnette CarrollNorma CarrollRonnie CarrollTaylor CarrollPauline CarrollChad CarrollEdith CarrollZachary CarrollGladys CarrollEleanor CarrollThelma CarrollClifford CarrollGlenn CarrollCraig CarrollBernard CarrollTravis CarrollMarvin CarrollVincent CarrollJordan CarrollGeraldine CarrollJosephine CarrollLewis CarrollShane CarrollElaine CarrollLucille CarrollCarl CarrollCurtis CarrollGertrude CarrollAustin CarrollClara CarrollCody CarrollAgnes CarrollNorman CarrollHerbert Carroll