Historical Information About The Last Name Cervantes

There are many famous people throughout history who have shared the last name Cervantes. But who was the first Cervantes? And what is the meaning and origin of the name?The first person with the last name Cervantes was a man named Diego Cervantes. He was born in Burgos, Spain in the year 1401. Diego was a prominent Spanish lawyer and judge during the fifteenth century. He was also a highly respected military leader, and played a significant role in the defense of the city of Granada from the Moors.

Diego Cervantes died in 1476, and was buried in the church of San Francisco in Burgos. His tomb can still be seen there today.

The name Cervantes is derived from the Latin word cervus, which means deer. It is likely that the name was given to Diego Cervantes in tribute to his many accomplishments as a warrior and defender of his people.

The Popularity Of Cervantes As The Last Name

Although there are many people out there with the last name of Cervantes, Miguel de Cervantes is by far the most popular. This is probably due to the fame of his work, Don Quixote. This novel is considered the first modern European novel, and has been translated into more languages than any other book except the Bible.As a result of Cervantes' work, his last name has become a popular one. In fact, there are many people who choose to name their children after him. This popularity is likely to continue for many years to come, as Cervantes' work is still enjoyed by people all over the world.

Naming Ideas With Cervantes As The Last Name

There are many Spanish last names that are popular in the United States. García, Rodríguez, and González are just a few. However, there is one last name that is often overlooked: Cervantes.There are several interesting naming ideas if you choose Cervantes as your last name. For example, you could name your daughter Cervantina, Cervantes, or even Quixote. If you have a son, you could name him Miguel de Cervantes, Alonso de Cervantes, or even Pedro Cervantes.

All of these names are unique and memorable. They also have a strong Spanish heritage. If you are looking for an interesting and unique last name, consider Cervantes. It is sure to stand out in a crowd!

List of People with the Last Name Cervantes

M CervantesSandra CervantesYolanda CervantesJohn CervantesMary CervantesMaria CervantesMartha CervantesRosa CervantesAna CervantesCarmen CervantesGuadalupe CervantesA CervantesRobert CervantesAngelica CervantesVeronica CervantesTeresa CervantesPatricia CervantesLeticia CervantesNorma CervantesEnrique CervantesMichael CervantesSilvia CervantesDavid CervantesJoe CervantesRamon CervantesAlma CervantesSalvador CervantesLaura CervantesJavier CervantesAlicia CervantesGloria CervantesJose CervantesRaul CervantesRichard CervantesHector CervantesMargarita CervantesJessica CervantesPedro CervantesManuel CervantesArmando CervantesGabriel CervantesJ CervantesAntonio CervantesMonica CervantesJennifer CervantesAlberto CervantesJulio CervantesDaniel CervantesSergio CervantesCarlos CervantesJesus CervantesRafael CervantesArturo CervantesR CervantesJuan CervantesMiguel CervantesAngel CervantesFrancisco CervantesOscar CervantesClaudia CervantesMario CervantesJorge CervantesFernando CervantesRoberto CervantesElizabeth CervantesEduardo CervantesMartin CervantesLuis CervantesJuana CervantesAlejandro CervantesBlanca CervantesRicardo CervantesAlfredo CervantesGerardo CervantesJaime CervantesGabriela CervantesCesar CervantesAlfonso CervantesMarco CervantesAdriana CervantesVictor CervantesDiana CervantesAndres CervantesIrma CervantesAlejandra CervantesIgnacio CervantesAnna CervantesRuben CervantesCynthia CervantesAnthony CervantesJoseph CervantesVanessa CervantesGuillermo CervantesStephanie CervantesIsabel CervantesGustavo CervantesEdgar CervantesFelipe CervantesBrenda CervantesJoel CervantesAdrian CervantesRogelio CervantesMaricela CervantesChristina CervantesSonia CervantesLorena CervantesMelissa CervantesErika CervantesMayra CervantesAndrea CervantesSamuel CervantesCecilia CervantesRamiro CervantesLuz CervantesAlex CervantesNancy CervantesErnesto CervantesE CervantesMichelle CervantesJosefina CervantesMaribel CervantesAraceli CervantesSantiago CervantesSylvia CervantesEva CervantesHugo CervantesGeorge CervantesC CervantesBertha CervantesAngela CervantesVictoria CervantesMarcos CervantesRodolfo CervantesIsrael CervantesLisa CervantesPablo CervantesVirginia CervantesRocio CervantesJesse CervantesRaquel CervantesOlga CervantesCristina CervantesErica CervantesSara CervantesRigoberto CervantesSusana CervantesGraciela CervantesOmar CervantesChristian CervantesLinda CervantesJonathan CervantesSaul CervantesGilberto CervantesIsmael CervantesDolores CervantesFrank CervantesLourdes CervantesChristopher CervantesEsther CervantesEsperanza CervantesAbel CervantesMarisol CervantesRaymond CervantesRosario CervantesBeatriz CervantesRebecca CervantesYesenia CervantesVicente CervantesFrancisca CervantesKarina CervantesEric CervantesJoaquin CervantesHumberto CervantesCarolina CervantesCrystal CervantesEdward CervantesLeonardo CervantesRene CervantesElena CervantesAntonia CervantesBenjamin CervantesIrene CervantesHilda CervantesOlivia CervantesAgustin CervantesEsmeralda CervantesLucia CervantesJulia CervantesLupe CervantesLouis CervantesSteven CervantesIvan CervantesMagdalena CervantesAmanda CervantesMoises CervantesEfrain CervantesJuanita CervantesConsuelo CervantesElias CervantesMarisela CervantesKaren CervantesRachel CervantesFelix CervantesTony CervantesMark CervantesElvia CervantesEstela CervantesCelia CervantesGriselda CervantesJacqueline CervantesGregorio CervantesLorenzo CervantesJulian CervantesLiliana CervantesNoe CervantesEsteban CervantesAlvaro CervantesMiriam CervantesTomas CervantesDelia CervantesPaul CervantesJames CervantesElvira CervantesDora CervantesSantos CervantesIsidro CervantesSocorro CervantesPaula CervantesLilia CervantesAndrew CervantesOfelia CervantesRodrigo CervantesKimberly CervantesAnita CervantesAngelina CervantesFidel CervantesGonzalo CervantesMarina CervantesEmilio CervantesSarah CervantesJulie CervantesElsa CervantesKarla CervantesThomas CervantesOctavio CervantesNicolas CervantesAurora CervantesLeonel CervantesDiego CervantesEvelyn CervantesJohnny CervantesJanet CervantesImelda CervantesNora CervantesAbraham CervantesAdan CervantesFederico CervantesLidia CervantesAshley CervantesAdolfo CervantesHeriberto CervantesCruz CervantesIsaac CervantesJasmine CervantesJudith CervantesYadira CervantesDaisy CervantesGenaro CervantesCatalina CervantesAlexis CervantesAdela CervantesLeslie CervantesRamona CervantesMariana CervantesEdith CervantesEvangelina CervantesNatalie CervantesBenito CervantesBernardo CervantesEmma CervantesHenry CervantesValentin CervantesDaniela CervantesJoshua CervantesMercedes CervantesFabiola CervantesSamantha CervantesKevin CervantesErick CervantesEfren CervantesRoman CervantesArnulfo CervantesAaron CervantesJason CervantesMauricio CervantesManuela CervantesWilliam CervantesFabian CervantesAurelio CervantesPetra Cervantes