What Is The History Of The Last Name Clark?

The Clark surname is derived from the Old English word "clerc," meaning "clergyman." The name was originally given to someone who worked in a church or monastery. The Clark surname is also associated with the Scottish Clan Carmichael.

Are There Any Famous People In History With The Last Name Clark?

There are a few famous people in history with the last name Clark, but most of them are not very well-known. For example, William Clark was one of the explorers who helped chart the course of the Lewis and Clark Expedition. John Clark was a signer of the Declaration of Independence. And finally, Hiram Clark was a Texas state senator and civil rights leader.However, the most famous person with the last name Clark is probably Clark Gable, who was a famous actor in Hollywood during the 1930s and 1940s. Gable is probably best known for his role in the movie "Gone with the Wind."

So if you are ever wondering if there are any famous people in history with the last name Clark, the answer is yes - but they are not all that well-known.

Where Does The Last Name Clark Rank In The Most Common US Names?

It may come as no surprise to learn that Clark is one of the most common surnames in the United States. But what is the rank of Clark among all surnames in the country?According to recent estimates from the US Census Bureau, Clark ranks as the #16th most common surname in the US. That means that out of the over 130 million Americans, there are approximately 2.1 million people with the last name Clark.

While Clark is not the most common surname in the US, it is still relatively common. So, next time you meet someone with the last name Clark, be sure to say hello!

List of People with the Last Name Clark

Gladys ClarkMarjorie ClarkDorothy ClarkAnnie ClarkIrene ClarkRichard ClarkLee ClarkDale ClarkLillian ClarkFrancis ClarkLois ClarkRaymond ClarkCharlie ClarkHelen ClarkHenry ClarkJohn ClarkCarrie ClarkRussell ClarkPauline ClarkAnn ClarkRuth ClarkShawn ClarkRobert ClarkTimothy ClarkMarion ClarkJudy ClarkMildred ClarkEdith ClarkShirley ClarkPatricia ClarkC ClarkAlice ClarkJoe ClarkVirginia ClarkArthur ClarkJohnny ClarkLouise ClarkBetty ClarkSamuel ClarkLewis ClarkDoris ClarkGloria ClarkBertha ClarkEvelyn ClarkNorman ClarkEleanor ClarkJane ClarkMelvin ClarkFred ClarkBessie ClarkMark ClarkBruce ClarkJimmy ClarkMaria ClarkLeonard ClarkEdna ClarkRuby ClarkWillie ClarkDanielle ClarkHazel ClarkJoseph ClarkStanley ClarkMartha ClarkMegan ClarkLucille ClarkDavid ClarkPhyllis ClarkSara ClarkCurtis ClarkNicholas ClarkRachel ClarkChristopher ClarkRhonda ClarkNorma ClarkDana ClarkJessie ClarkCarolyn ClarkSarah ClarkClara ClarkLloyd ClarkSteve ClarkHerbert ClarkMarilyn ClarkBenjamin ClarkCarol ClarkFlorence ClarkCalvin ClarkEthel ClarkJeffrey ClarkJudith ClarkJuanita ClarkJesse ClarkRoger ClarkRandy ClarkLawrence ClarkEdward ClarkJean ClarkGrace ClarkAndrew ClarkEva ClarkRodney ClarkStephen ClarkCharles ClarkRose ClarkAnna ClarkAshley ClarkJoan ClarkWanda ClarkJanet ClarkJerry ClarkDenise ClarkHarold ClarkRobin ClarkLinda ClarkGeorge ClarkRita ClarkDanny ClarkCharlotte ClarkMatthew ClarkAmanda ClarkJacob ClarkMargaret ClarkNancy ClarkBonnie ClarkDennis ClarkFrances ClarkJeff ClarkGail ClarkEric ClarkKeith ClarkBobby ClarkDon ClarkJeffery ClarkThelma ClarkRay ClarkAlbert ClarkMarie ClarkEmma ClarkTerry ClarkDeborah ClarkAmy ClarkCrystal ClarkScott ClarkLauren ClarkPeter ClarkConnie ClarkDonna ClarkJulia ClarkWalter ClarkJack ClarkPeggy ClarkGordon ClarkJamie ClarkWayne ClarkErnest ClarkBrandon ClarkElaine ClarkEmily ClarkDonald ClarkTheresa ClarkRebecca ClarkBeverly ClarkTaylor ClarkElizabeth ClarkJanice ClarkCatherine ClarkKatherine ClarkCourtney ClarkAlfred ClarkChris ClarkGary ClarkAlan ClarkErin ClarkPaula ClarkLisa ClarkJacqueline ClarkBrenda ClarkPamela ClarkBilly ClarkRonald ClarkThomas ClarkJessica ClarkJonathan ClarkMichael ClarkEarl ClarkLarry ClarkKathryn ClarkAaron ClarkTammy ClarkBryan ClarkTeresa ClarkEugene ClarkHoward ClarkTony ClarkCindy ClarkRandall ClarkStacy ClarkCynthia ClarkPatrick ClarkJ ClarkTodd ClarkLeroy ClarkKenneth ClarkVictoria ClarkDawn ClarkSandra ClarkDebra ClarkJoyce ClarkAnne ClarkMarvin ClarkTina ClarkFrederick ClarkSusan ClarkLouis ClarkD ClarkKathy ClarkAndrea ClarkDouglas ClarkJoshua ClarkGerald ClarkClarence ClarkPhillip ClarkCasey ClarkSherry ClarkFloyd ClarkWilliam ClarkWarren ClarkEllen ClarkHarry ClarkChad ClarkSharon ClarkValerie ClarkKaren ClarkPhilip ClarkDiana ClarkJames ClarkHeather ClarkBrian ClarkShannon ClarkRyan ClarkBarbara ClarkKyle ClarkLaura ClarkAlexander ClarkTiffany ClarkGlenn ClarkKathleen ClarkTroy ClarkLeslie ClarkDiane ClarkGregory ClarkCraig ClarkNicole ClarkBradley ClarkApril ClarkSteven ClarkFrank ClarkBrittany ClarkRalph ClarkAmber ClarkMichelle ClarkAllen ClarkAngela ClarkSamantha ClarkMelissa ClarkRoy ClarkChristine ClarkJay ClarkKevin ClarkTravis ClarkSean ClarkJason ClarkZachary ClarkDaniel ClarkNathan ClarkJeremy ClarkWendy ClarkSheila ClarkChristina ClarkClifford ClarkKelly ClarkAnthony ClarkPaul ClarkAnita ClarkMary ClarkCheryl ClarkTracy ClarkJulie ClarkJennifer ClarkStephanie ClarkTyler ClarkCarl ClarkJustin ClarkKimberly ClarkCody ClarkAustin ClarkLori ClarkJordan ClarkKim ClarkAdam Clark