What Is The History Of The Last Name Clifton?

The Clifton name has a long and varied history that can be traced all the way back to the Norman Conquest of 1066. There are several theories about the origin of the name, but the most likely explanation is that it is derived from the Old French word cliffe, meaning cliff or rocky outcrop. Over the centuries, the name has been spelled in many different ways, including Cliffton, Cliftone, and Clyfton.One of the earliest known bearers of the Clifton name was Robert de Clifton, who was mentioned in the Domesday Book of 1086. He was a tenant-in-chief in the county of Nottinghamshire and was granted the lordship of the manor of Clifton by William the Conqueror. The Clifton family subsequently became one of the most powerful and influential noble families in England.

Many prominent figures throughout history have been associated with the Clifton name, including Sir Robert Clifton, who served as Lord Mayor of London in 1340, and Sir Nicholas Clifton, who was a member of the English Parliament and a supporter of the Puritans during the English Civil War. Later generations of the Clifton family have also made their mark on the world, including the poet Robert Clifton and the astronomer Sir William Clifton.

The Clifton name is still relatively common today, and there are estimated to be around 60,000 people in the world who share it. If you are interested in learning more about the history of the Clifton name, there are several excellent books and websites that can provide you with more information.

Are There Any Famous People In History With The Last Name Clifton?

There are definitely some famous people in history with the last name Clifton. For example, there's Clifton Webb, a movie star from the 1940s and 1950s. There's also Cliff Burton, the bassist for Metallica who died in a bus accident in 1986. And finally, there's Clifton Chenier, a legendary zydeco musician.

Where Does The Last Name Clifton Rank In The Most Common US Names?

What is the most common US name? According to the Social Security Administration, the most common US name is John. The name is given to around 941,000 babies each year. The name James is the second most common US name, with around 863,000 babies being given the name each year. The name Mary is the third most common US name, with around 823,000 babies being given the name each year.The name Clifton is not in the top 10 list of most common US names. However, the name Clifton is still fairly common, with around 46,000 babies being given the name each year. The name Clifton is more common in some states than in others. In California, the name Clifton ranks as the 432nd most common US name. In Texas, the name Clifton ranks as the 354th most common US name. In New York, the name Clifton ranks as the 127th most common US name.

So, where does the name Clifton rank in the list of most common US names? The name Clifton ranks as the 1,537th most common US name. While the name Clifton is not in the top 10 list of most common US names, it is still fairly common. If you are looking for a unique name for your baby, the name Clifton may not be the best choice, but it is still a great name nonetheless.

List of People with the Last Name Clifton

C CliftonJohn CliftonRobert CliftonJames CliftonJ CliftonWilliam CliftonDavid CliftonM CliftonMichael CliftonCharles CliftonMary CliftonPatricia CliftonLinda CliftonThomas CliftonRichard CliftonJennifer CliftonL CliftonElizabeth CliftonBarbara CliftonLisa CliftonJoseph CliftonMichelle CliftonChristopher CliftonKimberly CliftonGeorge CliftonSusan CliftonBetty CliftonDonald CliftonChris CliftonSandra CliftonDonna CliftonKenneth CliftonRonald CliftonDeborah CliftonSteven CliftonMargaret CliftonMark CliftonAngela CliftonBill CliftonGary CliftonSarah CliftonDaniel CliftonKaren CliftonPaul CliftonMelissa CliftonLarry CliftonG CliftonSharon CliftonJerry CliftonRebecca CliftonAmanda CliftonJeffrey CliftonJessica CliftonNancy CliftonLaura CliftonBilly CliftonKathy CliftonDorothy CliftonCynthia CliftonBrenda CliftonTimothy CliftonDebbie CliftonJoe CliftonScott CliftonSteve CliftonBrian CliftonHelen CliftonAmy CliftonDebra CliftonH CliftonShirley CliftonCarol CliftonPamela CliftonRaymond CliftonTeresa CliftonKelly CliftonAnn CliftonDiane CliftonMike CliftonRuth CliftonTerry CliftonJason CliftonJeff CliftonStephanie CliftonAnna CliftonDouglas CliftonKevin CliftonJoyce CliftonEdward CliftonMatthew CliftonJeffery CliftonCindy CliftonKim CliftonJack CliftonCarolyn CliftonJulie CliftonAshley CliftonKatherine CliftonJoshua CliftonHarold CliftonCheryl CliftonBobby CliftonCatherine CliftonAnthony CliftonCarl CliftonRachel CliftonFrances CliftonConnie CliftonChristina CliftonMarie CliftonHeather CliftonKathleen CliftonStephen CliftonJonathan CliftonTammy CliftonFrank CliftonJean CliftonVirginia CliftonLawrence CliftonWillie CliftonDon CliftonJamie CliftonSherry CliftonRoy CliftonJudy CliftonJanet CliftonGregory CliftonTracy CliftonWalter CliftonMartha CliftonWanda CliftonNicole CliftonJudith CliftonJohnny CliftonAmber CliftonRhonda CliftonPatrick CliftonCathy CliftonShannon CliftonJimmy CliftonAndrew CliftonLori CliftonKyle CliftonDawn CliftonJanice CliftonJesse CliftonRay CliftonTheresa CliftonJackie CliftonWayne CliftonHenry CliftonSamuel CliftonGerald CliftonLeslie CliftonTiffany CliftonRandy CliftonFred CliftonVictoria CliftonEric CliftonRobin CliftonTina CliftonDennis CliftonBrittany CliftonBrandon CliftonErnest CliftonChristine CliftonKathryn CliftonAlice CliftonJane CliftonMildred CliftonBenjamin CliftonPhillip CliftonEmily CliftonDanny CliftonCrystal CliftonJustin CliftonJeremy CliftonSam CliftonJoan CliftonDoris CliftonJessie CliftonMegan CliftonDenise CliftonAndrea CliftonBonnie CliftonRussell CliftonCurtis CliftonCarrie CliftonJuanita CliftonSara CliftonDale CliftonLauren CliftonEvelyn CliftonJacob CliftonClarence CliftonSheila CliftonDana CliftonLee CliftonBruce CliftonRoger CliftonArthur CliftonAnne CliftonHoward CliftonAnnie CliftonRonnie CliftonRyan CliftonRuby CliftonCraig CliftonJacqueline CliftonAlbert CliftonLouise CliftonChad CliftonWendy CliftonHarry CliftonBeverly CliftonRalph CliftonNorman CliftonDarrell CliftonRick CliftonTony CliftonEarl CliftonBillie CliftonMarilyn CliftonKeith CliftonAlicia CliftonRicky CliftonRose CliftonRegina CliftonZachary CliftonDarlene CliftonAaron CliftonDanielle CliftonSamantha CliftonEddie CliftonApril CliftonNorma CliftonCody CliftonCharlotte CliftonCourtney CliftonLois CliftonTommy CliftonPeggy CliftonEthel CliftonErin CliftonRoberta CliftonGlenn CliftonMarvin CliftonGladys CliftonTroy CliftonTaylor CliftonAdam CliftonGloria CliftonBryan CliftonEugene CliftonJohnnie CliftonTodd CliftonLeonard CliftonLloyd CliftonJulia CliftonEdna CliftonJay CliftonDerek CliftonHolly CliftonEdith CliftonNicholas CliftonTravis CliftonMarion CliftonRodney CliftonLucille CliftonAudrey CliftonJill CliftonIrene CliftonTyler CliftonRita CliftonAlan CliftonFloyd CliftonClaude CliftonBertha CliftonEllen CliftonShawn CliftonMaurice CliftonHerbert CliftonCorey CliftonLouis CliftonBessie CliftonNathan CliftonCorinne CliftonGrace CliftonMinnie CliftonSean CliftonEva CliftonClyde CliftonDerrick CliftonVernon CliftonPearl CliftonGertrude CliftonCecil CliftonPauline CliftonFlorence CliftonThelma Clifton