What Is The History Of The Last Name Clinton?

The Clintons have a long and illustrious history in the United States. Bill Clinton was the 42nd president of the United States, and his wife Hillary was a senator from New York and the Secretary of State under President Obama. Their daughter Chelsea is also active in politics.The origins of the Clinton surname are a bit of a mystery. It is thought to be derived from the name of a town in France called Clinton, but that has never been confirmed. It is also possible that the name is derived from the Welsh word clint, which means crag or rock.

Whatever the case, the Clintons have been an important part of American history for centuries.

Are There Any Famous People In History With The Last Name Clinton?

Yes, there are plenty of famous people in history with the last name Clinton. One of the most well-known is Bill Clinton, the 42nd President of the United States. He was in office from 1993 to 2001, and is most remembered for his time in office, as well as his scandalous affair with Monica Lewinsky.Another famous Clinton is Hillary Clinton, who was the first female candidate for President of the United States. She ran in 2016, but was unsuccessful. Hillary is also well-known for her time as Secretary of State under President Obama.

There are plenty of other famous Clintons out there, including actors, musicians, and athletes. So if you’re looking for a last name that’s bound to get you some attention, Clinton is a good choice!

Where Does The Last Name Clinton Rank In The Most Common US Names?

According to the Social Security Administration, Clinton is the 136th most common name in the United States. This means that there are approximately 136 people per one million named Clinton in the US. Interestingly, the name Clinton has seen a slight uptick in popularity in recent years, ranking as the 111th most common name in 2014.So, where does the last name Clinton rank in the most common US names? Interestingly, it is not even in the top 100. In fact, the most common US name is Smith, followed by Johnson, Williams, and Garcia.

Why has the name Clinton become more popular in recent years? It is hard to say for sure, but it could be due to the Clintons – Bill and Hillary – who have been in the public eye for many years. Or, it could be due to the fact that the Clinton name is unique and stands out from the crowd.

Whatever the reason, the name Clinton is gaining in popularity – albeit slowly. If you are looking for a unique name that is not too popular, Clinton could be a great choice.

List of People with the Last Name Clinton

Mary ClintonJohn ClintonRobert ClintonJames ClintonMichael ClintonWilliam ClintonCharles ClintonJ ClintonDavid ClintonM ClintonThomas ClintonRichard ClintonD ClintonR ClintonPatricia ClintonL ClintonGeorge ClintonElizabeth ClintonBarbara ClintonJoseph ClintonChristopher ClintonLinda ClintonBill ClintonJennifer ClintonA ClintonMargaret ClintonE ClintonT ClintonKenneth ClintonChris ClintonDorothy ClintonLarry ClintonMark ClintonKaren ClintonGary ClintonLisa ClintonLaura ClintonEdward ClintonSusan ClintonDeborah ClintonDonald ClintonDaniel ClintonJessica ClintonTimothy ClintonKimberly ClintonPaul ClintonKevin ClintonCynthia ClintonG ClintonCatherine ClintonSharon ClintonSandra ClintonBrenda ClintonRonald ClintonDiane ClintonDebra ClintonMichelle ClintonSarah ClintonBrian ClintonRaymond ClintonAnthony ClintonBetty ClintonMelissa ClintonCarol ClintonNancy ClintonHelen ClintonAnn ClintonAngela ClintonCheryl ClintonWillie ClintonSteven ClintonRebecca ClintonAmanda ClintonJeffrey ClintonRuth ClintonStephanie ClintonMarie ClintonDonna ClintonPatrick ClintonJean ClintonPamela ClintonSteve ClintonFrances ClintonMatthew ClintonScott ClintonKim ClintonJason ClintonDennis ClintonTracy ClintonTeresa ClintonKelly ClintonChristine ClintonEric ClintonShirley ClintonKathy ClintonJoe ClintonLawrence ClintonKatherine ClintonTerry ClintonKathleen ClintonFrank ClintonJack ClintonHenry ClintonNicole ClintonAshley ClintonStephen ClintonJacqueline ClintonAndrew ClintonJanet ClintonDenise ClintonCarolyn ClintonRussell ClintonAnna ClintonLori ClintonN ClintonJoyce ClintonBilly ClintonJane ClintonRay ClintonHeather ClintonGregory ClintonRobin ClintonJoshua ClintonJanice ClintonJudy ClintonTom ClintonRose ClintonWalter ClintonJulie ClintonArthur ClintonFrancis ClintonAmy ClintonMartha ClintonAnne ClintonFred ClintonDoris ClintonCathy ClintonJonathan ClintonDan ClintonChristina ClintonVictoria ClintonJamie ClintonAndrea ClintonSara ClintonJudith ClintonJoan ClintonTammy ClintonEvelyn ClintonJerry ClintonEarl ClintonJesse ClintonPeggy ClintonErnest ClintonJessie ClintonMarcus ClintonTiffany ClintonBobby ClintonBonnie ClintonShannon ClintonRoy ClintonLee ClintonGerald ClintonKeith ClintonAllen ClintonTina ClintonPaula ClintonWayne ClintonTheresa ClintonGrace ClintonRachel ClintonAlice ClintonEmily ClintonCarrie ClintonKathryn ClintonAnnie ClintonRyan ClintonVirginia ClintonGloria ClintonHarry ClintonHarold ClintonBrandon ClintonMaria ClintonDouglas ClintonDawn ClintonDiana ClintonApril ClintonCarl ClintonRhonda ClintonEddie ClintonSheila ClintonConnie ClintonLouis ClintonSherry ClintonStacy ClintonHoward ClintonDanny ClintonLouise ClintonDana ClintonCrystal ClintonWanda ClintonBenjamin ClintonJohnny ClintonMarion ClintonTracey ClintonRandy ClintonTaylor ClintonTony ClintonRalph ClintonJustin ClintonPhillip ClintonAudrey ClintonAmber ClintonMonica ClintonMildred ClintonJeremy ClintonSean ClintonBrittany ClintonRita ClintonLauren ClintonCourtney ClintonGladys ClintonRonnie ClintonLynn ClintonFlorence ClintonRenee ClintonMegan ClintonEugene ClintonBeverly ClintonVanessa ClintonNicholas ClintonDale ClintonRicky ClintonPhyllis ClintonBruce ClintonEmma ClintonJulia ClintonShelly ClintonFrederick ClintonEsther ClintonEileen ClintonMarilyn ClintonAlan ClintonDanielle ClintonAnita ClintonRoger ClintonPeter ClintonMinnie ClintonHarvey ClintonTyler ClintonDerrick ClintonNaomi ClintonNorma ClintonLeonard ClintonLillian ClintonBryan ClintonVictor ClintonRuby ClintonEdna ClintonLester ClintonMarjorie ClintonCarla ClintonAlbert ClintonJay ClintonSamuel ClintonClarence ClintonCurtis ClintonLeslie ClintonAaron ClintonEllen ClintonSamantha ClintonThelma ClintonRodney ClintonTyrone ClintonAntonio ClintonBernard ClintonAlicia ClintonMelvin ClintonJerome ClintonDewitt ClintonChristian ClintonDarrell ClintonStanley ClintonTravis ClintonTommy ClintonCraig ClintonJacob ClintonGeraldine ClintonBrandy ClintonMarvin ClintonKyle ClintonLeroy ClintonJasmine ClintonBessie ClintonGwendolyn ClintonHillary ClintonClyde ClintonLloyd ClintonJared ClintonVernon ClintonHugh Clinton