How Many People Are There In The US With The Last Name Coleman?

How many people in the United States share the last name Coleman? We don't really know for sure, but we can make some educated guesses.The first thing we need to do is figure out how many people in the US have the last name Coleman. This turned out to be a little more difficult than we thought. The 2000 Census only asked for the first five letters of your last name, so we couldn't do a simple Google search to find the answer.

However, we were able to find a study that was conducted in the early 1990s that asked people for their full last name. From this study, we were able to estimate that there are around 154,000 Colemans in the US.

Now, we need to figure out how many people in the US have the last name Coleman AND share the same first name. This turned out to be a lot harder than we thought! We couldn't find any studies that looked at this specific combination of last and first names.

So, we did a little bit of digging and found that there are around 21,000 people in the US with the last name Coleman and the same first name.

So, all in all, we estimate that there are around 175,000 people in the US with the last name Coleman.

Which State In The US Has The Largest Population With The Last Name Coleman?

Which state in the US has the largest population with the last name Coleman?We looked at US Census data to answer this question. As it turns out, Louisiana has the largest population of Colemans, with over 9,000 residents sharing the last name. Texas and Florida are close behind, with over 7,000 Colemans each.

So why is the last name Coleman so popular in Louisiana? One theory is that the name is derived from Gaelic words meaning "assembly" or "descendant of COMHAL". It's also thought that the name was brought to the US by Irish immigrants.

Whatever the reason, it's clear that the last name Coleman is popular all over the country. If you're looking for someone with that name, you're sure to find them in Louisiana.

What Are The Most Uncommon Names With The Last Name Coleman?

There are a lot of people out there who are named Coleman. But there are likely not as many people with one of the most uncommon names with the last name Coleman. Here are some of the most uncommon names with the last name Coleman:1) Alaric

2) Arian

3) Arturo

4) Bjorn

5) Casimir

6) Darnell

7) Domenic

8) Emmett

9) Enoch

10) Gael

List of People with the Last Name Coleman

James ColemanJohn ColemanGladys ColemanShirley ColemanLucille ColemanHelen ColemanMarie ColemanDorothy ColemanSusan ColemanAlice ColemanAlbert ColemanMargaret ColemanPatricia ColemanRalph ColemanBetty ColemanJoyce ColemanMildred ColemanJ ColemanRuby ColemanJane ColemanFrances ColemanElizabeth ColemanAllen ColemanMichael ColemanTony ColemanEdna ColemanJoan ColemanLillian ColemanJoe ColemanBeatrice ColemanRonnie ColemanEthel ColemanJoseph ColemanEarl ColemanC ColemanEvelyn ColemanLillie ColemanLouis ColemanKimberly ColemanBertha ColemanVeronica ColemanClarence ColemanVirginia ColemanRobert ColemanDanny ColemanTerry ColemanAnna ColemanDennis ColemanGrace ColemanKevin ColemanJean ColemanDonna ColemanCarol ColemanSylvia ColemanMelvin ColemanGloria ColemanRaymond ColemanYolanda ColemanClara ColemanGerald ColemanJessica ColemanWilliam ColemanLois ColemanMattie ColemanWalter ColemanKathy ColemanJulia ColemanNicole ColemanAnn ColemanDoris ColemanRussell ColemanScott ColemanBrian ColemanFrancis ColemanJack ColemanConnie ColemanCharles ColemanBonnie ColemanMaria ColemanSandra ColemanChristopher ColemanCarolyn ColemanPatrick ColemanCharlotte ColemanDarlene ColemanLee ColemanHarold ColemanJeremy ColemanJackie ColemanMartha ColemanLouise ColemanDouglas ColemanJanice ColemanRay ColemanIrene ColemanPaul ColemanMary ColemanNancy ColemanTracy ColemanJuanita ColemanRegina ColemanWillie ColemanGeorge ColemanCurtis ColemanTina ColemanSamuel ColemanJesse ColemanBeverly ColemanSharon ColemanRose ColemanKatherine ColemanPamela ColemanFrederick ColemanGregory ColemanMatthew ColemanRuth ColemanAmy ColemanHoward ColemanDawn ColemanPeggy ColemanEmma ColemanMaurice ColemanBarbara ColemanJanet ColemanBilly ColemanChris ColemanBrenda ColemanLisa ColemanPaula ColemanLarry ColemanA ColemanWayne ColemanTimothy ColemanLeonard ColemanErnest ColemanAnnie ColemanValerie ColemanAnthony ColemanJacqueline ColemanEva ColemanJudith ColemanLinda ColemanReginald ColemanBenjamin ColemanPeter ColemanJulie ColemanMark ColemanDonald ColemanGeraldine ColemanJerome ColemanWanda ColemanJerry ColemanEdward ColemanRichard ColemanEric ColemanRonald ColemanLawrence ColemanJohnnie ColemanGary ColemanHenry ColemanTonya ColemanThelma ColemanDeborah ColemanBobby ColemanPhyllis ColemanArthur ColemanEugene ColemanMarcus ColemanVictoria ColemanMarilyn ColemanChristina ColemanHerbert ColemanSherry ColemanKathleen ColemanJessie ColemanCheryl ColemanSarah ColemanKaren ColemanChristine ColemanMonica ColemanSteven ColemanAngela ColemanTeresa ColemanMarion ColemanJason ColemanSteve ColemanVanessa ColemanKeith ColemanEddie ColemanCatherine ColemanRodney ColemanDebra ColemanAaron ColemanLeslie ColemanAlicia ColemanKim ColemanMelissa ColemanRita ColemanSheila ColemanTiffany ColemanL ColemanAndrea ColemanJohnny ColemanKathryn ColemanCrystal ColemanAlfred ColemanJamie ColemanJoshua ColemanThomas ColemanRachel ColemanDenise ColemanAnita ColemanEmily ColemanCarl ColemanLaura ColemanLori ColemanYvonne ColemanCarla ColemanShannon ColemanJustin ColemanRandy ColemanStephanie ColemanTravis ColemanKenneth ColemanDaniel ColemanJudy ColemanAndre ColemanGlenn ColemanBrittany ColemanJennifer ColemanJimmy ColemanCarrie ColemanDarrell ColemanStephen ColemanCharlie ColemanDiane ColemanMichelle ColemanRhonda ColemanRoger ColemanLeroy ColemanRoy ColemanApril ColemanLeon ColemanTommy ColemanJasmine ColemanNathaniel ColemanRenee ColemanAshley ColemanDavid ColemanFrank ColemanPhillip ColemanSean ColemanCraig ColemanRebecca ColemanRobin ColemanJonathan ColemanHarry ColemanAndrew ColemanKelly ColemanNathan ColemanDana ColemanNicholas ColemanAmber ColemanCynthia ColemanRyan ColemanFlorence ColemanBrandon ColemanCorey ColemanJeffrey ColemanCourtney ColemanDanielle ColemanTyrone ColemanRandall ColemanTyler ColemanMarvin ColemanElla ColemanBernice ColemanAmanda ColemanSamantha ColemanNorma ColemanBernard ColemanKyle ColemanErica ColemanBessie ColemanEdith ColemanAntonio ColemanAdam ColemanAlvin ColemanHazel ColemanStanley ColemanFred ColemanJacob ColemanBruce ColemanDiana ColemanShawn ColemanTammy ColemanDerrick ColemanTheresa ColemanHeather ColemanCalvin Coleman