Historical Information About The Last Name Connolly

There are many interesting facts about the last name Connolly. For example, the name Connolly is derived from the Gaelic O'Connell. The Gaelic word "con" means "hound" and "lach" means "full of secrets." Thus, the name Connolly means "hound of secrets."Another interesting fact about the name Connolly is that it is one of the most common Irish surnames. In fact, it is the 10th most common Irish surname. And, according to the 2016 Irish Census, there are approximately 97,000 people in Ireland with the last name Connolly.

Interestingly, the Connolly clan was one of the most powerful Irish clans in the Middle Ages. In fact, they were considered one of the most aristocratic clans in all of Ireland. And, they played a significant role in Irish history. For example, they participated in the War of Independence and the Irish Civil War.

The Connolly clan has a colorful history, and the name Connolly is steeped in Irish tradition and culture. If you are interested in learning more about the Connolly clan, or if you are considering the last name Connolly for your family, be sure to check out the following resources:

• Connolly Clan History: http://www.connollyclan.org/history/

• Irish Names: The O'Connells: https://www.irishgenealogy.ie/en/surnames/o-connell/

• Irish Roots: The Connolly Clan: http://www.irishroots.com/id4456.htm

The Popularity Of Connolly As The Last Name

There are many interesting and unique surnames in the world, but Connolly is undoubtedly one of the most popular. In fact, it is the nineteenth most common surname in the United States, and it is also prevalent in other countries such as Ireland, the United Kingdom, and Australia.So what is the origin of the Connolly surname? It is actually derived from the Gaelic O'Connor surname, which itself is derived from the ancient Irish name Conchobhar. This name means "lion-heart" or "wolf-lover", and it was borne by various High Kings of Ireland.

Over the centuries, the Connolly surname has been spelled in many different ways, including O'Connor, Connor, Connors, and even Connell. But regardless of the spelling, the name has always been associated with courage and strength.

Today, the Connolly surname is still considered to be very prestigious, and it is often associated with leaders and achievers. In fact, many famous people have borne the Connolly surname, including Irish political leader Michael Collins, Australian Prime Minister John Connolly, and American astronaut Neil Armstrong.

So if you are lucky enough to have the Connolly surname, you can be proud of its long and illustrious history. And who knows, maybe one day you will be fortunate enough to add your name to the list of famous Connollys!

Naming Ideas With Connolly As The Last Name

The Connolly family has been a part of Irish history for centuries. The Connolly name has been associated with many great accomplishments, including military service, politicians, and more.If you are looking for a unique and unforgettable name for your baby, why not consider a name with Connolly as the last name? There are many great options to choose from, including:

- Aidan

- Declan

- Liam

- Seamus

- Siobhan

Whatever name you choose, be sure to research its meaning and history. With a name like Connolly, you can be sure that your child will be proud of their heritage and will carry on the family tradition of excellence.

List of People with the Last Name Connolly

Robert ConnollyJames ConnollyWilliam ConnollyKathleen ConnollyPatricia ConnollyDaniel ConnollyCatherine ConnollyThomas ConnollyElizabeth ConnollyChris ConnollyJoseph ConnollyJ ConnollyJohn ConnollyChristopher ConnollyMary ConnollyPaul ConnollyDavid ConnollyK ConnollyMichael ConnollyTimothy ConnollySean ConnollyPatrick ConnollyMargaret ConnollyJennifer ConnollyBrian ConnollyRichard ConnollySusan ConnollyEdward ConnollyKevin ConnollyM ConnollyAnn ConnollyBarbara ConnollyP ConnollyT ConnollyMatthew ConnollyMark ConnollyCharles ConnollyMaureen ConnollyChristine ConnollyLisa ConnollyB ConnollyKaren ConnollyR ConnollyPeter ConnollyStephen ConnollyE ConnollyA ConnollyHelen ConnollyLinda ConnollyFrancis ConnollyAnne ConnollyMichelle ConnollyErin ConnollyKatherine ConnollyMarie ConnollyNancy ConnollyMike ConnollySarah ConnollyKelly ConnollyCarol ConnollyRyan ConnollyAnna ConnollyLaura ConnollyMartin ConnollyTim ConnollySteven ConnollyDorothy ConnollyJoe ConnollyFrank ConnollyTom ConnollyDonna ConnollyEileen ConnollyGeorge ConnollyDiane ConnollyJoan ConnollyDeborah ConnollyColleen ConnollyJean ConnollyDan ConnollyMegan ConnollyTheresa ConnollyDennis ConnollyShannon ConnollyAmy ConnollyKathryn ConnollyJessica ConnollyKathy ConnollyAlice ConnollyJoanne ConnollyFrances ConnollyRose ConnollyCynthia ConnollyRaymond ConnollyJane ConnollyNicole ConnollyJanet ConnollyDebra ConnollyAndrew ConnollyMelissa ConnollyKimberly ConnollySandra ConnollyJack ConnollySharon ConnollyRuth ConnollyJulie ConnollyGerald ConnollyBridget ConnollyVirginia ConnollyKim ConnollyArthur ConnollyJudith ConnollyChristina ConnollyDonald ConnollyEllen ConnollyKatie ConnollyStephanie ConnollyCheryl ConnollyRita ConnollyTeresa ConnollyShawn ConnollyAmanda ConnollyLawrence ConnollyHeather ConnollyRebecca ConnollyPamela ConnollyKristen ConnollyDawn ConnollyLauren ConnollyJacqueline ConnollySheila ConnollyMichele ConnollyDenise ConnollyMaria ConnollySuzanne ConnollyCarolyn ConnollyBernard ConnollyJim ConnollySara ConnollyKenneth ConnollyKate ConnollyLori ConnollyAngela ConnollyBrendan ConnollyBetty ConnollyJulia ConnollyJason ConnollyJanice ConnollyJeffrey ConnollyLynn ConnollyEleanor ConnollyJudy ConnollyJoyce ConnollyJeanne ConnollyTerry ConnollyGrace ConnollyMeghan ConnollyDanielle ConnollyScott ConnollyJill ConnollyMartha ConnollyCaitlin ConnollyEugene ConnollyNicholas ConnollyAgnes ConnollyAshley ConnollyAndrea ConnollyBrenda ConnollyRachel ConnollyVictoria ConnollyGary ConnollyWalter ConnollyClaire ConnollyCaroline ConnollyJerry ConnollyEric ConnollyBryan ConnollyFlorence ConnollyKristin ConnollyShirley ConnollyMarilyn ConnollyMarion ConnollyPaula ConnollyEmily ConnollyKeith ConnollyLorraine ConnollyCathy ConnollyJamie ConnollyTara ConnollyTammy ConnollyRosemary ConnollyNora ConnollyEvelyn ConnollyKerry ConnollyBeverly ConnollyGail ConnollyAnthony ConnollyGerard ConnollyPatric ConnollyLouise ConnollyJustin ConnollyJos ConnollyCourtney ConnollyWendy ConnollyIrene ConnollyPeggy ConnollyVincent ConnollyLaurie ConnollyTracy ConnollySamantha ConnollyLeo ConnollyDiana ConnollyJoann ConnollyGeraldine ConnollyJonathan ConnollyJosephine ConnollyMarc ConnollyRobin ConnollyRoger ConnollyKyle ConnollyMarjorie ConnollyTina ConnollyRonald ConnollyLeslie ConnollyConnie ConnollyMarian ConnollyShane ConnollyDoris ConnollyElaine ConnollyJoshua ConnollyLillian ConnollyGregory ConnollyCarrie ConnollyLoretta ConnollyRoberta ConnollyBruce ConnollyColeman ConnollyPhilip ConnollyMaura ConnollyAllison ConnollyBonnie ConnollyTerrence ConnollyLiam ConnollyHugh ConnollyHarold ConnollyVeronica ConnollyPauline ConnollyDana ConnollyHarry ConnollyDolores ConnollyEmma ConnollyLucille ConnollyGertrude ConnollyHenry ConnollyBrittany ConnollyMadeline ConnollyPhyllis ConnollyDianne ConnollyOwen ConnollyNoreen ConnollyGloria ConnollyAdam ConnollyEdna ConnollyTerence ConnollyDouglas ConnollyCraig ConnollyBrandon ConnollyAnnie ConnollyNorma ConnollyNeil ConnollyBernadette ConnollyJay ConnollyEdith ConnollyRoy ConnollyApril ConnollyTyler ConnollyTaylor ConnollyChristian ConnollyCharlene ConnollyAmber ConnollyMildred ConnollyZachary ConnollyHannah ConnollyEvan ConnollyCharlotte ConnollyAlbert ConnollyMarguerite ConnollyTheodore ConnollyIda ConnollyAudrey ConnollyBenjamin ConnollySally ConnollyNellie ConnollyLuke ConnollyNathan ConnollyBeatrice ConnollyJeremiah ConnollyDelia ConnollyArlene ConnollyIan ConnollyEsther Connolly