Historical Information About The Last Name Conroy

The surname Conroy is derived from the Irish surname O'Conor. The name O'Conor is derived from the Gaelic "O'Conchobhair," which means "descendant of Conchobhar," a personal name composed of the elements "con," meaning "hound," and "bhar," meaning "hero." The O'Conors were a powerful family in Ireland for many centuries.One of the earliest recorded bearers of the name Conroy was Tadhg O'Conor, who was killed in the Battle of Clontarf in 1014. Another early bearer was Murrough O'Conor, who was the King of Connacht from 1166 to 1176. The O'Conors were also prominent in Scottish history. Sir Toby Conroy, who was born in the late 15th century, was a Scottish soldier who fought in the French army.

The Conroy family crest is a shield with three lions rampant. The Conroy family motto is "Fortis et Fidelis," which means "strong and faithful."

If you are interested in learning more about the history of the surname Conroy, or researching your own Conroy family history, there are several resources available online. One of the best places to start is the website of the Clan O'Conor USA, which is the American arm of the O'Conor Clan of Ireland. This website provides historical information about the O'Conor family, as well as information about how to conduct your own genealogy research.

Another great resource for researching Irish genealogy is the website of the National Library of Ireland. This website contains a wealth of information about Irish family history, including copies of original parish registers dating back to the 1600s.

If you are interested in learning more about your Irish heritage, the surname Conroy may be a good place to start. Thanks for reading!

The Popularity Of Conroy As The Last Name

There are many people in the world who have the last name Conroy. In fact, it is considered to be a popular last name. But why is that? What is so special about the name Conroy?There are many theories about the popularity of the last name Conroy. Some people believe that it is because the name is so unique. Others believe that it is because the name is associated with strong and powerful people. And still others believe that it is because the name is associated with good luck.

No one really knows for sure why the last name Conroy is so popular. But whatever the reason, there is no doubt that it is one of the most popular last names in the world. If you are looking for a unique and powerful name, then the name Conroy is definitely a good option.

Naming Ideas With Conroy As The Last Name

If you're looking for a unique and memorable baby name, consider one with the last name Conroy. This name has a strong Irish heritage and is still uncommon enough to make your child stand out. Here are some ideas for naming your little Conroy.1. Aidan: This name has a strong and confident sound, perfect for a little boy.

2. Maeve: This name has a lovely Irish lilt and means "the valiant."

3. Shea: This name has a modern sound and is perfect for a little girl.

4. Rylan: This name is cute and spunky, perfect for a lively little boy.

5. Aoife: This name is beautiful and unique, perfect for a special little girl.

6. Conor: This name has a strong and classic sound, perfect for any boy.

7. Shannon: This name is pretty and feminine, perfect for a girl.

8. Kiley: This name is cute and quirky, perfect for a unique little boy.

9. Larkin: This name is strong and handsome, perfect for a little boy.

10. Finley: This name is sweet and charming, perfect for a little girl.

List of People with the Last Name Conroy

Robert ConroyMary ConroyMichael ConroyM ConroyJ ConroyJoseph ConroyJames ConroyJohn ConroyThomas ConroyPatrick ConroyWilliam ConroyPatricia ConroyKathleen ConroyEdward ConroyMargaret ConroyDaniel ConroyCatherine ConroyRichard ConroyDavid ConroyElizabeth ConroyKevin ConroyD ConroyJennifer ConroyBarbara ConroyBrian ConroyS ConroyK ConroyChristopher ConroyTimothy ConroySusan ConroyAnn ConroyMartin ConroyR ConroyKaren ConroyChris ConroySean ConroyCharles ConroyT ConroyStephen ConroyHelen ConroyKelly ConroyDorothy ConroyLinda ConroyCarol ConroyFrancis ConroyMarie ConroyPaul ConroyMike ConroyDonald ConroyPat ConroyTom ConroyE ConroyL ConroyLisa ConroySteven ConroyA ConroyMichelle ConroyGeorge ConroySarah ConroyAnna ConroyPeter ConroyMatthew ConroyJoan ConroyMark ConroySteve ConroyDonna ConroyColleen ConroyDeborah ConroyTheresa ConroyChristine ConroyDennis ConroyErin ConroyLaura ConroyDan ConroyKimberly ConroyAnne ConroyJudith ConroyKatherine ConroyNancy ConroyDiane ConroyFrank ConroyMelissa ConroyRyan ConroyJulie ConroyJessica ConroyJean ConroySharon ConroyRuth ConroyKathryn ConroyFrances ConroyRose ConroyTeresa ConroyEileen ConroyRaymond ConroyLawrence ConroyJack ConroyMaureen ConroyJane ConroyAndrew ConroyAmy ConroyHeather ConroyW ConroyChristina ConroySandra ConroyKim ConroyMaria ConroyMegan ConroyShannon ConroyJanet ConroyEmily ConroyCynthia ConroyDebra ConroyKenneth ConroyKathy ConroyRebecca ConroyNicole ConroyScott ConroyAmanda ConroyCarolyn ConroyTerry ConroyStephanie ConroyLarry ConroyLauren ConroyKatie ConroyBetty ConroyAlice ConroyJacqueline ConroyEllen ConroyRita ConroyShirley ConroyShawn ConroyVirginia ConroySue ConroyJeffrey ConroyJudy ConroyJoanne ConroyGrace ConroyLori ConroyAnthony ConroyPamela ConroyCathy ConroyJoyce ConroyCheryl ConroyEvelyn ConroyDenise ConroyKeith ConroyJulia ConroyEleanor ConroyRonald ConroyKyle ConroyBeverly ConroyTracy ConroyDawn ConroyJamie ConroyMarion ConroyLynn ConroyJanice ConroySheila ConroySara ConroyNicholas ConroyAshley ConroyBernard ConroyGerald ConroyPhilip ConroyWalter ConroyJason ConroyBridget ConroyGertrude ConroyKristen ConroyAngela ConroyEric ConroyCaitlin ConroyGail ConroyMichele ConroySally ConroyKristin ConroyDanielle ConroyGary ConroyRachel ConroySamantha ConroyLouise ConroyMartha ConroyJeanne ConroyTara ConroyPaula ConroyLoretta ConroyElaine ConroyArthur ConroyJustin ConroyAndrea ConroyDiana ConroyDolores ConroyCourtney ConroyDouglas ConroyGregory ConroyTammy ConroyRoger ConroyCasey ConroyMildred ConroyClaire ConroyBrenda ConroyAgnes ConroyLaurie ConroyFlorence ConroyCaroline ConroyEmma ConroyVincent ConroyBrendan ConroyBenjamin ConroyJoshua ConroyWendy ConroyKerry ConroyEugene ConroyIrene ConroyJill ConroyHolly ConroyLillian ConroyJerry ConroyNora ConroyCarrie ConroyLorraine ConroyRegina ConroySuzanne ConroyMarjorie ConroyVictoria ConroyMarian ConroyJosephine ConroyRussell ConroyTina ConroyMolly ConroyFrederick ConroyBonnie ConroyConstance ConroyLeo ConroyNathan ConroyMeghan ConroyGloria ConroyDana ConroyPenny ConroyLeslie ConroyRosemary ConroyTerence ConroyJay ConroyJonathan ConroyChristian ConroyHarold ConroyMarguerite ConroyCrystal ConroyBrittany ConroyBruce ConroyDoris ConroyTiffany ConroyTyler ConroyWayne ConroyEsther ConroyHarry ConroyShane ConroyJacob ConroyShaun ConroyJune ConroyHoward ConroyMarilyn ConroyHenry ConroyCecilia ConroyRoberta ConroyVeronica ConroyAdam ConroyDarlene ConroyLucille ConroyGenevieve ConroyDevin ConroyGerard ConroyHannah ConroyWinifred ConroyAlan ConroyHugh ConroyPhyllis ConroyMelanie ConroyGlenn ConroyBrandon ConroyJennie ConroyBryan ConroyEthel ConroyNorma ConroyEdmund ConroyCecelia ConroyDale ConroyIan ConroyColin ConroyLois ConroyTaylor ConroyAnita ConroyTodd ConroyCraig ConroyAudrey ConroyBernadette ConroyClara ConroyEdna ConroyBrianna ConroyAlbert Conroy