How Many People Are There In The US With The Last Name Cooley?

There are about 5,000 people in the US with the last name Cooley. This name is derived from an Old English word meaning "wood or clearing near a river." The Cooley family crest features a boar's head, and the family motto is "Nil desperandum" which means "never give up." If you are looking for someone with the last name Cooley, you can search online databases or social media sites like Facebook or LinkedIn.

Which State In The US Has The Largest Population With The Last Name Cooley?

The state with the largest population of people with the last name Cooley is California. As of the 2010 Census, there were over 5,000 people in California with the last name Cooley. This accounted for over 1% of the population of the state. The second most Cooleys can be found in Texas, where there are just over 4,000. This is followed by Ohio, with just over 3,000 people with the last name Cooley.

What Are The Most Uncommon Names With The Last Name Cooley?

If you're looking for a unique name for your baby, you may want to consider one of the most uncommon names with the last name Cooley. According to Nameberry, the most popular name with the last name Cooley is Harper. However, there are plenty of other unique names to choose from.Some of the most uncommon names with the last name Cooley include Aaralyn, Bristol, Dallin, Dottie, Journey, Kynlee, London, Maeve, and Winslow. Each of these names has a unique meaning and history behind it. If you're looking for a name that is both unique and meaningful, one of these names may be perfect for your family.

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List of People with the Last Name Cooley

Patricia CooleyLinda CooleyRobert CooleyMary CooleyRichard CooleyWilliam CooleyElizabeth CooleyMichael CooleyThomas CooleyJennifer CooleyCharles CooleyJames CooleyDavid CooleyJ CooleyC CooleyLisa CooleyJohn CooleyR CooleyChris CooleyS CooleyL CooleyChristopher CooleyBarbara CooleyMargaret CooleyGeorge CooleyB CooleySteven CooleyDaniel CooleyDonald CooleyKaren CooleyA CooleyPaul CooleyKenneth CooleySusan CooleyJessica CooleySarah CooleyMichelle CooleyKimberly CooleyDonna CooleyJoseph CooleyBetty CooleySandra CooleyDeborah CooleyDorothy CooleyEdward CooleyCarol CooleyW CooleySharon CooleyAmanda CooleyMark CooleyKevin CooleyLaura CooleyBrian CooleyCynthia CooleyJeffrey CooleyTimothy CooleyScott CooleyAmy CooleyHelen CooleyMatthew CooleyRonald CooleyLarry CooleyAngela CooleyRebecca CooleyJerry CooleyBill CooleyNancy CooleyMelissa CooleySteve CooleyMike CooleyJason CooleyDebra CooleyBrenda CooleyLawrence CooleyChristine CooleyWillie CooleyTeresa CooleyPamela CooleyJoshua CooleyRaymond CooleyStephanie CooleyKathleen CooleyTina CooleyKim CooleyTerry CooleyShirley CooleyChristina CooleyGary CooleyCatherine CooleyRuth CooleyCarolyn CooleyAshley CooleyTammy CooleyAnthony CooleyDiane CooleyJack CooleyHarold CooleyAnn CooleyKathy CooleyHeather CooleyMarie CooleyCindy CooleyFrank CooleyJoe CooleyDon CooleyDennis CooleyJustin CooleyBrandon CooleyNicole CooleyPatrick CooleyFrances CooleyRachel CooleyJanice CooleyRyan CooleyJoyce CooleyStephen CooleyAnna CooleyCrystal CooleyFred CooleyJulie CooleyEric CooleyWalter CooleyMartha CooleyKelly CooleyGregory CooleyBenjamin CooleyJanet CooleyKatherine CooleyDouglas CooleyJean CooleyCheryl CooleyShannon CooleyRay CooleyMildred CooleyLori CooleyRobin CooleyAlice CooleyDenise CooleyAndrew CooleyEarl CooleyDana CooleyBilly CooleyJudy CooleyCathy CooleySherry CooleyTracy CooleyVirginia CooleyEvelyn CooleyRoger CooleyConnie CooleyDoris CooleyCarl CooleyJackie CooleyRalph CooleyTiffany CooleyGerald CooleyVictoria CooleyAnne CooleyGloria CooleyAnnie CooleyAmber CooleyBeth CooleyJoan CooleyBobby CooleyArthur CooleySara CooleyWayne CooleyJane CooleyKathryn CooleyJohnny CooleyJacqueline CooleyMarilyn CooleyLeslie CooleyJonathan CooleyCraig CooleyDiana CooleyJudith CooleyLee CooleyRoy CooleyShawn CooleyPhillip CooleyWendy CooleyAaron CooleyBeverly CooleyJessie CooleyCalvin CooleyJamie CooleyJesse CooleyAllen CooleySean CooleyMegan CooleyKeith CooleyEmily CooleyTony CooleyLynn CooleyJeremy CooleyRose CooleyWanda CooleyRussell CooleyMarjorie CooleyTheresa CooleyJacob CooleyLillian CooleyGrace CooleyPeggy CooleyPaula CooleyDawn CooleyRhonda CooleyAndrea CooleyCarrie CooleyDale CooleyDanielle CooleySamuel CooleyCharlotte CooleyDarlene CooleyMaria CooleyGail CooleyEthel CooleyNathan CooleyHoward CooleyApril CooleySamantha CooleyJimmy CooleyJoann CooleyNicholas CooleyHarry CooleyBrittany CooleyTommy CooleyRuby CooleyChad CooleyAlbert CooleyRandy CooleyHenry CooleyLouise CooleyEdna CooleyRonnie CooleyBruce CooleyFrancis CooleyEddie CooleyFrederick CooleyMelvin CooleyTravis CooleyMarvin CooleyMarion CooleyTodd CooleyTyler CooleyBonnie CooleyEmma CooleyLois CooleyPhyllis CooleyRegina CooleyEugene CooleyClifford CooleyBryan CooleyNorman CooleyDanny CooleyRodney CooleyGladys CooleyHerbert CooleyClarence CooleyAlan CooleyRandall CooleyJune CooleyAudrey CooleyCurtis CooleyGlenn CooleyDarrell CooleyErnest CooleyEllen CooleyAdam CooleyEdith CooleyAnnette CooleyIrene CooleyHazel CooleyJordan CooleyPeter CooleyEva CooleyPearl CooleyBertha CooleyTroy CooleyGordon CooleyCorey CooleyZachary CooleyEsther CooleyNorma CooleyCameron CooleyTaylor CooleyFloyd CooleyLucille CooleyLester CooleyJoel CooleyAustin CooleyLeonard CooleyChester CooleyClara CooleyLloyd CooleyMaurice CooleyClyde CooleyAlvin CooleyWarren Cooley