What Is The History Of The Last Name Costello?

The Costello name has a long and storied history, dating all the way back to the 10th century. The name is believed to have originated in the town of Costello, in the province of Avellino, in southern Italy. The Costello family was a prominent and influential one, and many members of the family held positions of power and influence in the town.One of the most famous members of the Costello family was Peter Costello, who served as the Prime Minister of Australia from 2006 to 2007. Other notable members of the family include musician Elvis Costello, and actor and director Domhnall Gleeson.

The Costello name has been associated with many notable achievements over the years. The Costello name has come to be known for its strength, courage, and determination. Those who bear the name Costello are often characterized as being hardworking and resilient.

If you are interested in learning more about the history of the Costello name, be sure to check out the Costello surname history page on Ancestry.com.

Are There Any Famous People In History With The Last Name Costello?

There are Costellos all over the world, but are there any famous people in history with the last name Costello?Yes, there are several famous people with the last name Costello. For example, there is the American singer and actor, Elvis Costello, and the English comedian, Declan Costello.

There are also a few more obscure Costellos who have achieved fame in their own right. One such person is the American artist, Solange Costello, and the English cricketer, Alec Costello.

So, if you're ever feeling a bit down and need some inspiration, just remember that there are plenty of successful people with the last name Costello!

Where Does The Last Name Costello Rank In The Most Common US Names?

There are a lot of factors that go into how common a name is in the United States. It can depend on a number of things, like ethnicity, region, and even popularity. But regardless of all of those factors, there is one name that always seems to rank near the top of the list. That name is Costello.According to recent data from the Social Security Administration, Costello is the 93rd most common name in the US. That means that out of every 1000 babies born in the US, almost 1 will have the last name Costello. And while that might not seem like a lot, it actually puts Costello in the top 5% of all names in the country.

There are a number of theories as to why Costello is so common. One possibility is that it is an Irish name, and the Irish have always been a large population in the US. Another possibility is that the name is gaining popularity thanks to celebrities like the Costello family. But regardless of the reason, it is clear that the name Costello is here to stay.

List of People with the Last Name Costello

Joseph CostelloMary CostelloRobert CostelloRichard CostelloSusan CostelloM CostelloCatherine CostelloThomas CostelloAnthony CostelloJohn CostelloPatricia CostelloEdward CostelloLisa CostelloWilliam CostelloJames CostelloKevin CostelloJ CostelloDavid CostelloCharles CostelloJoe CostelloPatrick CostelloMargaret CostelloKathleen CostelloC CostelloMichael CostelloElizabeth CostelloJennifer CostelloPaul CostelloFrank CostelloDaniel CostelloHelen CostelloK CostelloBarbara CostelloAnn CostelloBrian CostelloChristopher CostelloLinda CostelloTimothy CostelloSteve CostelloChris CostelloNancy CostelloPeter CostelloMike CostelloMatthew CostelloFrancis CostelloCarol CostelloMark CostelloMichelle CostelloKaren CostelloAnna CostelloB CostelloGeorge CostelloTom CostelloPat CostelloLaura CostelloRose CostelloSteven CostelloKelly CostelloStephen CostelloChristine CostelloSarah CostelloMarie CostelloDiane CostelloSean CostelloKatherine CostelloDonald CostelloJim CostelloDonna CostelloMaria CostelloSandra CostelloKimberly CostelloTim CostelloJoan CostelloBill CostelloJulie CostelloRaymond CostelloDeborah CostelloTheresa CostelloMelissa CostelloTony CostelloNicholas CostelloMartin CostelloCynthia CostelloDan CostelloAndrew CostelloDennis CostelloAmy CostelloAngela CostelloAnne CostelloAmanda CostelloCindy CostelloDorothy CostelloKathryn CostelloFrances CostelloVincent CostelloKim CostelloSharon CostelloKathy CostelloJack CostelloRuth CostelloTina CostelloKate CostelloNick CostelloRyan CostelloKenneth CostelloPamela CostelloJean CostelloDebra CostelloDebbie CostelloNicole CostelloStephanie CostelloJane CostelloJessica CostelloJanet CostelloColleen CostelloLawrence CostelloCheryl CostelloRebecca CostelloMaureen CostelloJeffrey CostelloChristina CostelloAlice CostelloVirginia CostelloErin CostelloAshley CostelloDenise CostelloBetty CostelloTeresa CostelloEileen CostelloHeather CostelloMegan CostelloJason CostelloGina CostelloJoanne CostelloShirley CostelloEmily CostelloJulia CostelloEllen CostelloWalter CostelloTerry CostelloSylvia CostelloMichele CostelloDawn CostelloSara CostelloRonald CostelloLouis CostelloDiana CostelloRachel CostelloCathy CostelloShannon CostelloLarry CostelloJacqueline CostelloVictoria CostelloBridget CostelloKatie CostelloPhilip CostelloPete CostelloSamantha CostelloJosephine CostelloJudith CostelloRita CostelloLauren CostelloGary CostelloJoyce CostelloSally CostelloCarolyn CostelloIrene CostelloLori CostelloJerry CostelloTammy CostelloAndrea CostelloLouise CostelloEvelyn CostelloSam CostelloGregory CostelloMarion CostelloPaula CostelloDolores CostelloGerald CostelloDoris CostelloEric CostelloElaine CostelloJustin CostelloLynn CostelloNora CostelloScott CostelloJamie CostelloJeanne CostelloRobin CostelloTracy CostelloJudy CostelloEugene CostelloFred CostelloRosemary CostelloArthur CostelloJanice CostelloBernard CostelloFlorence CostelloHarry CostelloLeo CostelloKeith CostelloKristen CostelloBrenda CostelloJohnny CostelloSheila CostelloGloria CostelloCaroline CostelloMarilyn CostelloShawn CostelloTommy CostelloEleanor CostelloBeverly CostelloCaitlin CostelloWendy CostelloJoshua CostelloRalph CostelloJonathan CostelloGeraldine CostelloSuzanne CostelloRick CostelloDanielle CostelloLillian CostelloCrystal CostelloPhyllis CostelloPhillip CostelloJimmy CostelloMarjorie CostelloMonica CostelloGail CostelloBenjamin CostelloClaire CostelloVictor CostelloDanny CostelloTiffany CostelloJacob CostelloGrace CostelloJoann CostelloMartha CostelloCourtney CostelloLaurie CostelloKristin CostelloSherry CostelloConnie CostelloSamuel CostelloKyle CostelloBryan CostelloBonnie CostelloApril CostelloAlbert CostelloLoretta CostelloLorraine CostelloAngelo CostelloAgnes CostelloJill CostelloNina CostelloLucille CostelloMildred CostelloCarl CostelloFrederick CostelloBrendan CostelloCharlotte CostelloRuby CostelloAmber CostelloPauline CostelloAdam CostelloJune CostelloValerie CostelloGladys CostelloEdith CostelloBrandon CostelloMaurice CostelloAlfred CostelloHarold CostelloTyler CostelloGerard CostelloVeronica CostelloShane CostelloCasey CostelloLena CostelloSalvatore CostelloCraig CostelloChad CostelloHenry CostelloJordan CostelloSabrina CostelloLois CostelloIan CostelloSonny CostelloGertrude CostelloBrittany CostelloRoger CostelloRoy CostelloEmma CostelloRussell CostelloDouglas CostelloGenevieve CostelloEsther CostelloElsie CostelloZachary CostelloTaylor Costello