What Is The History Of The Last Name Cowan?

What is the history of the last name Cowan?The Cowan surname is thought to have originated in the Scottish Highlands in the early Middle Ages. The first recorded use of the Cowan surname was in the 12th century, and it was likely derived from the Gaelic word "cuan", which means "ship". There was a significant population of Cowans in the Scottish Lowlands in the 16th century, and many of them were involved in the maritime trade. Some Cowans also settled in Ireland in the 18th century.

Today, the Cowan surname is found throughout the world. It is particularly common in the United States, Canada, and Australia. Some famous Cowans include the actor Sean Connery and the singer k.d. lang.

Are There Any Famous People In History With The Last Name Cowan?

Cowan is not a particularly common surname, but there have been a few noteworthy people with that last name over the years. For example, Cowan was the name of the officer who shot and killed John Lennon in 1980.But Cowan is perhaps best known as the name of the first Australian woman to win an Olympic gold medal. That would be swimmer Dawn Fraser, who won the 100m freestyle at the 1964 Tokyo Olympics.

There have also been a few famous Cowans in the world of music. In the 1960s, there was the folk trio The Limeliters, which was made up of Lou Gottlieb, Alex Hassilev, and Jerry Levitan. And more recently, there's the Cowan family band, which is made up of siblings Beth, John, and Molly Cowan.

So Cowan is not a particularly common name, but it has been associated with some notable people over the years. If you're ever curious about whether or not anyone with your last name has achieved fame, do a quick Google search!

Where Does The Last Name Cowan Rank In The Most Common US Names?

It's no surprise that there are a lot of Cowans in the United States - after all, it is one of the most common last names in the country. But where exactly does Cowan rank on the list of the most common US names?According to recent data from the Social Security Administration, Cowan is the 863rd most common US name. That means that if you were to meet 100 people in the US, on average 8.6 of them would have the last name Cowan.

While Cowan is not one of the most common US names, it does rank significantly higher than some other popular names. For example, the name Lopez is only the 1,564th most common US name, and the name Nguyen is only the 4,530th most common US name.

So if you're looking for a unique name that is still relatively common, Cowan is a great option. And if you're looking for information on where your last name ranks in the US, the Social Security Administration's website is a great resource.

List of People with the Last Name Cowan

Richard CowanJames CowanLinda CowanWilliam CowanMary CowanC CowanElizabeth CowanCharles CowanThomas CowanMichael CowanJohn CowanRobert CowanSusan CowanBarbara CowanJennifer CowanJ CowanPatricia CowanM CowanL CowanDavid CowanGeorge CowanJoseph CowanChristopher CowanChris CowanLisa CowanDonald CowanMargaret CowanKenneth CowanDaniel CowanDeborah CowanSarah CowanBetty CowanKimberly CowanCarol CowanT CowanKaren CowanMark CowanDorothy CowanSteven CowanRebecca CowanPaul CowanNancy CowanRuth CowanSandra CowanScott CowanJessica CowanRonald CowanBill CowanMichelle CowanLaura CowanMatthew CowanAndrew CowanDonna CowanJeffrey CowanCynthia CowanJoe CowanCatherine CowanHelen CowanEdward CowanBrian CowanKelly CowanMike CowanSteve CowanAngela CowanKatherine CowanKathleen CowanMelissa CowanTimothy CowanJason CowanDebra CowanH CowanAnn CowanChristine CowanAmanda CowanAmy CowanBrenda CowanKevin CowanGary CowanWalter CowanSharon CowanFrank CowanStephen CowanAnna CowanJeff CowanKim CowanStephanie CowanCheryl CowanKathy CowanPamela CowanJack CowanLarry CowanJanet CowanJerry CowanHeather CowanTerry CowanMartha CowanGregory CowanPatrick CowanAnthony CowanJane CowanJulie CowanAshley CowanRaymond CowanTeresa CowanChristina CowanJudy CowanDouglas CowanDon CowanCindy CowanMarie CowanJim CowanSamuel CowanFrances CowanWillie CowanDiane CowanJudith CowanNicole CowanLawrence CowanCarolyn CowanLee CowanTammy CowanJoshua CowanBilly CowanRoy CowanShirley CowanVirginia CowanHarold CowanJean CowanMildred CowanJoyce CowanHarry CowanJacqueline CowanSherry CowanJoan CowanRachel CowanEric CowanFred CowanJonathan CowanEmily CowanCarl CowanJanice CowanDenise CowanRobin CowanJamie CowanLori CowanSue CowanBobby CowanKeith CowanSara CowanKathryn CowanRoger CowanJesse CowanMaria CowanBeverly CowanDennis CowanTina CowanTracy CowanRose CowanConnie CowanAlice CowanBruce CowanApril CowanRay CowanLeslie CowanRalph CowanShannon CowanLouise CowanHoward CowanDawn CowanRhonda CowanWayne CowanCourtney CowanAnne CowanDiana CowanCrystal CowanBonnie CowanDoris CowanCurtis CowanWendy CowanBrandon CowanBenjamin CowanMarion CowanSamantha CowanWanda CowanCarrie CowanAmber CowanLois CowanJustin CowanErin CowanGrace CowanGloria CowanEvelyn CowanTheresa CowanSam CowanMarilyn CowanChad CowanVicki CowanPhyllis CowanVictoria CowanHenry CowanErnest CowanJulia CowanRandy CowanAndrea CowanCharlotte CowanDana CowanAnnie CowanGerald CowanJessie CowanTroy CowanZachary CowanClarence CowanTiffany CowanRyan CowanRuby CowanLillian CowanLynn CowanSheila CowanPhillip CowanKristen CowanAlbert CowanSean CowanMarjorie CowanCraig CowanRussell CowanEthel CowanSally CowanDale CowanDanielle CowanJoanne CowanEdith CowanGlen CowanAaron CowanSuzanne CowanArthur CowanJill CowanPeter CowanNicholas CowanMegan CowanBradley CowanEdna CowanEugene CowanNatalie CowanRita CowanFlorence CowanDanny CowanHazel CowanPhilip CowanJimmy CowanIrene CowanPeggy CowanBryan CowanThelma CowanGladys CowanJohnny CowanSylvia CowanAlexander CowanJacob CowanEllen CowanLouis CowanTaylor CowanCody CowanAnita CowanEarl CowanNathan CowanErica CowanStanley CowanPauline CowanEmma CowanWesley CowanAdam CowanMelvin CowanLeonard CowanTodd CowanAustin CowanKyle CowanMarvin CowanCasey CowanEsther CowanDarrell CowanClara CowanJeremy CowanShane CowanEva CowanShawn CowanLucille CowanHugh CowanNorman CowanHerbert CowanIda CowanJoel CowanElsie CowanMinnie CowanGordon CowanCecil CowanClaude CowanFloyd CowanVernon CowanClyde CowanEverett Cowan