What Is The History Of The Last Name Crabtree?

The surname Crabtree has an interesting history. The name is derived from the Old English words "crabbe" and "treow," which together mean "crab tree." The name was likely given to someone who lived near a crab tree, or who had a physical trait that resembled a crab.The Crabtree name first appeared in records in the 12th century. One of the earliest known Crabtree ancestors was Richard Crabtree, who was born in 1185 in Yorkshire, England. Richard was the son of William Crabtree and Maud de la Thwitte.

Richard Crabtree married Agnes de la Twitte in 1207, and the couple had several children, including a son named John. John Crabtree was born in 1221 in Yorkshire and was the ancestor of many Crabtree families in the United States.

The Crabtree family played a significant role in English history. One of the most famous Crabtrees was Sir John Crabtree, who was born in 1585 and served as a Member of Parliament for York. Sir John was also a soldier in the English army and fought in several wars.

The Crabtree surname is also associated with the American Revolution. One of the most notable Crabtree patriots was Joseph Crabtree, who fought in the Battle of Bunker Hill.

The Crabtree name is now found all over the world. Crabtree families can be found in the United States, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, and the United Kingdom. The name is also common in Ireland, where it is spelled Cratty.

Whether you're related to the Crabtrees of English history or not, the name is sure to be a source of interest. If you're looking for more information on the name, there are several websites that can provide you with more details.

Are There Any Famous People In History With The Last Name Crabtree?

There are a few famous people in history with the last name Crabtree, but not many. The most famous Crabtree is probably English cricketer Colin Crabtree. Crabtree was born in 1946 and played cricket for both England and Warwickshire County Cricket Club. He was a fast bowler and made his test debut for England in 1969. He also played cricket for the British Lions team. Other famous Crabtrees include American actress Diane Crabtree and Australian Olympic swimmer Ian Crabtree.So if you're ever wondering if there are any famous people in history with your last name, the answer is yes! But don't expect there to be too many of them.

Where Does The Last Name Crabtree Rank In The Most Common US Names?

The last name Crabtree ranks in at #557 for the most common US names. This is a far cry from the most common name, which is Smith. Still, with over 150,000 people in the US with the last name Crabtree, it's not exactly rare either.So where does the name Crabtree come from? The name Crabtree is of English origin and is derived from the word Crab, which means, "a water creature that has a hard shell and lives in the sea." The word tree was added to the name to make it sound more English.

Interestingly, the name Crabtree is more popular in the UK than it is in the US. In the UK, the name ranks in at #307, while in the US, it ranks in at #557.

So if you're looking for a rare name, Crabtree might not be the best choice, but it's definitely not the most common name out there either.

List of People with the Last Name Crabtree

Richard CrabtreeLinda CrabtreeDavid CrabtreeCharles CrabtreeWilliam CrabtreeMary CrabtreeJohn CrabtreeRobert CrabtreeMichael CrabtreeJ CrabtreeJames CrabtreeC CrabtreeThomas CrabtreePatricia CrabtreeJennifer CrabtreeElizabeth CrabtreeLisa CrabtreeDonald CrabtreeChris CrabtreeKimberly CrabtreeBarbara CrabtreeChristopher CrabtreeRonald CrabtreeSusan CrabtreeAmy CrabtreeAngela CrabtreeDonna CrabtreeSarah CrabtreeKenneth CrabtreeDaniel CrabtreeDeborah CrabtreeTimothy CrabtreeRebecca CrabtreeJoseph CrabtreeBill CrabtreeMark CrabtreeSteven CrabtreeAmanda CrabtreeMargaret CrabtreeMelissa CrabtreeBrian CrabtreePaul CrabtreeKaren CrabtreeMichelle CrabtreeBetty CrabtreeSandra CrabtreeSteve CrabtreeTammy CrabtreeLarry CrabtreePamela CrabtreeJessica CrabtreeJeffrey CrabtreeGeorge CrabtreeGary CrabtreeJerry CrabtreeNancy CrabtreeDebbie CrabtreeBilly CrabtreeMatthew CrabtreeHeather CrabtreeSharon CrabtreeCarol CrabtreeAshley CrabtreeScott CrabtreeJack CrabtreeDebra CrabtreeShirley CrabtreeCarolyn CrabtreeCynthia CrabtreeHelen CrabtreeStephanie CrabtreeJeff CrabtreeRuth CrabtreeStephen CrabtreeDorothy CrabtreeJason CrabtreeBrenda CrabtreeCindy CrabtreeRoger CrabtreeJoe CrabtreeKelly CrabtreeWalter CrabtreeTina CrabtreeKathy CrabtreeTeresa CrabtreeLaura CrabtreeJoshua CrabtreeCheryl CrabtreeTim CrabtreeEdward CrabtreeAnna CrabtreeDouglas CrabtreeJudy CrabtreeKevin CrabtreeFrank CrabtreeDon CrabtreeAndrew CrabtreeVirginia CrabtreeHarold CrabtreeTerry CrabtreeJamie CrabtreeJanet CrabtreeRobin CrabtreeJoyce CrabtreeChristina CrabtreeJim CrabtreeKatherine CrabtreeCatherine CrabtreeEric CrabtreeChristine CrabtreeKathryn CrabtreeLawrence CrabtreeMartha CrabtreeBobby CrabtreeAnn CrabtreeBeverly CrabtreeCrystal CrabtreeRay CrabtreeRachel CrabtreeJean CrabtreeRaymond CrabtreeRhonda CrabtreeLee CrabtreeMarie CrabtreeJanice CrabtreeJulie CrabtreeKathleen CrabtreeLori CrabtreeSamuel CrabtreeCarl CrabtreeDennis CrabtreeWayne CrabtreeTracy CrabtreeEmily CrabtreeSue CrabtreeJackie CrabtreeJonathan CrabtreeDiane CrabtreeBrittany CrabtreePhillip CrabtreeAmber CrabtreeAnthony CrabtreeKeith CrabtreeEarl CrabtreeNicole CrabtreeDoris CrabtreeBenjamin CrabtreePhyllis CrabtreeJacob CrabtreePaula CrabtreeGregory CrabtreeDale CrabtreeRalph CrabtreeFred CrabtreeShannon CrabtreeRandy CrabtreeJustin CrabtreeRyan CrabtreeWanda CrabtreeBrandon CrabtreeAlice CrabtreeFrances CrabtreeJesse CrabtreeVictoria CrabtreeJudith CrabtreeCourtney CrabtreePeggy CrabtreeTodd CrabtreeSamantha CrabtreeApril CrabtreeRoy CrabtreeVicki CrabtreeStacy CrabtreeBonnie CrabtreeJo CrabtreeSara CrabtreeSherry CrabtreeConnie CrabtreeBryan CrabtreeMildred CrabtreeJohnny CrabtreeDanny CrabtreeShawn CrabtreeDiana CrabtreeJane CrabtreeDawn CrabtreeJimmy CrabtreeKatie CrabtreeRonnie CrabtreeBruce CrabtreeTiffany CrabtreeEvelyn CrabtreeRuby CrabtreeLouise CrabtreeCurtis CrabtreeAllen CrabtreeJessie CrabtreeClarence CrabtreeWendy CrabtreeRita CrabtreeGlenn CrabtreeTony CrabtreeErnest CrabtreeLeslie CrabtreeRicky CrabtreeJoan CrabtreeSheila CrabtreeHenry CrabtreeBillie CrabtreeLois CrabtreePhilip CrabtreeMegan CrabtreeRose CrabtreeArthur CrabtreeLynn CrabtreeJacqueline CrabtreeAlbert CrabtreeTonya CrabtreeNorma CrabtreeAndrea CrabtreeAdam CrabtreeCarrie CrabtreeRussell CrabtreeTravis CrabtreeJeremy CrabtreeGerald CrabtreeErin CrabtreeChad CrabtreeKyle CrabtreeCody CrabtreeMarilyn CrabtreeAaron CrabtreeNathan CrabtreeGene CrabtreeEllen CrabtreeNicholas CrabtreeTyler CrabtreeGloria CrabtreeRandall CrabtreeGrace CrabtreeLauren CrabtreeHazel CrabtreeEdith CrabtreeSuzanne CrabtreeIrene CrabtreeMarion CrabtreeJulia CrabtreeTroy CrabtreeEugene CrabtreeZachary CrabtreeEdna CrabtreeGladys CrabtreeJon CrabtreeBradley CrabtreeThelma CrabtreeToni CrabtreeEmma CrabtreeDarrell CrabtreeDustin CrabtreeVernon CrabtreeMarjorie CrabtreeHoward CrabtreeHarry CrabtreeHerbert CrabtreeAnita CrabtreeLloyd CrabtreePatrick CrabtreeClyde CrabtreeWillie CrabtreeShane CrabtreeCharlie CrabtreeMarvin CrabtreePauline CrabtreeEthel CrabtreeAnnie CrabtreeBessie CrabtreeWillard CrabtreeCecil CrabtreeLillian CrabtreeJordan CrabtreeLucille CrabtreeWilma CrabtreeLeonard CrabtreeClara CrabtreePearl CrabtreeTaylor CrabtreeBarry CrabtreeAlfred CrabtreeMelvin CrabtreeEva CrabtreeRodney CrabtreeOpal CrabtreeMartin CrabtreeFranklin CrabtreeSean CrabtreeFlorence CrabtreeClifford CrabtreeElmer CrabtreeHerman CrabtreeFloyd Crabtree