What Is The History Of The Last Name Crews?

What Is The History Of The Last Name Crews?The Crews surname is believed to have originated in the county of Devon in England. The first record of the name was found in the Domesday Book of 1086, which was a survey of all the land and property in England. The name was listed as Crou, which was derived from the Old English word "crog", meaning "a small boat".

Over the centuries, the Crews surname has evolved and changed, but it has always been associated with the maritime industry. There have been many notable Crews family members over the years, including Admiral Sir George Francis Crews and Sir Humphrey Gilbert Crews.

Today, the Crews surname is still common in England, but it can also be found in other parts of the world, including the United States, Australia, and Canada. If you are interested in tracing your Crews family history, there are several resources available online.

Are There Any Famous People In History With The Last Name Crews?

There are several famous people in history with the last name Crews. One example is the American actor and comedian Cedric the Entertainer, whose real name is Cedric Antonio Kyles. Another is the English cricketer Andrew James Andrew "Freddie" Flintoff, who is also a former professional footballer. There are also several notable Crews family members who have served in the United States military. For example, General Clifton B. C. "Buzz" Patterson was a highly decorated United States Air Force officer who flew more than 150 combat missions in Vietnam and Iraq.

Where Does The Last Name Crews Rank In The Most Common US Names?

The last name Crews is rank number 1,711 in the most common US names. It is interesting to see where the last name Crews ranks in comparison to other common US names.

List of People with the Last Name Crews

Charles CrewsJames CrewsMary CrewsWilliam CrewsMichael CrewsJ CrewsThomas CrewsDavid CrewsRobert CrewsJohn CrewsR CrewsPatricia CrewsRichard CrewsD CrewsJoseph CrewsLinda CrewsJennifer CrewsL CrewsT CrewsElizabeth CrewsBetty CrewsBarbara CrewsSandra CrewsA CrewsDonald CrewsKimberly CrewsChristopher CrewsLisa CrewsSarah CrewsDonna CrewsAngela CrewsAmanda CrewsSteven CrewsDeborah CrewsE CrewsGeorge CrewsKaren CrewsMargaret CrewsSusan CrewsAmy CrewsAnthony CrewsKenneth CrewsMichelle CrewsDaniel CrewsChris CrewsJessica CrewsTerry CrewsCynthia CrewsDorothy CrewsCarol CrewsTimothy CrewsBrenda CrewsJoe CrewsNancy CrewsWillie CrewsRebecca CrewsMelissa CrewsJerry CrewsPamela CrewsLaura CrewsKevin CrewsLarry CrewsPaul CrewsAshley CrewsSteve CrewsTammy CrewsDebra CrewsHeather CrewsJason CrewsEdward CrewsJeffrey CrewsKim CrewsMark CrewsStephanie CrewsMatthew CrewsChristine CrewsSharon CrewsAnn CrewsHelen CrewsMike CrewsCarolyn CrewsShirley CrewsDebbie CrewsTeresa CrewsCatherine CrewsGary CrewsBrian CrewsRonald CrewsCrystal CrewsDiane CrewsBilly CrewsKelly CrewsJamie CrewsTina CrewsJimmy CrewsChristina CrewsStephen CrewsKathy CrewsFrances CrewsDon CrewsRachel CrewsJudy CrewsJoshua CrewsRaymond CrewsVirginia CrewsKatherine CrewsJanet CrewsLawrence CrewsBobby CrewsAndrew CrewsRobin CrewsFrank CrewsSamuel CrewsCheryl CrewsMartha CrewsWalter CrewsRuth CrewsRoy CrewsKathleen CrewsRandy CrewsTracy CrewsEric CrewsCindy CrewsMarie CrewsMildred CrewsJulie CrewsEmily CrewsAnnie CrewsCarl CrewsScott CrewsJack CrewsNicole CrewsJustin CrewsDoris CrewsWayne CrewsTiffany CrewsJesse CrewsDenise CrewsEvelyn CrewsJonathan CrewsJulia CrewsJoyce CrewsWanda CrewsGloria CrewsBrandon CrewsJessie CrewsGregory CrewsRoger CrewsJanice CrewsPeggy CrewsTony CrewsAllen CrewsShannon CrewsLeslie CrewsAnna CrewsKeith CrewsConnie CrewsHenry CrewsPhillip CrewsRandall CrewsEthel CrewsDennis CrewsLee CrewsSherry CrewsKatie CrewsTheresa CrewsShawn CrewsRicky CrewsAlice CrewsKathryn CrewsJean CrewsRuby CrewsCathy CrewsEarl CrewsCharlie CrewsAmber CrewsCarrie CrewsBrittany CrewsLouise CrewsJane CrewsAlbert CrewsTommy CrewsBeverly CrewsHarry CrewsErnest CrewsLillian CrewsDanny CrewsArthur CrewsCourtney CrewsRalph CrewsDouglas CrewsRhonda CrewsVictoria CrewsStacy CrewsRay CrewsLori CrewsAdam CrewsEddie CrewsLauren CrewsAnita CrewsRussell CrewsBonnie CrewsClarence CrewsJuanita CrewsJeremy CrewsRyan CrewsHarold CrewsSheila CrewsCurtis CrewsClyde CrewsBenjamin CrewsDawn CrewsSamantha CrewsFred CrewsJudith CrewsAnnette CrewsApril CrewsWendy CrewsAlicia CrewsDiana CrewsPaula CrewsAndrea CrewsCecil CrewsJacqueline CrewsRita CrewsPhyllis CrewsHoward CrewsStanley CrewsDanielle CrewsNorman CrewsGerald CrewsPatrick CrewsLois CrewsAaron CrewsJerome CrewsMarcus CrewsRonnie CrewsMarvin CrewsThelma CrewsDarrell CrewsJohnny CrewsNathan CrewsGladys CrewsEugene CrewsValerie CrewsJoan CrewsSuzanne CrewsAlan CrewsRodney CrewsMarion CrewsTaylor CrewsDale CrewsSylvia CrewsKyle CrewsCalvin CrewsAlvin CrewsJimmie CrewsMegan CrewsBryan CrewsJohnnie CrewsLillie CrewsNorma CrewsNicholas CrewsMarjorie CrewsMarilyn CrewsLonnie CrewsHannah CrewsLewis CrewsRosa CrewsTyler CrewsMelvin CrewsJacob CrewsEdna CrewsJordan CrewsTravis CrewsVivian CrewsWesley CrewsTroy CrewsLloyd CrewsClara CrewsCasey CrewsTheodore CrewsCody CrewsDustin CrewsMyrtle CrewsTodd CrewsPauline CrewsVictor CrewsIrene CrewsClifton CrewsBessie CrewsEmma CrewsMinnie CrewsLeonard CrewsHazel CrewsVernon CrewsClaude CrewsEdith CrewsLucille CrewsBruce Crews