Historical Information About The Last Name Currie

Do you know anyone with the last name Currie? If you do, you're in luck, because today we're going to explore the fascinating history of this name.Currie is a Scottish surname that is derived from a place called Currie, which is located in the Midlothian region of Scotland. The first record of the name Currie dates back to the late 12th century, and it was most likely derived from the Gaelic word "coirr", which means "bank" or "ridge".

The Currie family has a long and proud history of military service. Many members of the family have served in the British Army, and many have also been awarded the prestigious Victoria Cross.

Today, the Currie family is spread all over the world. There are Curries living in countries such as Australia, Canada, the United States, and New Zealand.

If you're thinking of adopting a last name, the name Currie would be a great choice. It has a rich history and it's associated with many positive traits, such as bravery and military service.

The Popularity Of Currie As The Last Name

What is the popularity of Currie as the last name? According to the last census, it is the 7th most popular surname in Scotland. Currie is also one of the most common surnames in the United States. It is interesting to note that the popularity of the name has continued to grow in recent years. There are several theories about the origin of the name Currie. One theory is that it is derived from the Gaelic word "currach" which means "rowboat". Another theory is that it is derived from the Scottish word "currie" which means "rocky place". Whatever the origin of the name, it is clear that it is a very popular surname.

Naming Ideas With Currie As The Last Name

When it comes to naming your baby, there are countless options to choose from. But when you have a last name like Currie, the options can be a little more limited. Here are a few naming ideas that will work well with a last name like Currie.1. Cameron or Cameron Currie. This name has a strong and masculine feel to it.

2. Charlotte or Charlotte Currie. This name has a feminine and classic feel to it.

3. Carter or Carter Currie. This name has a modern and trendy feel to it.

4. Chase or Chase Currie. This name has a youthful and spunky feel to it.

5. Claire or Claire Currie. This name has a sweet and innocent feel to it.

6. Colin or Colin Currie. This name has a strong and powerful feel to it.

7. Coral or Coral Currie. This name has a unique and tropical feel to it.

8. David or David Currie. This name has a traditional and classic feel to it.

9. Elliott or Elliott Currie. This name has a modern and trendy feel to it.

10. Harper or Harper Currie. This name has a sweet and charming feel to it.

List of People with the Last Name Currie

Robert CurrieJohn CurrieMary CurrieMichael CurrieWilliam CurrieJames CurrieJ CurrieDavid CurrieM CurrieC CurrieElizabeth CurrieR CurrieThomas CurrieDonald CurrieCharles CurrieD CurriePatricia CurrieRichard CurrieMargaret CurrieJennifer CurrieL CurrieDaniel CurrieBarbara CurrieGeorge CurrieLinda CurrieSusan CurrieChristopher CurrieJoseph CurrieChris CurrieKimberly CurrieB CurrieSharon CurrieKaren CurrieWillie CurrieDorothy CurrieLisa CurrieW CurrieEdward CurrieMichelle CurrieCatherine CurrieDeborah CurrieE CurrieSarah CurrieAndrew CurrieNancy CurrieRuth CurrieBrian CurrieDonna CurrieKenneth CurrieAngela CurrieSandra CurrieAnn CurriePamela CurriePaul CurrieSteven CurrieBill CurrieBetty CurrieLaura CurrieScott CurrieChristine CurrieHelen CurrieKevin CurrieCarol CurrieBrenda CurrieJessica CurrieRonald CurrieStephen CurrieCynthia CurrieMark CurrieKim CurrieJacqueline CurrieMatthew CurrieDebbie CurrieMarie CurrieJason CurrieSteve CurrieLarry CurrieKatherine CurrieRebecca CurrieKathleen CurrieJanet CurrieJoe CurrieJean CurrieAnthony CurrieDouglas CurrieShirley CurriePatrick CurrieDan CurrieFrances CurrieDebra CurrieAmanda CurrieAmy CurrieJim CurrieDon CurrieTimothy CurrieDiane CurrieCarolyn CurrieTracy CurrieJoyce CurrieJeffrey CurrieKelly CurrieAnnie CurrieMelissa CurrieKathy CurrieWalter CurrieLawrence CurrieFrank CurrieChristina CurrieJulie CurrieAnna CurrieMartha CurrieStephanie CurrieSamuel CurrieAnne CurrieNeil CurrieBruce CurrieBrandon CurrieHeather CurrieEric CurrieAlice CurrieJack CurrieCheryl CurrieAshley CurrieJoshua CurrieJane CurrieNicole CurrieVirginia CurrieJoan CurrieDawn CurrieJackie CurrieRoy CurrieRose CurrieDenise CurrieGregory CurrieTheresa CurrieLeslie CurrieJanice CurrieTina CurrieMegan CurrieJudith CurrieRobin CurrieJerry CurrieKathryn CurrieDoris CurrieEmily CurrieBilly CurrieFred CurrieEvelyn CurrieDennis CurrieRyan CurrieKatie CurrieAndrea CurrieShannon CurrieJonathan CurrieFrancis CurrieAdam CurrieBeverly CurrieLouise CurriePhillip CurrieHenry CurrieErin CurriePeter CurrieEmma CurrieTammy CurriePeggy CurrieTeresa CurrieFrederick CurrieRaymond CurrieJudy CurrieSean CurrieGary CurrieRachel CurrieLynn CurrieVictoria CurrieArthur CurrieJamie CurrieCourtney CurrieTiffany CurrieJustin CurrieMildred CurrieWayne CurrieBonnie CurrieCal CurrieEllen CurrieRalph CurrieGloria CurrieBrittany CurrieAlexander CurrieBobby CurrieTerry CurrieCrystal CurrieJessie CurrieEthel CurrieAlan CurrieLauren CurrieJill CurrieWendy CurrieCathy CurrieRenee CurrieBenjamin CurrieGrace CurrieSara CurrieLee CurrieConnie CurriePaula CurrieWanda CurrieMarilyn CurrieKeith CurriePhilip CurrieLori CurrieNicholas CurrieTyler CurrieDarlene CurrieCarl CurrieClarence CurrieShawn CurrieRandy CurrieKayla CurrieMaria CurrieEleanor CurrieHoward CurrieAlbert CurrieGail CurrieAllan CurrieRhonda CurrieCaroline CurrieIda CurrieElaine CurrieCharlotte CurrieEva CurrieDanielle CurrieGlenn CurrieStuart CurrieTodd CurrieRuby CurrieDana CurrieJulia CurrieIan CurrieAllen CurrieMonique CurrieCameron CurrieEdna CurrieCraig CurrieAmber CurrieWarren CurrieHarold CurrieErnest CurrieLucille CurrieFlorence CurrieJohnny CurriePhyllis CurrieAgnes CurrieEugene CurrieGerald CurrieReginald CurrieRussell CurrieLois CurrieMalcolm CurrieCalvin CurrieRoger CurrieMarjorie CurrieEdith CurrieArchie CurrieLillian CurrieHugh CurrieRita CurrieMarcus CurriePauline CurrieEdgar CurrieRodney CurrieJacob CurrieDuncan CurrieBryan CurrieBessie CurrieIrene CurrieChad CurrieAlma CurriePearl CurrieAntonio CurrieMyrtle CurrieLloyd CurrieLouis CurrieClara CurrieElsie CurrieStanley CurrieRandall CurrieSamantha CurrieConstance CurrieVincent CurrieNathaniel CurrieJeremy CurrieClifford CurrieMarvin CurrieDwight CurrieHazel CurrieGordon CurrieZachary CurrieDwayne CurrieNorman CurrieHerbert Currie