Historical Information About The Last Name Darling

Do you know anyone with the last name Darling? If you do, you're in luck, because this blog is going to provide you with some interesting historical information about the name.Darling is an English name that dates back to at least the 12th century. The name is derived from the Anglo-Saxon word "deorlinga," which means "beloved." It was most commonly used as a nickname, but occasionally appeared as a surname as well.

One of the earliest known bearers of the name Darling was John Darling, a Knight of the Bath who was honoured by King Edward I in 1298. John Darling was one of the commanders of the English forces at the Battle of Falkirk, and he was also responsible for the capture of King Robert the Bruce.

Over the centuries, the name Darling has been borne by a number of notable figures, including:

- Sir Archibald Darling, who served as the Attorney General for Scotland from 1931 to 1935

- Rear Admiral Sir Desmond Darling, who was the commander of the Royal Navy's Far East Fleet from 1963 to 1966

- Dame Peggy Darling, who was the first female Lord Mayor of London

- Sir Nicholas Darling, who was the British Ambassador to Hungary from 1994 to 1997

So if you're ever lucky enough to meet someone with the last name Darling, now you'll know a bit more about their history!

The Popularity Of Darling As The Last Name

There are many reasons why a person might choose to give their child the name Darling. Maybe they think it's sweet and charming. Maybe they want their child to be the center of attention. Or maybe they just like the way it sounds.Whatever the reason, Darling is becoming an increasingly popular name. According to the Social Security Administration, the name was given to only 5 newborn babies in the United States in 1960. But by 2016, that number had climbed to over 1,600.

So why is Darling becoming so popular? There are probably a lot of factors at play, but some experts say it might have to do with the fact that it's seen as a "safe" name. It's not too trendy or unusual, but it still has a bit of personality. And it's gender-neutral, which makes it perfect for modern families.

Whatever the reason, it's clear that Darling is here to stay. So if you're thinking of naming your child Darling, go ahead – you won't be alone!

Naming Ideas With Darling As The Last Name

If you're looking for a unique name for your baby, why not consider a name that ends with the same letter as your last name? This can add a personal touch and make your child feel like an integrated part of your family. Here are a few names that would fit this criteria:Bennett, Brooke, Cameron, Chase, David, Elliott, Harper, Howard, Jesse, Josie, Kaylee, Knox, Maddie, Max, Miles, Nora, Owen, Quinn, Rowan, Sawyer, Sydney, Tyler, Willow

List of People with the Last Name Darling

David DarlingMary DarlingJ DarlingJames DarlingWilliam DarlingRobert DarlingJohn DarlingMichael DarlingRichard DarlingD DarlingCharles DarlingJennifer DarlingThomas DarlingElizabeth DarlingC DarlingS DarlingPatricia DarlingLinda DarlingSusan DarlingDonald DarlingDaniel DarlingL DarlingBarbara DarlingChristopher DarlingLisa DarlingChris DarlingKenneth DarlingPaul DarlingMargaret DarlingSandra DarlingJoseph DarlingGeorge DarlingCarol DarlingMichelle DarlingSarah DarlingDorothy DarlingDeborah DarlingNancy DarlingDonna DarlingScott DarlingJeffrey DarlingJessica DarlingRonald DarlingW DarlingMark DarlingKimberly DarlingKaren DarlingBrian DarlingMelissa DarlingRuth DarlingSteven DarlingRebecca DarlingMatthew DarlingEdward DarlingAmanda DarlingHelen DarlingGary DarlingKathleen DarlingCynthia DarlingFrank DarlingAnn DarlingAmy DarlingSharon DarlingPamela DarlingDiane DarlingChristine DarlingLarry DarlingJason DarlingLaura DarlingKevin DarlingKelly DarlingStephen DarlingChristina DarlingDawn DarlingHeather DarlingAnna DarlingStephanie DarlingKim DarlingAndrew DarlingDennis DarlingDebra DarlingDebbie DarlingJulie DarlingAngela DarlingJeff DarlingTimothy DarlingWendy DarlingDan DarlingKatherine DarlingSteve DarlingBetty DarlingH DarlingCatherine DarlingCheryl DarlingCindy DarlingAshley DarlingJack DarlingJoan DarlingJean DarlingNicole DarlingRachel DarlingLawrence DarlingJane DarlingJoshua DarlingLori DarlingKathy DarlingRose DarlingMarie DarlingRaymond DarlingFred DarlingJoyce DarlingJudith DarlingTerry DarlingJanet DarlingBrenda DarlingHarold DarlingBruce DarlingShawn DarlingDenise DarlingFrances DarlingKathryn DarlingJudy DarlingGregory DarlingEric DarlingShirley DarlingGerald DarlingJanice DarlingDanielle DarlingDouglas DarlingMartha DarlingTammy DarlingWayne DarlingPeter DarlingGrace DarlingFrederick DarlingAlice DarlingDale DarlingKeith DarlingAnthony DarlingMarilyn DarlingLeslie DarlingRussell DarlingJamie DarlingTheresa DarlingRyan DarlingArthur DarlingAnne DarlingRandy DarlingTina DarlingTeresa DarlingVirginia DarlingMarion DarlingEmily DarlingMildred DarlingCarolyn DarlingWalter DarlingLee DarlingEvelyn DarlingBeverly DarlingJonathan DarlingTiffany DarlingMaria DarlingMichele DarlingSara DarlingHarry DarlingPaula DarlingGail DarlingNicholas DarlingJacqueline DarlingLynn DarlingJerry DarlingJill DarlingSheila DarlingBenjamin DarlingCrystal DarlingVictoria DarlingApril DarlingJeremy DarlingJacob DarlingJustin DarlingConnie DarlingRay DarlingDiana DarlingErnest DarlingSamantha DarlingSherry DarlingTodd DarlingBrandon DarlingElaine DarlingNorman DarlingTracy DarlingMarjorie DarlingMegan DarlingPhilip DarlingPhyllis DarlingEthel DarlingNorma DarlingSuzanne DarlingAndrea DarlingJoanne DarlingShannon DarlingIrene DarlingDoris DarlingAmber DarlingCarrie DarlingRoger DarlingKyle DarlingCarl DarlingFlorence DarlingRalph DarlingRenee DarlingNathan DarlingErin DarlingLouise DarlingGladys DarlingDanny DarlingPhillip DarlingPatrick DarlingRoy DarlingRhonda DarlingBonnie DarlingRobin DarlingDana DarlingKristen DarlingClarence DarlingDean DarlingAlbert DarlingTheodore DarlingFloyd DarlingAlan DarlingHoward DarlingLeroy DarlingEva DarlingLois DarlingJay DarlingFrancis DarlingLillian DarlingEllen DarlingHerbert DarlingAdam DarlingEdith DarlingHolly DarlingValerie DarlingPeggy DarlingTyler DarlingLauren DarlingSally DarlingLorraine DarlingJohnny DarlingWanda DarlingHenry DarlingCharlotte DarlingDuane DarlingLeonard DarlingBrittany DarlingJulia DarlingAnita DarlingCraig DarlingSean DarlingCurtis DarlingChad DarlingAaron DarlingWesley DarlingGordon DarlingJeanne DarlingRita DarlingWallace DarlingEsther DarlingJessie DarlingStacey DarlingEleanor DarlingEmma DarlingClifford DarlingJesse DarlingGlenn DarlingTrevor DarlingLouis DarlingLewis DarlingHeidi DarlingRodney DarlingDarrell DarlingEdwin DarlingLloyd DarlingJimmy DarlingEugene DarlingDarlene DarlingSylvia DarlingBryan DarlingJordan DarlingSamuel DarlingStanley DarlingHazel DarlingClara DarlingBertha DarlingGertrude DarlingThelma DarlingLester DarlingCody DarlingWillie DarlingRex Darling