Historical Information About The Last Name Davila

The Davila name is one that has a long and rich history dating back centuries. There are many people who carry this name and each one of them has their own story to tell. Here we will explore some of the historical information about the last name Davila.The Davila name is believed to have originated in the Castile region of Spain. It is thought that the name was derived from the Spanish word "davilo", which means "oak tree". The Davila name first appeared in records in the 12th century. One of the earliest known bearers of the name was a man named Diego Davila. Diego Davila was a Spanish nobleman who lived in the 12th century.

Many people with the Davila name migrated to America in the 16th and 17th centuries. One of the first Davilas to arrive in America was a man named Diego Davila who settled in Texas in 1685. Diego Davila was one of the founders of the city of San Antonio, Texas.

The Davila name has been associated with many notable people over the years. One of the most famous Davilas was a man named Antonio Davila, who was a Spanish painter and sculptor. Antonio Davila was one of the most famous painters of the Baroque era.

The Davila name is also associated with several notable historical events. One of the most famous Davila battles was the Battle of Davila, which was fought in Spain in 1808.

The Davila name is a proud name that carries with it a long and rich history. If you are lucky enough to have the Davila name, then you should be proud of your heritage.

The Popularity Of Davila As The Last Name

Did you know that the last name Davila is one of the most popular last names in the United States? In fact, it is the 11th most popular last name according to the 2010 census. Davila is also a common last name in Mexico, Spain, and Argentina.So why is the name Davila so popular? There are a few theories. One theory is that the name Davila is derived from the Hebrew name David, which means "beloved." Another theory is that the name Davila is derived from the Spanish name Dávila, which means "from Toledo."

Whatever the case may be, there is no doubt that the name Davila is popular around the world. If you are looking for a unique and memorable last name, then the name Davila may be a good choice for you.

Naming Ideas With Davila As The Last Name

One of the most important decisions you'll make in your life is what to name your baby. If you're looking for naming ideas, you should consider a name with Davila as the last name.Davila is a Spanish name that means "beloved." It's a beautiful name that has a lot of history and meaning behind it. If you're looking for a name that is both unique and meaningful, then Davila is a great choice.

Davila is also a surname that is common in Latin America. If you're looking for a name that is both unique and culturally relevant, then Davila is a great choice.

If you're looking for a name that is both unique and timeless, then Davila is a great choice. Davila is a name that will never go out of style, and your child will always be proud to carry it.

If you're considering a name with Davila as the last name, be sure to check out the Davila name meaning. You can learn more about the history and meaning of the name, and you can see how it is pronounced.

Choosing a name with Davila as the last name is a great way to honor your Hispanic heritage. Davila is a beautiful name that is both unique and meaningful. If you're looking for a name for your baby, be sure to consider Davila.

List of People with the Last Name Davila

Mary DavilaRobert DavilaJohn DavilaElizabeth DavilaMartha DavilaMichael DavilaJessica DavilaDavid DavilaDaniel DavilaMaria DavilaMario DavilaManuel DavilaAntonio DavilaJesus DavilaRaul DavilaJoe DavilaPatricia DavilaRicardo DavilaRuben DavilaJ DavilaSandra DavilaRoberto DavilaJose DavilaCarlos DavilaGuadalupe DavilaFrancisco DavilaPedro DavilaJorge DavilaJuan DavilaRosa DavilaHector DavilaFernando DavilaVictor DavilaDiana DavilaAna DavilaMiguel DavilaGloria DavilaOscar DavilaJulio DavilaAngel DavilaLuis DavilaRafael DavilaVeronica DavilaJavier DavilaCarmen DavilaRichard DavilaJennifer DavilaLaura DavilaEduardo DavilaNorma DavilaLuz DavilaYolanda DavilaMargarita DavilaA DavilaJaime DavilaR DavilaMichelle DavilaCynthia DavilaJoseph DavilaChristina DavilaSergio DavilaCesar DavilaRamon DavilaBrenda DavilaArmando DavilaAnna DavilaAlejandro DavilaMonica DavilaNancy DavilaTeresa DavilaIrma DavilaChristopher DavilaSylvia DavilaAngela DavilaClaudia DavilaJonathan DavilaMelissa DavilaAlberto DavilaJuana DavilaAnthony DavilaEnrique DavilaMartin DavilaBlanca DavilaIsabel DavilaLisa DavilaWilliam DavilaAngelica DavilaJulia DavilaJesse DavilaGeorge DavilaFrank DavilaGabriel DavilaAlicia DavilaStephanie DavilaSonia DavilaRebecca DavilaAlex DavilaArturo DavilaEdwin DavilaE DavilaLinda DavilaEdgar DavilaPablo DavilaJuanita DavilaVictoria DavilaAlma DavilaEdward DavilaAdriana DavilaAmanda DavilaVanessa DavilaAlfredo DavilaGerardo DavilaAndrea DavilaVirginia DavilaOlga DavilaMarco DavilaSilvia DavilaFelix DavilaGilbert DavilaGilberto DavilaLeticia DavilaRodolfo DavilaRaquel DavilaRene DavilaGuillermo DavilaErika DavilaLouis DavilaJames DavilaSamuel DavilaJoshua DavilaMaribel DavilaKarla DavilaErnesto DavilaGabriela DavilaAdrian DavilaRaymond DavilaJacqueline DavilaCristina DavilaIrene DavilaChristian DavilaDenise DavilaBenjamin DavilaRachel DavilaEvelyn DavilaMarta DavilaEsther DavilaAlfonso DavilaGustavo DavilaJoel DavilaSalvador DavilaIsrael DavilaRose DavilaDolores DavilaMarcos DavilaKaren DavilaLydia DavilaBeatriz DavilaPaul DavilaAshley DavilaMayra DavilaSara DavilaFelipe DavilaRuth DavilaEric DavilaOmar DavilaEva DavilaCrystal DavilaBarbara DavilaLorena DavilaSantos DavilaAndres DavilaMargaret DavilaRosario DavilaIvan DavilaChristine DavilaPaula DavilaWanda DavilaKimberly DavilaThomas DavilaSteven DavilaRudy DavilaHenry DavilaAlbert DavilaBertha DavilaGladys DavilaMercedes DavilaEddie DavilaSarah DavilaHilda DavilaHugo DavilaDora DavilaGraciela DavilaNicholas DavilaJulian DavilaSusan DavilaRamiro DavilaAndrew DavilaIris DavilaJosefina DavilaErica DavilaSusana DavilaIsmael DavilaLourdes DavilaAlexis DavilaEfrain DavilaAlexander DavilaRogelio DavilaAlejandra DavilaMiriam DavilaFrancisca DavilaCarolina DavilaCecilia DavilaAntonia DavilaMarisol DavilaOrlando DavilaDeborah DavilaOlivia DavilaMark DavilaYesenia DavilaDanny DavilaElsa DavilaNora DavilaKarina DavilaJason DavilaFrances DavilaNelson DavilaDelia DavilaJosue DavilaJanet DavilaSamantha DavilaEsperanza DavilaMaritza DavilaLeonardo DavilaLeslie DavilaRolando DavilaIgnacio DavilaReynaldo DavilaDaisy DavilaAlexandra DavilaAmy DavilaSantiago DavilaEmma DavilaCatherine DavilaYvonne DavilaJohnny DavilaBenito DavilaAida DavilaJudith DavilaLucy DavilaErnest DavilaDomingo DavilaAnita DavilaHumberto DavilaTomas DavilaMatthew DavilaLucia DavilaCharles DavilaNicolas DavilaRoger DavilaNoemi DavilaEmily DavilaBrian DavilaConsuelo DavilaLuisa DavilaDiego DavilaMilagros DavilaAlvaro DavilaElisa DavilaPeter DavilaElena DavilaAdam DavilaPriscilla DavilaIsaac DavilaMauricio DavilaJerry DavilaLorenzo DavilaErick DavilaRamona DavilaElias DavilaKevin DavilaMariana DavilaWilfredo DavilaEsmeralda DavilaEmilio DavilaMoises DavilaCelia DavilaGerman DavilaGregorio DavilaNoel DavilaJustin DavilaVicente DavilaElba DavilaMarvin DavilaAgustin DavilaAngelina DavilaFabiola DavilaSaul DavilaGonzalo DavilaFidel DavilaAbel Davila