How Many People Are There In The US With The Last Name Delacruz?

There are a lot of people in the United States with the last name Delacruz. How many people are there in the US with the last name Delacruz? According to the 2010 Census, there are 5,982 people in the US with the last name Delacruz. This is a pretty common name, but it is interesting to see how many people have it.

Which State In The US Has The Largest Population With The Last Name Delacruz?

Which State In The US Has The Largest Population With The Last Name Delacruz?There are many different last names that can be found throughout the United States, with some being more common than others. One name that is quite common, especially in certain states, is Delacruz. So, which state has the largest population with the last name Delacruz?

There is no definitive answer to this question, as the answer could vary depending on the data that is used. However, according to recent data from the US Census Bureau, the state with the largest population of Delacruz surname holders is California. In fact, out of the total US population with the Delacruz surname, 17.5% live in California.

Other states with high populations of Delacruz surname holders include Texas (10.7%), New York (5.5%), and Florida (4.9%). So, if you are looking for a place with lots of people who share your last name, California, Texas, New York, and Florida are all great places to start.

What Are The Most Uncommon Names With The Last Name Delacruz?

There are many uncommon names with the last name Delacruz. Some of the most unique are Aiden, Cohen, Drake, Jagger, and Knox. While these names are not as common as others, they are definitely rising in popularity.If you are looking for a unique name for your child, consider one of the options above. All of these names have a strong and unique meaning, and they are sure to stand out from the crowd.

List of People with the Last Name Delacruz

Mary DelacruzM DelacruzMartha DelacruzRobert DelacruzMichael DelacruzSandra DelacruzMaria DelacruzJohn DelacruzPatricia DelacruzAntonio DelacruzGloria DelacruzGuadalupe DelacruzJennifer DelacruzElizabeth DelacruzJ DelacruzManuel DelacruzDavid DelacruzRosa DelacruzRaul DelacruzA DelacruzRamon DelacruzRafael DelacruzJuan DelacruzRicardo DelacruzCarmen DelacruzJose DelacruzJuana DelacruzPedro DelacruzJesus DelacruzJorge DelacruzJessica DelacruzCarlos DelacruzAna DelacruzJulio DelacruzAngel DelacruzDaniel DelacruzJavier DelacruzRoberto DelacruzVeronica DelacruzMario DelacruzFrancisco DelacruzMiguel DelacruzLuis DelacruzJoseph DelacruzHector DelacruzVictor DelacruzEduardo DelacruzJaime DelacruzRichard DelacruzFernando DelacruzLaura DelacruzMartin DelacruzAlejandro DelacruzTeresa DelacruzRuben DelacruzNorma DelacruzOscar DelacruzDiana DelacruzAlberto DelacruzJoe DelacruzArturo DelacruzArmando DelacruzAnna DelacruzMichelle DelacruzAlfredo DelacruzMelissa DelacruzYolanda DelacruzChristina DelacruzAnthony DelacruzPablo DelacruzCesar DelacruzMargarita DelacruzMonica DelacruzAngelica DelacruzEnrique DelacruzErnesto DelacruzStephanie DelacruzSergio DelacruzAngela DelacruzChristopher DelacruzLeticia DelacruzAdrian DelacruzClaudia DelacruzVictoria DelacruzJoel DelacruzJonathan DelacruzAlicia DelacruzIrma DelacruzAlma DelacruzFelix DelacruzGabriel DelacruzSilvia DelacruzEdgar DelacruzAndres DelacruzGerardo DelacruzVirginia DelacruzLuz DelacruzFelipe DelacruzSalvador DelacruzIsabel DelacruzRodolfo DelacruzJesse DelacruzSamuel DelacruzMaribel DelacruzRaymond DelacruzEric DelacruzAndrea DelacruzVanessa DelacruzSonia DelacruzCynthia DelacruzRebecca DelacruzLinda DelacruzJosefina DelacruzBrenda DelacruzEdward DelacruzRogelio DelacruzOlga DelacruzGuillermo DelacruzAlex DelacruzCecilia DelacruzCristina DelacruzAdriana DelacruzIrene DelacruzEvelyn DelacruzMarco DelacruzNancy DelacruzRaquel DelacruzJulian DelacruzChristian DelacruzLisa DelacruzGabriela DelacruzMarcos DelacruzEsther DelacruzMarie DelacruzGeorge DelacruzMercedes DelacruzErika DelacruzJames DelacruzMark DelacruzAmanda DelacruzFrank DelacruzVicente DelacruzBlanca DelacruzAntonia DelacruzLourdes DelacruzEva DelacruzSylvia DelacruzJuanita DelacruzMayra DelacruzEdwin DelacruzAlbert DelacruzBenjamin DelacruzRachel DelacruzFrancisca DelacruzDomingo DelacruzTeresita DelacruzOmar DelacruzTomas DelacruzJulia DelacruzSusana DelacruzChristine DelacruzRosario DelacruzCruz DelacruzThomas DelacruzWilliam DelacruzRolando DelacruzPaul DelacruzCrystal DelacruzGustavo DelacruzDolores DelacruzHenry DelacruzLeonardo DelacruzReynaldo DelacruzLorenzo DelacruzGilbert DelacruzJacqueline DelacruzLorena DelacruzHugo DelacruzRene DelacruzMiriam DelacruzSusan DelacruzEmilio DelacruzElena DelacruzIgnacio DelacruzJoshua DelacruzAlexis DelacruzAlejandra DelacruzJason DelacruzSarah DelacruzErica DelacruzRudy DelacruzHumberto DelacruzDenise DelacruzAlfonso DelacruzSaul DelacruzSara DelacruzElsa DelacruzGregorio DelacruzCelia DelacruzRamona DelacruzIsmael DelacruzEddie DelacruzAshley DelacruzGilberto DelacruzAraceli DelacruzKarina DelacruzNicolas DelacruzSantiago DelacruzRamiro DelacruzGraciela DelacruzIvan DelacruzJohnny DelacruzRuth DelacruzMoises DelacruzEsteban DelacruzDelia DelacruzBertha DelacruzOlivia DelacruzIsrael DelacruzKimberly DelacruzBarbara DelacruzKaren DelacruzNicole DelacruzMaricela DelacruzJosephine DelacruzEsperanza DelacruzSamantha DelacruzBeatriz DelacruzOrlando DelacruzElias DelacruzMarisol DelacruzDora DelacruzLucia DelacruzLydia DelacruzEmmanuel DelacruzAlexander DelacruzAbel DelacruzWendy DelacruzMilagros DelacruzRoger DelacruzPaula DelacruzRosalinda DelacruzAndrew DelacruzNelson DelacruzMargaret DelacruzFidel DelacruzEmma DelacruzYesenia DelacruzCarolina DelacruzEfrain DelacruzElvira DelacruzDanilo DelacruzSteven DelacruzGladys DelacruzMatthew DelacruzJeffrey DelacruzAurora DelacruzAngelina DelacruzHilda DelacruzJenny DelacruzPeter DelacruzEsmeralda DelacruzBenito DelacruzEstela DelacruzFederico DelacruzSantos DelacruzBrian DelacruzKevin DelacruzKarla DelacruzCatalina DelacruzNoe DelacruzDaisy DelacruzNoel DelacruzAlvaro DelacruzRomeo DelacruzAmelia DelacruzEdith DelacruzIsidro DelacruzPetra DelacruzAbraham DelacruzFranklin DelacruzJoaquin DelacruzLuisa DelacruzAaron DelacruzImelda DelacruzJustin DelacruzRonald DelacruzMartina DelacruzAgustin DelacruzZenaida DelacruzRigoberto DelacruzDiego DelacruzRodrigo DelacruzMarcelino DelacruzPorfirio DelacruzGerman DelacruzIsaac DelacruzLeonel DelacruzManuela DelacruzGenaro Delacruz