What Is The History Of The Last Name Diaz?

Diaz is a name of Spanish and Portuguese origin. The name is derived from the Visigothic word diaita, meaning "day." The name was first brought to the Iberian Peninsula by the Moors. The name was introduced to the Americas by the Spanish and Portuguese explorers and colonists.There are several theories about the origin of the last name Diaz. One theory is that the name is derived from the Arabic word dar, meaning "gate." Another theory is that the name is derived from the Latin word dies, meaning "day." A third theory is that the name is derived from the Basque word diz, meaning "foot."

The first recorded use of the last name Diaz was in the 13th century. A Spanish nobleman named Diego Diaz was mentioned in a document from 1293. A Portuguese nobleman named Diogo Diaz was mentioned in a document from 1317.

The Diaz family was one of the most prominent families in the Iberian Peninsula during the 15th and 16th centuries. Members of the Diaz family served in important positions in the government and military of both Spain and Portugal.

The Diaz family was also one of the first families to settle in the Americas. One of the first members of the Diaz family to settle in the Americas was Diego Diaz de Armendia. He was born in Spain in 1510 and settled in Mexico in 1535.

The Diaz family has played a significant role in the history of the Americas. Many members of the Diaz family have been recognized for their achievements. One of the most famous members of the Diaz family is the Mexican revolutionary leader Emiliano Zapata.

The Diaz family is a proud and distinguished family with a rich history and a bright future.

Are There Any Famous People In History With The Last Name Diaz?

There are many people in history with the last name Diaz. However, none are as famous as the musician Carlos Diaz. Carlos Diaz is a world-renowned Spanish classical guitarist. He has won many awards, and has performed all over the world. He is a true virtuoso, and his music is truly beautiful. If you're looking for some classical guitar music to listen to, I highly recommend Carlos Diaz.

Where Does The Last Name Diaz Rank In The Most Common US Names?

There are many factors to consider when it comes to ranking the most common US names. The sheer number of babies being born each year in the US is only part of the equation. Another important factor is the ethnicity of the parents.A study by the Social Security Administration found that the most common US name in 2016 was Mary. This name was given to nearly 31,000 babies. The second most popular name was William, which was given to nearly 30,000 babies.

Interestingly, the name Diaz is not ranked in the top 100 most common US names. This may be due to the fact that the name is more commonly found in Hispanic families. According to the US Census Bureau, the name Diaz is ranked as the 73rd most popular Hispanic name.

There are many factors to consider when it comes to naming a baby. Whether you are looking for a traditional name or something more unique, the name you choose will say a lot about your child.

List of People with the Last Name Diaz

Olivia DiazChristina DiazRobert DiazGeorge DiazGilbert DiazJesse DiazMary DiazGuadalupe DiazAnna DiazStephanie DiazJoseph DiazSylvia DiazSarah DiazRachel DiazClaudia DiazJohn DiazSusan DiazMartha DiazVeronica DiazGloria DiazMaricela DiazMark DiazTeresa DiazLisa DiazBertha DiazDenise DiazMaria DiazPatricia DiazCindy DiazDora DiazJasmine DiazCrystal DiazAlejandra DiazLiliana DiazYesenia DiazGraciela DiazMatthew DiazBarbara DiazLazaro DiazAraceli DiazKarina DiazAshley DiazSusana DiazMarina DiazMario DiazJason DiazDiana DiazJames DiazJulian DiazJohnny DiazAndrew DiazAbel DiazMichael DiazRosario DiazKimberly DiazNatalie DiazArturo DiazLaura DiazBeatriz DiazMelissa DiazSandra DiazAngelica DiazJesus DiazGabriel DiazMartin DiazAngelina DiazDelia DiazJonathan DiazBrian DiazSalvador DiazRamiro DiazOscar DiazEsther DiazSergio DiazIgnacio DiazNorma DiazAlma DiazLucia DiazJudith DiazDavid DiazRodrigo DiazAnthony DiazJoel DiazYolanda DiazAlbert DiazElsa DiazRamon DiazGabriela DiazJ DiazRaquel DiazAlfonso DiazJulia DiazManuel DiazBlanca DiazOlga DiazLouis DiazAlberto DiazJuana DiazAntonio DiazEnrique DiazJose DiazCatalina DiazGerman DiazAdriana DiazJessica DiazFernando DiazNoe DiazRebecca DiazAlvaro DiazElizabeth DiazEva DiazAntonia DiazVirginia DiazRichard DiazJavier DiazJoe DiazPaul DiazFrancisca DiazCynthia DiazJoaquin DiazElena DiazAna DiazLinda DiazJuan DiazRaul DiazDaniel DiazKarla DiazKatherine DiazSteven DiazRicardo DiazThomas DiazIsaac DiazPeter DiazJanet DiazIrma DiazDaisy DiazLeslie DiazEsperanza DiazLorena DiazLorenzo DiazJorge DiazCesar DiazSilvia DiazCarolina DiazConsuelo DiazKaren DiazMarta DiazAlicia DiazAmanda DiazLidia DiazSara DiazKevin DiazRolando DiazAdrian DiazMarcos DiazCarlos DiazRodolfo DiazChristian DiazVictor DiazCecilia DiazFrancisco DiazRamona DiazDiego DiazErika DiazJaime DiazClara DiazNicolas DiazEduardo DiazEddie DiazMichelle DiazVictoria DiazAlexis DiazCristina DiazLuis DiazHector DiazVicente DiazDolores DiazRuth DiazAlejandro DiazSantiago DiazAlexander DiazMarco DiazVanessa DiazMiguel DiazHeriberto DiazFidel DiazBenito DiazAlfredo DiazJoshua DiazAlex DiazMauricio DiazCruz DiazLeonardo DiazEmilio DiazSaul DiazRosa DiazRene DiazGuillermo DiazEmma DiazAndres DiazWendy DiazTony DiazErica DiazErnesto DiazEfrain DiazRogelio DiazFrank DiazEvelyn DiazWalter DiazAdolfo DiazPedro DiazJulio DiazAgustin DiazIrene DiazSamantha DiazPorfirio DiazOrlando DiazWilliam DiazElias DiazEdgar DiazIsabel DiazNicholas DiazIsmael DiazLourdes DiazNicole DiazRoberto DiazLuz DiazLuisa DiazHilda DiazAndrea DiazHugo DiazRaymond DiazCarmen DiazGerardo DiazGilberto DiazMarisol DiazChristopher DiazMonica DiazAngela DiazJennifer DiazMoises DiazRigoberto DiazOfelia DiazBrenda DiazEsmeralda DiazBernardo DiazMargarita DiazIris DiazJacqueline DiazPablo DiazCelia DiazPaula DiazFelipe DiazAngel DiazMaribel DiazRocio DiazMaritza DiazMarcelino DiazRuben DiazJuanita DiazOsvaldo DiazGustavo DiazIsrael DiazDomingo DiazEdwin DiazIvan DiazOmar DiazGregorio DiazWanda DiazArmando DiazLeticia DiazSonia DiazJosue DiazNancy DiazHenry DiazReynaldo DiazGladys DiazRafael DiazErick DiazNelson DiazMilagros DiazAbraham DiazEsteban DiazMiriam DiazEdward DiazEric DiazMayra DiazFelix DiazNoel DiazTomas DiazNoemi DiazWilfredo DiazLydia DiazSamuel DiazMercedes DiazHumberto DiazBenjamin DiazSantos DiazAida DiazJosefina Diaz