Historical Information About The Last Name Dickerson

The Dickerson name is one that has been around for many years. There are many different theories about where the name came from, but the most popular theory is that it is derived from the Old English words "dic" meaning "dyke" and "tun" meaning "town." This would make the name mean "town by the dyke." There are many different spellings of the name, including Dickerson, Dickinson, Dickenson, and Dickenson.The Dickerson name has appeared in many different records over the years. One of the earliest records of the name is from the Domesday Book, which was a survey of England that was conducted in 1086. The Domesday Book listed a man named Durandus de Dicconiston as the Lord of the Manor in the town of Dicconson.

The Dickerson name also appears in many records from the United States. One of the earliest records is from the 1820 Census of Virginia. The census listed a man named John Dickerson who was born in Virginia in 1794.

The Dickerson name has also been associated with many famous people over the years. One of the most famous people with the name is Zachary Taylor, who was the 12th President of the United States. Another famous person with the name is Elisabeth Shue, who is an actress and producer.

The Dickerson name is a name that has been around for many years and has a rich history.

The Popularity Of Dickerson As The Last Name

What is the popularity of Dickerson as the last name? Dickerson is not a very popular name, but it is not unheard of. Dickerson is the 97,844th most popular name in the United States. There are 9,812 people in the United States with the last name Dickerson.

Naming Ideas With Dickerson As The Last Name

Are you looking for the perfect name for your newborn baby? If you're looking for a unique and interesting name, consider one with Dickerson as the last name. There are many different ways to use this last name to create a unique name for your child.One option is to use the full name, Richard Dickerson. This name has a strong and distinguished sound. If you want something a little less formal, you could use the name Ricky. This name is friendly and fun, perfect for a child.

Another option is to use a nickname. Some popular nicknames include Dick, Dickie, or Dicky. These names are all cute and fun, perfect for a little boy.

If you want to use the last name Dickerson for your child, there are many different options to choose from. With so many different possibilities, you're sure to find the perfect name for your child.

List of People with the Last Name Dickerson

Mary DickersonKenneth DickersonBarbara DickersonDeborah DickersonBetty DickersonJoseph DickersonJames DickersonLinda DickersonSarah DickersonJohn DickersonCharles DickersonSandra DickersonKaren DickersonLarry DickersonPatricia DickersonLisa DickersonDonna DickersonA DickersonElizabeth DickersonDavid DickersonThomas DickersonAnthony DickersonWilliam DickersonKimberly DickersonMichelle DickersonD DickersonAngela DickersonSusan DickersonC DickersonMargaret DickersonRichard DickersonRobert DickersonChris DickersonDonald DickersonPamela DickersonMichael DickersonJennifer DickersonChristopher DickersonGeorge DickersonM DickersonCynthia DickersonJ DickersonSharon DickersonSteven DickersonRonald DickersonPaul DickersonWillie DickersonDorothy DickersonGary DickersonCarol DickersonDebra DickersonDaniel DickersonTimothy DickersonAmanda DickersonAmy DickersonMark DickersonJoe DickersonLaura DickersonBrenda DickersonEdward DickersonNancy DickersonMelissa DickersonKevin DickersonBrian DickersonTerry DickersonJessica DickersonStephanie DickersonRebecca DickersonEric DickersonKim DickersonLawrence DickersonAnn DickersonTeresa DickersonJerry DickersonAshley DickersonHelen DickersonMatthew DickersonJeffrey DickersonRuth DickersonSteve DickersonHenry DickersonVirginia DickersonWalter DickersonBill DickersonShirley DickersonJason DickersonCarolyn DickersonDiane DickersonKathy DickersonRaymond DickersonAndrew DickersonJoyce DickersonCheryl DickersonDoris DickersonScott DickersonJoshua DickersonJulie DickersonTammy DickersonCatherine DickersonCarl DickersonHarold DickersonBilly DickersonJanet DickersonChristine DickersonFrank DickersonFrances DickersonRoy DickersonKatherine DickersonAnna DickersonKeith DickersonDouglas DickersonTracy DickersonTina DickersonDon DickersonAlice DickersonMartha DickersonDenise DickersonBobby DickersonMarie DickersonNicole DickersonJean DickersonKelly DickersonKathleen DickersonClarence DickersonChristina DickersonLee DickersonDennis DickersonHeather DickersonSamuel DickersonWanda DickersonCrystal DickersonJacqueline DickersonJamie DickersonStephen DickersonRobin DickersonSherry DickersonJeffery DickersonAnnie DickersonTiffany DickersonJanice DickersonBrandon DickersonGregory DickersonShannon DickersonJack DickersonConnie DickersonRachel DickersonArthur DickersonDiana DickersonRhonda DickersonRuby DickersonAndrea DickersonSheila DickersonTheresa DickersonSara DickersonJudy DickersonVictoria DickersonJackie DickersonLynn DickersonRay DickersonEvelyn DickersonWayne DickersonRandy DickersonJane DickersonRyan DickersonJonathan DickersonLori DickersonBeverly DickersonLeslie DickersonRoger DickersonMildred DickersonJimmy DickersonJoan DickersonAmber DickersonPaula DickersonCourtney DickersonRose DickersonEarl DickersonGloria DickersonDale DickersonDanielle DickersonKathryn DickersonBrittany DickersonRussell DickersonEmily DickersonLouise DickersonPeggy DickersonJustin DickersonDawn DickersonEddie DickersonJohnny DickersonAlbert DickersonAnne DickersonEugene DickersonJessie DickersonApril DickersonCurtis DickersonShawn DickersonAaron DickersonCarrie DickersonMelvin DickersonHarry DickersonMarilyn DickersonTonya DickersonErnest DickersonPhillip DickersonPhyllis DickersonDana DickersonGerald DickersonWendy DickersonMaria DickersonPatrick DickersonRalph DickersonJesse DickersonBenjamin DickersonTony DickersonJudith DickersonJeremy DickersonHoward DickersonLouis DickersonNathan DickersonStacy DickersonAllen DickersonRodney DickersonJulia DickersonMonica DickersonGail DickersonFlorence DickersonMegan DickersonLeroy DickersonBonnie DickersonMarcus DickersonWilli DickersonLillian DickersonLloyd DickersonThelma DickersonEthel DickersonDanny DickersonAlicia DickersonBobbie DickersonLois DickersonRonnie DickersonBruce DickersonLauren DickersonAnita DickersonCharlotte DickersonCraig DickersonRita DickersonGlenn DickersonBryan DickersonMarion DickersonFred DickersonRegina DickersonJacob DickersonFrancis DickersonGrace DickersonGladys DickersonMinnie DickersonEmma DickersonRandall DickersonSamantha DickersonYolanda DickersonJuanita DickersonHazel DickersonMarvin DickersonLewis DickersonSean DickersonVivian DickersonCharlie DickersonEdith DickersonKyle DickersonFloyd DickersonDarrell DickersonNorma DickersonTroy DickersonAndre DickersonTodd DickersonEdna DickersonJordan DickersonIrene DickersonStanley DickersonLucille DickersonAdam DickersonEva DickersonDerrick DickersonLillie DickersonBertha DickersonClyde DickersonCorey DickersonLeon DickersonClara DickersonCalvin DickersonZachary DickersonNorman DickersonCody DickersonChad DickersonTyler DickersonClaude DickersonNathaniel DickersonTravis DickersonHarvey Dickerson