How Many People Are There In The US With The Last Name Dillard?

There are approximately 1,100 people in the United States with the last name Dillard. The frequency of the last name Dillard is lower than average.

Which State In The US Has The Largest Population With The Last Name Dillard?

The state with the largest population with the last name Dillard is Texas. There are approximately 1,905 people in Texas with the last name Dillard. This is followed by Louisiana, with 1,115 people with the last name Dillard.

What Are The Most Uncommon Names With The Last Name Dillard?

There are many uncommon names with the last name Dillard. While some of these names may be difficult to pronounce, they are all unique and special in their own ways.The name Dillard is derived from the French word "d'Illette" which means "of the little valley".[1] It is a relatively uncommon name, and is only ranked at #4,362 in the United States. However, there are a few notable Dillard's in history. These include the Dillard family of Arkansas, who were once one of the largest landowners in the state. They were also influential in the development of the Republican Party in Arkansas.

There are also a few celebrities who share the last name Dillard. These include singer and actor Jerry Reed Dillard, former NFL running back Kevin Dillard, and actress Kim Dillard.

So, what are some of the most uncommon names with the last name Dillard? Here are a few examples:

1. Astrid Dillard – This name is of Scandinavian origin, and is pronounced "AS-trid".[2]

2. Deedra Dillard – This name is of Native American origin, and is pronounced "dee-DRAA".[3]

3. Dashiell Dillard – This name is of English origin, and is pronounced "dash-EE-el".[4]

4. Jett Dillard – This name is of English origin, and is pronounced "jet".[5]

5. Journey Dillard – This name is of American origin, and is pronounced "JO-urn-ee".[6]

So, if you are looking for a unique and special name for your child, why not consider one of the names listed above? With a last name like Dillard, your child will definitely stand out from the crowd!

List of People with the Last Name Dillard

James DillardC DillardWilliam DillardJohn DillardJ DillardPatricia DillardMary DillardCharles DillardMichael DillardM DillardRobert DillardLinda DillardR DillardThomas DillardDavid DillardB DillardGeorge DillardRichard DillardJoseph DillardJennifer DillardElizabeth DillardWillie DillardA DillardKenneth DillardBarbara DillardLarry DillardAngela DillardBetty DillardKimberly DillardLisa DillardW DillardDeborah DillardSandra DillardKaren DillardChristopher DillardJessica DillardE DillardMichelle DillardDorothy DillardJoe DillardDonald DillardBrenda DillardCynthia DillardAnthony DillardSusan DillardJerry DillardSharon DillardChris DillardDonna DillardJack DillardSteven DillardMark DillardDaniel DillardRonald DillardMargaret DillardPaul DillardBilly DillardPamela DillardCarol DillardTeresa DillardKevin DillardSarah DillardTerry DillardHenry DillardAmanda DillardKim DillardStephanie DillardNancy DillardDebra DillardCarolyn DillardMelissa DillardEdward DillardLawrence DillardFrank DillardAshley DillardGary DillardRebecca DillardBobby DillardShirley DillardLaura DillardKathy DillardTimothy DillardTammy DillardDiane DillardHelen DillardVirginia DillardEric DillardAnn DillardAnnie DillardJason DillardJanice DillardSamuel DillardBrandon DillardTiffany DillardSteve DillardBrian DillardFrances DillardJoshua DillardJeffrey DillardGloria DillardJacqueline DillardGregory DillardRoy DillardDenise DillardJackie DillardCatherine DillardJoyce DillardRuby DillardKatherine DillardMatthew DillardRaymond DillardCrystal DillardStephen DillardTracy DillardTina DillardChristina DillardJeff DillardLee DillardAmy DillardMarie DillardNicole DillardChristine DillardCheryl DillardJonathan DillardWalter DillardRuth DillardKelly DillardDouglas DillardBeverly DillardCindy DillardHeather DillardJanet DillardAnna DillardTonya DillardAndrew DillardRhonda DillardJean DillardRobin DillardJudy DillardDennis DillardSheila DillardHarold DillardMartha DillardAlice DillardRenee DillardScott DillardJimmy DillardWanda DillardJohnny DillardAlbert DillardJessie DillardRachel DillardVictoria DillardJustin DillardArthur DillardRay DillardDanielle DillardDoris DillardKeith DillardEmily DillardSherry DillardConnie DillardSam DillardBrittany DillardStacey DillardTheresa DillardJamie DillardJulie DillardRyan DillardAndrea DillardMelvin DillardShannon DillardCarrie DillardEddie DillardLouise DillardRoger DillardBenjamin DillardTommy DillardEarl DillardMildred DillardMarcus DillardEmma DillardJuanita DillardAmber DillardRicky DillardSue DillardJane DillardCharlie DillardLeslie DillardAaron DillardLauren DillardDiana DillardCarl DillardErnest DillardYolanda DillardShawn DillardPeggy DillardEvelyn DillardJesse DillardTony DillardDanny DillardValerie DillardClarence DillardKatie DillardPhillip DillardWayne DillardKathryn DillardMaria DillardRandy DillardMonica DillardMarlin DillardCathy DillardBonnie DillardBillie DillardReginald DillardJohnnie DillardDarlene DillardRonnie DillardRose DillardDerrick DillardCarla DillardJulia DillardAllen DillardRegina DillardKathleen DillardHoward DillardDana DillardCourtney DillardPatrick DillardTravis DillardRodney DillardJordan DillardRussell DillardMarilyn DillardHerbert DillardGerald DillardEthel DillardApril DillardMaurice DillardPhyllis DillardMarvin DillardTaylor DillardGladys DillardFred DillardBrandy DillardCurtis DillardFelicia DillardRalph DillardGrace DillardLillian DillardNorma DillardBobbie DillardCalvin DillardEdna DillardDarrell DillardLucille DillardMonique DillardGene DillardErica DillardPatsy DillardLouis DillardSamantha DillardHarry DillardTroy DillardEugene DillardGeraldine DillardMattie DillardTyrone DillardLillie DillardRita DillardBruce DillardTodd DillardBarry DillardJasmine DillardBernice DillardClara DillardChad DillardAlexander DillardEdith DillardLloyd DillardWesley DillardMinnie DillardAlexis DillardAnnette DillardFloyd DillardBeatrice DillardPauline DillardHerman DillardLonnie DillardAlfred DillardJeremy DillardGlenn DillardSean DillardAlvin DillardStanley DillardBessie DillardVincent DillardLeonard DillardHazel DillardOscar Dillard