How Many People Are There In The US With The Last Name Dixon?

There are an estimated 653 people living in the US with the last name Dixon. This number is based on the most recent US Census data. Interestingly, this name is more popular in some states than others. For example, there are 144 people with the last name Dixon living in Texas, while there are only 9 in Vermont.What is the origin of the name Dixon? It is thought to be derived from the Anglo-Saxon word "dic" meaning "dig". Another theory is that it is a variant of the Scottish name "Dixon", which is derived from the Gaelic name "MacDhuibhshionn" meaning "son of Dubhshionn".

So why are there so many people with the last name Dixon in the US? There is no definitive answer, but it could be due to the name's popularity in certain states, or the fact that it has been around for centuries. Whatever the reason, it is clear that the name Dixon is here to stay!

Which State In The US Has The Largest Population With The Last Name Dixon?

Dixon is a surname that is common in the United States, with Dixon being the 71st most common surname in the country. There are many different theories about the origins of the Dixon surname, but one of the most likely theories is that it is derived from the Anglo-Saxon word "dic" meaning "dyke" or "defensive rampart". There are many different places in the United States with the surname Dixon, but the state with the largest population of people with the last name Dixon is California.

What Are The Most Uncommon Names With The Last Name Dixon?

What are the most uncommon names with the last name Dixon?There are quite a few uncommon names with the last name Dixon. Here are a few of them:

1. Axton

2. Baylor

3. Chynoweth

4. Dax

5. Derby

6. Dickson

7. Esquire

8. Gibson

9. Harlow

10. Hixon

11. Knox

12. Kyzer

13. Maddox

14. Miles

15. Nixon

16. Onyx

17. Phoenix

18. Rio

19. Sawyer

20. Slade

21. Stone

22. Troy

23. Vance

24. West

25. Wyatt

List of People with the Last Name Dixon

Peggy DixonLarry DixonPatricia DixonCarolyn DixonHelen DixonRonald DixonJohn DixonCynthia DixonJohnny DixonKathy DixonJudith DixonLouise DixonDonald DixonDon DixonJ DixonEdward DixonJanet DixonJane DixonBrian DixonJulia DixonWilliam DixonLawrence DixonJean DixonSandra DixonD DixonJerry DixonJames DixonMargaret DixonBarbara DixonMark DixonJesse DixonJoseph DixonRose DixonKimberly DixonGary DixonSteve DixonMichael DixonKaren DixonWillie DixonBilly DixonAlice DixonMary DixonCharles DixonHeather DixonWayne DixonKenneth DixonRandy DixonGeorge DixonSherry DixonApril DixonAnthony DixonKathryn DixonKim DixonConnie DixonCurtis DixonThomas DixonRobin DixonJamie DixonDavid DixonVictoria DixonTimothy DixonLinda DixonDaniel DixonChristopher DixonRobert DixonDorothy DixonAngela DixonGloria DixonEddie DixonNicole DixonRhonda DixonRichard DixonDana DixonMarilyn DixonLisa DixonAndrea DixonValerie DixonRyan DixonBrittany DixonMarie DixonEugene DixonDerrick DixonFrederick DixonJennifer DixonMelvin DixonJoan DixonBonnie DixonC DixonBetty DixonMildred DixonRuby DixonRicky DixonM DixonMartha DixonJimmy DixonTheresa DixonJohnnie DixonDiana DixonJessica DixonPamela DixonWalter DixonSharon DixonSheila DixonShirley DixonKathleen DixonEmily DixonChris DixonPhillip DixonJulie DixonRalph DixonBobby DixonLaura DixonSteven DixonEarl DixonDonna DixonJessie DixonHarold DixonRachel DixonFrank DixonBeverly DixonMarcus DixonMonica DixonAmanda DixonLori DixonDebbie DixonGerald DixonRaymond DixonJoshua DixonBrenda DixonJackie DixonTammy DixonRebecca DixonTeresa DixonDawn DixonDebra DixonTonya DixonAndrew DixonBrandon DixonJoe DixonSusan DixonJeremy DixonChristina DixonJonathan DixonEmma DixonTony DixonTiffany DixonMichelle DixonJustin DixonJuanita DixonKevin DixonTina DixonAshley DixonShawn DixonCharlotte DixonDouglas DixonLeslie DixonRay DixonRodney DixonL DixonPaul DixonEthel DixonGladys DixonAnnie DixonDoris DixonPaula DixonErnest DixonAmy DixonFred DixonLillian DixonA DixonSarah DixonSamuel DixonMarvin DixonArthur DixonDarlene DixonAlbert DixonDale DixonFrances DixonTerry DixonJack DixonCatherine DixonDenise DixonAnna DixonJacqueline DixonCheryl DixonHoward DixonAllen DixonDeborah DixonLeonard DixonMaria DixonCarrie DixonJudy DixonCourtney DixonLouis DixonIrene DixonJeffrey DixonJason DixonKatherine DixonAnne DixonKeith DixonDiane DixonGwendolyn DixonJanice DixonKelly DixonRoger DixonTracy DixonRoy DixonEvelyn DixonWanda DixonBruce DixonErica DixonDanny DixonJerome DixonCarol DixonJoyce DixonMelissa DixonNancy DixonAnn DixonHenry DixonBenjamin DixonYvonne DixonAnita DixonEric DixonChristine DixonLeroy DixonHarry DixonStephen DixonElizabeth DixonTravis DixonSamantha DixonLee DixonClarence DixonDarrell DixonMatthew DixonAlicia DixonShannon DixonScott DixonCrystal DixonAaron DixonCalvin DixonPatrick DixonVirginia DixonHerbert DixonMarion DixonEdna DixonPhyllis DixonAndre DixonDanielle DixonLois DixonCarl DixonMattie DixonGrace DixonSean DixonThelma DixonLillie DixonJasmine DixonFlorence DixonRuth DixonCharlie DixonAlvin DixonRonnie DixonJimmie DixonEva DixonStephanie DixonGregory DixonVeronica DixonAlfred DixonSylvia DixonGlenn DixonDennis DixonRussell DixonAmber DixonLucille DixonJacob DixonPeter DixonBertha DixonAntonio DixonMaurice DixonStanley DixonLeon DixonMarjorie DixonFloyd DixonGeraldine DixonBryan DixonKyle DixonClara DixonTyler DixonCraig DixonBeatrice DixonTodd DixonBessie DixonCorey DixonReginald DixonAdam DixonTyrone DixonLloyd DixonWesley DixonNathaniel DixonEdith DixonClyde Dixon