Historical Information About The Last Name Donahue

If you're researching your Irish heritage, you'll want to learn about the Donahue name. This name has a long and interesting history, dating back to the early medieval period.The Donahue name is derived from the Gaelic O'Donnchadha, which means "descendant of Donnchadh". Donnchadh was a 10th century king of Ireland, and the O'Donnchadha clan was one of the most powerful Irish clans of the period.

The Donahues were a prominent clan in Munster, and they played a significant role in Irish history for many centuries. They were among the first Irish settlers in America, and they played a major role in the development of the United States.

The Donahue name is now found all over the world, and it is one of the most common Irish surnames. If you're interested in learning more about this fascinating name, there are many resources available online and in libraries.

The Popularity Of Donahue As The Last Name

There are many interesting facts about the last name Donahue. For example, did you know that it is the 54th most common surname in the United States? In terms of its popularity, it is right behind Murphy and ahead of Martinez. And while it is not one of the most common surnames in the world, it is still quite popular, ranking in at position 1,584th.There are several theories about the origin of the Donahue surname. Some believe that it comes from the Gaelic O'Donnchadha, which means "descendant of Donnchadh". Donnchadh was a popular Gaelic name meaning "brown warrior". Others believe that it may have come from the Irish word donnchadh, which means "dark warrior".

Whatever the true origin of the Donahue surname may be, it is clear that it is quite popular, both in the United States and around the world. If you are thinking of using this name for your baby, you will not be alone!

Naming Ideas With Donahue As The Last Name

When it comes to naming a baby, there are a lot of things to consider. But if you're looking for something a little bit different, why not consider a name with the last name Donahue?There are plenty of Donahue names to choose from, and they all have a unique and interesting history. For example, there's Donahue the outlaw, Donahue the adventurer, and Donahue the musician.

So if you're looking for a name that's both unique and stylish, a Donahue name might be just what you're looking for.

List of People with the Last Name Donahue

Mary DonahuePaul DonahueWilliam DonahueElizabeth DonahueRobert DonahueBrian DonahueKevin DonahuePatricia DonahueDaniel DonahueBarbara DonahueSusan DonahueCharles DonahueM DonahueC DonahueLinda DonahueMargaret DonahueTimothy DonahueJohn DonahueJennifer DonahueK DonahuePatrick DonahueJames DonahueRichard DonahueKathleen DonahueThomas DonahueMichael DonahueEdward DonahueJoseph DonahueDavid DonahueMark DonahueJ DonahueSean DonahueCatherine DonahueChristopher DonahueKelly DonahueT DonahueKaren DonahueTim DonahueLisa DonahueHelen DonahueDeborah DonahuePat DonahueAnn DonahueChris DonahueNancy DonahueMike DonahueFrancis DonahueMatthew DonahueDonald DonahueDennis DonahueB DonahueCarol DonahueGeorge DonahueMichelle DonahueStephen DonahueJoe DonahueA DonahueChristine DonahueDonna DonahueE DonahueKimberly DonahueRyan DonahueJoan DonahueKatherine DonahueDorothy DonahueAnna DonahueFrank DonahueJeffrey DonahueSarah DonahueJessica DonahueDiane DonahueAmy DonahueSteven DonahueJack DonahueDebra DonahueSharon DonahueMarie DonahueAnne DonahueLaura DonahueDan DonahueTom DonahueTheresa DonahueColleen DonahueShannon DonahueJean DonahueSandra DonahuePeter DonahueErin DonahueKenneth DonahueMegan DonahueAlice DonahueMaureen DonahueMelissa DonahueJulie DonahueRaymond DonahueJanet DonahueSteve DonahueKathy DonahueRebecca DonahueScott DonahueCynthia DonahueJudith DonahueStephanie DonahueKim DonahueTeresa DonahueAndrew DonahuePamela DonahueBetty DonahueShawn DonahueHeather DonahueRose DonahueRuth DonahueFrances DonahueJerry DonahueGerald DonahueAmanda DonahueTerry DonahueAngela DonahueKathryn DonahueGary DonahueDenise DonahueEllen DonahueLawrence DonahueEileen DonahueCheryl DonahueLori DonahueJane DonahueLarry DonahueEmily DonahueAshley DonahueJason DonahueVirginia DonahueChristina DonahueBrenda DonahueNicole DonahueJanice DonahueJulia DonahueRonald DonahueCarolyn DonahueTammy DonahueDawn DonahueCindy DonahueJoanne DonahuePhilip DonahueKatie DonahueJamie DonahueMaria DonahueJoyce DonahueSheila DonahueJudy DonahueGrace DonahueTracy DonahueJacqueline DonahueShirley DonahueLauren DonahueDanielle DonahueMichele DonahueRita DonahueWalter DonahueLeo DonahueLynn DonahueJoshua DonahueAndrea DonahueDoris DonahueMildred DonahueGail DonahueBeverly DonahueGregory DonahueDouglas DonahueEric DonahueMarilyn DonahueTroy DonahueSara DonahueFlorence DonahueMartha DonahueEvelyn DonahueRachel DonahueEleanor DonahueIrene DonahueJill DonahueDiana DonahueArthur DonahueLaurie DonahueHarold DonahueBonnie DonahueAnthony DonahueJonathan DonahueHarry DonahueKeith DonahueJoann DonahuePaula DonahueWendy DonahueBrendan DonahueMartin DonahueBernard DonahueLois DonahueKyle DonahueSuzanne DonahueRoger DonahueVictoria DonahueDolores DonahueMeghan DonahueLillian DonahueRobin DonahueLouise DonahuePeggy DonahueCasey DonahueSamantha DonahueNicholas DonahueGloria DonahueLorraine DonahueTerrence DonahueTara DonahueBenjamin DonahueElaine DonahueJustin DonahueRosemary DonahueBrandon DonahueBryan DonahueEugene DonahueSherry DonahueGertrude DonahueCraig DonahueJosephine DonahueMarion DonahueCharlotte DonahueShane DonahueJeanne DonahueHolly DonahueCrystal DonahueMarjorie DonahueLeslie DonahueDarlene DonahueBridget DonahueDana DonahueTiffany DonahueKerry DonahueCaitlin DonahueCarrie DonahueEmma DonahueTodd DonahueLee DonahueAgnes DonahueAnita DonahueRoberta DonahuePhyllis DonahueJacob DonahueRussell DonahueClaire DonahueBilly DonahueAdam DonahueEdith DonahueEthel DonahueShaun DonahueGeraldine DonahueAlbert DonahueRhonda DonahueJerome DonahueValerie DonahueAmber DonahueHoward DonahueEarl DonahueJessie DonahueLoretta DonahueFrederick DonahueHenry DonahueVincent DonahueGina DonahueEdna DonahueVeronica DonahueNathan DonahueWayne DonahueJeanette DonahueRegina DonahueSamuel DonahueDale DonahueBruce DonahueKelsey DonahueJordan DonahueBrittany DonahueJune DonahueTyler DonahueJesse DonahueGladys DonahueEsther DonahueClara DonahueMadeline DonahueConnor DonahueArlene DonahueHazel DonahueChad DonahueAaron DonahueEdwin DonahueJeremiah DonahueColin DonahueMabel DonahueZachary DonahueTaylor DonahueRalph DonahueCody Donahue