How Many People Are There In The US With The Last Name Dorsey?

There are an estimated 6,000 people in the US with the last name Dorsey. This name is derived from the Irish surname Ó Dochartaigh, which means "descendant of Dochartaigh". The Dochartaigh clan was one of the most powerful in medieval Ireland.

Which State In The US Has The Largest Population With The Last Name Dorsey?

The US state with the largest population with the last name Dorsey is California. According to the 2010 census, there were over 9,000 people living in California with the last name Dorsey. This is more than any other state in the country.There are a number of possible explanations for why California has such a large population of Dorsey's. One possibility is that the name is more common in California than in other states. Another possibility is that California has a higher population overall, and therefore, a higher percentage of people with the last name Dorsey.

Whatever the reason, it's clear that California is home to the largest population of Dorsey's in the US. If you're looking for someone with the last name Dorsey, California is a good place to start your search.

What Are The Most Uncommon Names With The Last Name Dorsey?

There are many unusual names with the last name Dorsey. Here are some of the most uncommon ones:1. Aalishia – This name is of Gaelic origin and means “ exquisite ”.

2. Aaren – This name means “ eagle ”.

3. Aaric – This name means “ ruler of the people ”.

4. Aart – This name means “ noble ”.

5. Aasha – This name means “ hope ”.

6. Aatef – This name means “ unique ”.

7. Abbie – This name means “bringer of joy”.

8. Abbey – This name means “ home of the saints ”.

9. Abe – This name means “ father of nations ”.

10. Abi – This name means “ father ’s joy”.

List of People with the Last Name Dorsey

James DorseyMary DorseyDeborah DorseyRobert DorseyJoseph DorseyWilliam DorseyLinda DorseyCharles DorseyRichard DorseyDavid DorseyMichael DorseyEdward DorseyAngela DorseyPatricia DorseyWillie DorseyD DorseyThomas DorseyM DorseyElizabeth DorseyC DorseyBarbara DorseyJohn DorseyR DorseyMichelle DorseyJ DorseyGeorge DorseyJennifer DorseyMargaret DorseyAnthony DorseyKevin DorseyLisa DorseyBetty DorseyDorothy DorseyChristopher DorseyCynthia DorseyKenneth DorseyBrian DorseyKimberly DorseyDonald DorseyJoe DorseySharon DorseyKaren DorseyRonald DorseyDaniel DorseyLarry DorseySandra DorseyPaul DorseyMark DorseySteven DorseyShirley DorseySusan DorseySarah DorseyChris DorseyDonna DorseyCarolyn DorseyCarol DorseyPamela DorseyLawrence DorseyBrenda DorseyDebra DorseyStephanie DorseyTimothy DorseyKim DorseyHenry DorseyNicole DorseyCatherine DorseyHelen DorseyTerry DorseyDenise DorseyJessica DorseyAnna DorseyStephen DorseyRuth DorseyFrank DorseyChristine DorseyJacqueline DorseyAnn DorseyGloria DorseyTommy DorseyKatherine DorseyNancy DorseyDennis DorseyJoyce DorseyEric DorseyJeffrey DorseyCheryl DorseyTheresa DorseyDiane DorseyAlbert DorseyAshley DorseyMarie DorseyLaura DorseyRebecca DorseyAndrew DorseyVictoria DorseyMelissa DorseyTammy DorseyHarold DorseyCarl DorseyGregory DorseyDanielle DorseyMatthew DorseySheila DorseyAlice DorseyBrandon DorseyAnnie DorseyPatrick DorseyAmanda DorseyFrances DorseyKathleen DorseyMartha DorseyAmy DorseyRaymond DorseyShannon DorseyCrystal DorseyTiffany DorseyKelly DorseyTeresa DorseyJerry DorseyJean DorseyJoshua DorseyRobin DorseyTina DorseyKathy DorseyGary DorseyDoris DorseyHoward DorseyMarcus DorseyWalter DorseyMildred DorseySamuel DorseyBeverly DorseyJanice DorseyChristina DorseyJimmy DorseyErnest DorseyEvelyn DorseyJason DorseyAndrea DorseyJanet DorseyWanda DorseyValerie DorseyTonya DorseyArthur DorseyCurtis DorseyJudy DorseyRose DorseyAaron DorseyEddie DorseyCarrie DorseyClarence DorseyDawn DorseyLouise DorseyDana DorseyScott DorseyJoan DorseyDouglas DorseyLee DorseyHeather DorseyKeith DorseyTracy DorseyJulie DorseyDelores DorseyRachel DorseyTony DorseyVirginia DorseyRuby DorseyFrancis DorseyEugene DorseyJonathan DorseyEarl DorseyJessie DorseyMaria DorseyAnne DorseyJerome DorseyBobby DorseyBryan DorseyWayne DorseyShawn DorseyJohnny DorseyLouis DorseyDerrick DorseyMelvin DorseyLeroy DorseyAndre DorseyRodney DorseyJasmine DorseyJulia DorseyAlfred DorseyAllen DorseySylvia DorseyBernard DorseyJane DorseyGwendolyn DorseyEthel DorseySherry DorseyFred DorseyLillian DorseyAntonio DorseyMarilyn DorseyJamie DorseyEmma DorseySara DorseyElla DorseyHarry DorseyConnie DorseyRhonda DorseyBenjamin DorseyNicholas DorseyCalvin DorseyApril DorseyAmber DorseyErica DorseyGeraldine DorseyJohnnie DorseyCharlotte DorseyRyan DorseyBrittany DorseyReginald DorseyVeronica DorseyPeggy DorseyRegina DorseyPhillip DorseyBilly DorseyVanessa DorseySean DorseyGerald DorseyDarlene DorseyCharlene DorseyLillie DorseyJustin DorseyGladys DorseyYvonne DorseyJack DorseyFrederick DorseyDale DorseyBertha DorseyJuanita DorseyLauren DorseyPhyllis DorseyEmily DorseyHerbert DorseyRussell DorseyLeon DorseyRoger DorseyCraig DorseyDanny DorseyRandy DorseyGrace DorseyFelicia DorseyMarvin DorseyBruce DorseyLoretta DorseyRalph DorseyRoy DorseyBernice DorseyTravis DorseyCourtney DorseyIda DorseyClara DorseyYolanda DorseyCassandra DorseyLeonard DorseyPhilip DorseyTyrone DorseyEllen DorseyDarrell DorseyLeslie DorseyIrene DorseyHerman DorseyAlan DorseyRita DorseyAdrian DorseyNathan DorseyAlvin DorseyEdith DorseyCharlie DorseyEdna DorseyDarryl DorseyDominique DorseyJesse DorseyVincent DorseyMaurice DorseyCorey DorseyJosephine DorseyPauline DorseyJordan DorseyBessie DorseyDwayne DorseyThelma DorseyHazel DorseyFlorence DorseyNathaniel DorseyStanley DorseyTyler DorseyBeatrice DorseyNorman DorseyMattie DorseyFloyd DorseyBarry Dorsey