Historical Information About The Last Name Doss

The surname Doss has a rich and interesting history. The name is derived from the Old French word "dossier," meaning "a file of papers." This name was given to someone who worked in a legal office, or who was responsible for the storage of important documents. The name Doss is also associated with the French word "dos," meaning "back." Thus, the name Doss was given to someone who was strong and dependable, someone who could be counted on to help shoulder the burden of responsibility.Doss is a relatively common surname, found throughout the United States and in several other countries. There are several famous people with the surname Doss, including American football player Terrell Doss and American actress Ann Doss.

If you are interested in learning more about the history and meaning of the surname Doss, there are several resources available online. Ancestry.com, for example, has a page on the surname Doss that includes several interesting facts and historical information.

The Popularity Of Doss As The Last Name

There are many people in the world who have the last name of Doss. What is the popularity of this last name?Doss is not a very popular last name. In the United States, it is the 6,813th most common last name. This last name is most common in the states of Texas, Kentucky, and Georgia.

There are many people who have the last name of Doss because it is not a very popular name. In the United States, there are only 8,741 people who have this last name. This last name is most common in the states of Texas, Kentucky, and Georgia.

Naming Ideas With Doss As The Last Name

When it comes to finding the perfect baby name, many parents want something unique and special. If you're looking for a name with a little bit of personality, why not consider a name with Doss as the last name? Here are some ideas to get you started.1. Doss Baby Names:

There are plenty of adorable baby names that end in Doss. Some of our favorites include:

• Aiden

• Miles

• Harper

• Knox

• Sawyer

2. Doss Names for Girls:

There are also plenty of beautiful names for girls that end in Doss. Our top picks include:

• Addison

• Elle

• Harper

• Josie

• Reagan

3. Doss Names for Boys:

If you're looking for a strong name for your baby boy, why not consider a name that ends in Doss? Here are a few of our favorites:

• Aidan

• Cash

• Knox

• Maddox

• Ryder

List of People with the Last Name Doss

Mary DossJames DossMichael DossDavid DossRobert DossJ DossWilliam DossCharles DossJohn DossM DossD DossRichard DossR DossLinda DossThomas DossPatricia DossL DossElizabeth DossJennifer DossChristopher DossA DossDonald DossAngela DossBarbara DossBetty DossLarry DossSusan DossLisa DossKenneth DossKimberly DossDonna DossSteven DossB DossJerry DossChris DossDeborah DossRonald DossMichelle DossStephanie DossAmanda DossJoseph DossBrenda DossDaniel DossDorothy DossDebra DossJessica DossSandra DossBrian DossTimothy DossMelissa DossWillie DossSharon DossCynthia DossSarah DossRaymond DossPamela DossGeorge DossRebecca DossMark DossSteve DossAmy DossBobby DossJeffrey DossKaren DossLawrence DossShirley DossCarolyn DossAshley DossGary DossJason DossJimmy DossMatthew DossAnthony DossTeresa DossPaul DossMargaret DossMike DossBilly DossJoe DossKevin DossCarol DossNancy DossEdward DossKim DossTammy DossGregory DossHelen DossKathy DossDebbie DossTerry DossCatherine DossLaura DossHeather DossChristine DossCindy DossRuth DossJoshua DossAnn DossRandy DossSherry DossHenry DossFrank DossChristina DossDanny DossCheryl DossMartha DossKatherine DossRonnie DossJack DossStephen DossRay DossHarold DossJeffery DossJulie DossVirginia DossCarl DossFrances DossCrystal DossScott DossDiane DossDenise DossJanet DossKelly DossBrandon DossJeremy DossTiffany DossJustin DossRoy DossJamie DossDennis DossMarie DossNicole DossDouglas DossJonathan DossTina DossJudy DossJoyce DossRobin DossCurtis DossTracy DossEric DossAndrew DossDon DossWalter DossStacy DossEugene DossJimmie DossJackie DossDiana DossKathleen DossDoris DossEddie DossApril DossLee DossAnnie DossRuby DossSamuel DossWayne DossMildred DossEmily DossAnna DossAndrea DossShannon DossJacqueline DossFred DossRoger DossWanda DossSue DossDana DossConnie DossJanice DossJean DossRhonda DossBrittany DossTony DossCourtney DossJohnny DossPhillip DossJane DossRachel DossKeith DossVictoria DossMarilyn DossBonnie DossTommy DossSara DossAmber DossJesse DossSheila DossJessie DossAaron DossAlbert DossLouise DossCarla DossRyan DossMaria DossBeverly DossLeslie DossTheresa DossAllen DossCarrie DossCalvin DossSamantha DossGloria DossAlice DossCharlie DossRita DossTonya DossRandall DossMelvin DossJoann DossRicky DossClarence DossBarry DossLois DossEdna DossPatrick DossJudith DossBrandy DossDarrell DossHarry DossFrederick DossTaylor DossPaula DossMarcus DossDanielle DossBryan DossMegan DossJoan DossArthur DossLeonard DossDawn DossDarlene DossBobbie DossEmma DossBenjamin DossGerald DossRodney DossRegina DossHerbert DossNathan DossAlfred DossEarl DossJordan DossErica DossDale DossEvelyn DossAlicia DossJoy DossJulia DossDerek DossLillian DossJacob DossEva DossMattie DossBradley DossFlorence DossNellie DossZachary DossJohnnie DossIrene DossAdam DossElla DossNicholas DossPhyllis DossNathaniel DossSylvia DossBertha DossEllen DossClara DossElsie DossCharlotte DossLillie DossBruce DossTodd DossJuanita DossMarion DossStanley DossTroy DossLester DossAlvin DossCecil DossHoward DossTyler DossJasmine DossMinnie DossJoel DossMarvin DossClayton DossReginald DossBessie DossPauline DossGrace DossLeroy DossElmer DossErnest DossKyle DossMaurice DossDerrick DossHerman Doss