How Many People Are There In The US With The Last Name Dubois?

There are countless people in the United States with the last name Dubois, but just how many people are there exactly? According to the 2010 Census, there are only 8,178 people in the US with the last name Dubois. This means that Dubois is the 9,848th most common last name in the country.So where does the Dubois name come from? It is believed to be derived from the French words "dubois" or "d'ubois", which both mean "of the wood". It is thought that this name was given to someone who lived near a wooded area, or perhaps even someone who was in the woodworking business.

Whether you are one of the 8,178 Americans with the Dubois last name, or you are just curious about this interesting name, I hope you have found this blog post informative.

Which State In The US Has The Largest Population With The Last Name Dubois?

Which State In The US Has The Largest Population With The Last Name Dubois?The answer to this question is Louisiana. According to the 2010 US Census, Louisiana had the highest population of people with the last name Dubois. There were 2,539 people with the last name Dubois in Louisiana, which accounted for 1.1% of the state's population. The second highest population of people with the last name Dubois was in Pennsylvania, where there were 1,919 people with the last name Dubois.

What Are The Most Uncommon Names With The Last Name Dubois?

There are many unusual names in the world, but none more unique than those with the last name Dubois. This name is hardly ever heard outside of France or Belgium, making it one of the most uncommon names in the world. So what are some of the most unique Dubois names out there?The name Dubois is derived from the French word "dubois," which means "woodsman." It is thought that the name was given to someone who lived in or near the woods. And while the Dubois name is not particularly common in France or Belgium, it is more common in other parts of the world. In the United States, for instance, there are nearly 1,500 people with the last name Dubois.

So what are some of the most unique Dubois names out there? Here are a few examples:

Baptiste Dubois: This name is relatively common in France, where it is the 9th most common name.

Francois Dubois: This name is also common in France, where it is the 24th most common name.

Elise Dubois: This name is relatively uncommon, but it is more common in Belgium than in any other country.

Yan Dubois: This name is unique to Canada.

There are many other unique Dubois names out there, but these are some of the most interesting ones. If you are looking for a unique name for your child, then the name Dubois may be a good option.

List of People with the Last Name Dubois

D DuboisMichael DuboisJohn DuboisM DuboisJoseph DuboisRobert DuboisMary DuboisJames DuboisR DuboisJ DuboisWilliam DuboisDavid DuboisRichard DuboisPaul DuboisJennifer DuboisCharles DuboisMichelle DuboisElizabeth DuboisLinda DuboisPatricia DuboisA DuboisSusan DuboisL DuboisDaniel DuboisThomas DuboisLisa DuboisBarbara DuboisDonald DuboisRaymond DuboisMarie DuboisMargaret DuboisChris DuboisEdward DuboisChristopher DuboisJean DuboisGeorge DuboisDeborah DuboisDonna DuboisKenneth DuboisSteven DuboisKaren DuboisJessica DuboisNancy DuboisNicole DuboisRonald DuboisDiane DuboisMark DuboisCarol DuboisKimberly DuboisMatthew DuboisMelissa DuboisKathleen DuboisBrian DuboisSharon DuboisChristine DuboisGary DuboisArthur DuboisCatherine DuboisCynthia DuboisDanielle DuboisHelen DuboisSandra DuboisLaura DuboisAnn DuboisAlbert DuboisAmy DuboisDebra DuboisJanet DuboisJason DuboisAngela DuboisJeffrey DuboisScott DuboisDenise DuboisDennis DuboisDorothy DuboisCheryl DuboisKatherine DuboisKevin DuboisSarah DuboisDouglas DuboisSteve DuboisTheresa DuboisAndrew DuboisLouis DuboisKelly DuboisRebecca DuboisPamela DuboisJoshua DuboisKim DuboisAnna DuboisTimothy DuboisAnthony DuboisAshley DuboisBrenda DuboisEric DuboisJulie DuboisStephen DuboisRoger DuboisDawn DuboisStephanie DuboisRuth DuboisJacqueline DuboisBetty DuboisAmanda DuboisHeather DuboisAlice DuboisSuzanne DuboisRose DuboisLori DuboisPeter DuboisPhilip DuboisShirley DuboisVirginia DuboisBrandon DuboisMichele DuboisCarolyn DuboisHenry DuboisLarry DuboisJoan DuboisGerald DuboisCindy DuboisLeo DuboisJudith DuboisJane DuboisGregory DuboisMaria DuboisLeslie DuboisAnne DuboisLawrence DuboisMartha DuboisNorman DuboisFrancis DuboisEvelyn DuboisNicholas DuboisTammy DuboisBenjamin DuboisRyan DuboisHarold DuboisRobin DuboisFrank DuboisFlorence DuboisJerry DuboisAndrea DuboisJanice DuboisMarc DuboisRenee DuboisFrances DuboisJudy DuboisLouise DuboisChristina DuboisJoyce DuboisRachel DuboisPaula DuboisMaurice DuboisJamie DuboisTerry DuboisLynn DuboisEmily DuboisIrene DuboisFred DuboisDoris DuboisWendy DuboisJeanne DuboisRene DuboisAndre DuboisKathryn DuboisDiana DuboisGail DuboisCathy DuboisJonathan DuboisFrederick DuboisMarilyn DuboisConnie DuboisErnest DuboisRita DuboisCarl DuboisJustin DuboisJon DuboisRoland DuboisBeverly DuboisNatalie DuboisVictoria DuboisLauren DuboisTina DuboisWalter DuboisPhillip DuboisEugene DuboisPatrick DuboisSherry DuboisMegan DuboisJack DuboisWayne DuboisMarjorie DuboisShannon DuboisJoanne DuboisKeith DuboisPauline DuboisAmber DuboisTiffany DuboisEdna DuboisTracy DuboisAlfred DuboisCrystal DuboisSara DuboisDale DuboisSheila DuboisMarion DuboisBruce DuboisMonique DuboisBonnie DuboisPierre DuboisLillian DuboisAnnette DuboisJacob DuboisLorraine DuboisKyle DuboisYvonne DuboisJacques DuboisDana DuboisCraig DuboisGlenn DuboisRalph DuboisClaire DuboisBrittany DuboisEarl DuboisJeremy DuboisCourtney DuboisGrace DuboisClarence DuboisGloria DuboisLois DuboisAlexander DuboisRhonda DuboisLee DuboisSamuel DuboisSamantha DuboisValerie DuboisHerbert DuboisElaine DuboisTheodore DuboisAlan DuboisMichel DuboisJulia DuboisPeggy DuboisHolly DuboisLucille DuboisArmand DuboisShawn DuboisAllen DuboisAnnie DuboisConstance DuboisDean DuboisApril DuboisEmma DuboisRussell DuboisMonica DuboisGladys DuboisMildred DuboisTodd DuboisAaron DuboisTara DuboisJeannette DuboisChad DuboisBeatrice DuboisDolores DuboisPhyllis DuboisDerek DuboisJosephine DuboisVictor DuboisClaude DuboisTyler DuboisCharlotte DuboisHoward DuboisGertrude DuboisBernard DuboisClifford DuboisGerard DuboisDominique DuboisNathan DuboisSean DuboisEdith DuboisElsie DuboisGilbert DuboisStanley DuboisWarren DuboisJesse DuboisEva DuboisAdam DuboisLeon DuboisEleanor DuboisRodney DuboisMarcel DuboisTroy DuboisNorma DuboisLoretta DuboisNormand DuboisTravis DuboisFloyd DuboisEllen DuboisHarry Dubois