What Is The History Of The Last Name Durham?

Many people wonder about the origins of their last name. What is the history of the name Durham? Where does it come from?The name Durham comes from the city of Durham, England. The city of Durham was founded in 995 AD by the Saxon Earl, Siward of Northumbria. The name Durham is derived from the Old English words "dun" meaning "hill" and "hurst" meaning "wood".

The city of Durham prospered and grew in size and importance throughout the Middle Ages. It became a center of learning and culture, and the home of the Durham Cathedral. The name Durham began to be used as a last name for people who lived in or near the city of Durham.

Today, the name Durham is found all over the world. People with the name Durham come from countries such as the United States, Canada, Australia, and New Zealand. They are proud to be associated with the city of Durham, England, and the history and traditions of the name Durham.

Are There Any Famous People In History With The Last Name Durham?

There are many famous people in history with the last name Durham. For example, James Durham, an English preacher and theologian, was born in 1622 and died in 1658. He was a leader of the Presbyterian movement in England. Another famous person with the last name Durham is Dennis Durham, an American basketball player who played for the Los Angeles Lakers and other teams in the NBA.

Where Does The Last Name Durham Rank In The Most Common US Names?

There are many lists of the most common US names, but not all of them are up-to-date. The most recent list I could find is from the Social Security Administration, which is from 2014. According to that list, the last name Durham is the 2,631st most common US name.There are many factors that go into how common or rare a name is. Some of the factors include how long the name has been around, how many people are currently using the name, and how popular the name is in different parts of the country.

There are some names that are more common in some states than others. For example, the name Jordan is more common in the western states, while the name Samantha is more common in the east.

There are also some names that are more common among certain ethnic groups. For example, the name Mohammed is more common among Muslims, while the name Maria is more common among Latinos.

So, while the last name Durham is not one of the most common US names, it is still relatively common. And, it is likely to continue to be one of the more common US names for years to come.

List of People with the Last Name Durham

Betty DurhamBarbara DurhamElizabeth DurhamWilliam DurhamDeborah DurhamRichard DurhamMary DurhamJennifer DurhamMichael DurhamJoseph DurhamKenneth DurhamPatricia DurhamSusan DurhamThomas DurhamB DurhamCharles DurhamLisa DurhamAngela DurhamJames DurhamRobert DurhamJohn DurhamJ DurhamLinda DurhamChristopher DurhamDavid DurhamRonald DurhamGeorge DurhamChris DurhamDonald DurhamKaren DurhamSharon DurhamMichelle DurhamSandra DurhamSarah DurhamDonna DurhamKimberly DurhamAmanda DurhamJessica DurhamPaul DurhamCarol DurhamSteven DurhamMelissa DurhamDaniel DurhamMark DurhamMargaret DurhamEdward DurhamAshley DurhamDebra DurhamDorothy DurhamLarry DurhamJeffrey DurhamJerry DurhamRebecca DurhamAnthony DurhamCynthia DurhamDebbie DurhamBill DurhamAmy DurhamTimothy DurhamNancy DurhamJoe DurhamMatthew DurhamLaura DurhamBrenda DurhamSteve DurhamJason DurhamGary DurhamTammy DurhamKim DurhamBrian DurhamHelen DurhamJeff DurhamCarolyn DurhamRuth DurhamPamela DurhamFrank DurhamTerry DurhamJoshua DurhamKathy DurhamTeresa DurhamBobby DurhamWillie DurhamDiane DurhamAnn DurhamHeather DurhamKelly DurhamStephen DurhamBilly DurhamJack DurhamRaymond DurhamStephanie DurhamScott DurhamChristine DurhamWalter DurhamHarold DurhamMartha DurhamAndrew DurhamJoyce DurhamLawrence DurhamFrances DurhamCarl DurhamJudy DurhamCindy DurhamShirley DurhamJanice DurhamTina DurhamAnnie DurhamKatherine DurhamKevin DurhamKathleen DurhamAnna DurhamJanet DurhamCatherine DurhamTracy DurhamVirginia DurhamGregory DurhamJeffery DurhamDenise DurhamJamie DurhamRoy DurhamEric DurhamCheryl DurhamChristina DurhamJulie DurhamRachel DurhamJim DurhamWayne DurhamSheila DurhamJonathan DurhamSamuel DurhamNicole DurhamDouglas DurhamCrystal DurhamBenjamin DurhamDennis DurhamClarence DurhamBrandon DurhamRobin DurhamLee DurhamPatrick DurhamDoris DurhamEddie DurhamBeverly DurhamRay DurhamRhonda DurhamDiana DurhamLori DurhamDon DurhamJimmy DurhamRalph DurhamJesse DurhamShannon DurhamPeggy DurhamConnie DurhamEmily DurhamKeith DurhamCathy DurhamMarie DurhamJudith DurhamJean DurhamJackie DurhamPhyllis DurhamHenry DurhamJacqueline DurhamKathryn DurhamGloria DurhamWanda DurhamTheresa DurhamDanny DurhamApril DurhamSherry DurhamEvelyn DurhamLeslie DurhamRyan DurhamAlbert DurhamDawn DurhamAlice DurhamLynn DurhamErnest DurhamRandy DurhamFred DurhamRuby DurhamSue DurhamSara DurhamAndrea DurhamJustin DurhamBonnie DurhamDanielle DurhamTiffany DurhamJessie DurhamLouise DurhamSamantha DurhamMildred DurhamGerald DurhamJane DurhamBrittany DurhamEdna DurhamRose DurhamCharlie DurhamPhillip DurhamMaria DurhamBruce DurhamHoward DurhamShawn DurhamCarrie DurhamJoan DurhamCalvin DurhamEarl DurhamTravis DurhamAmber DurhamGrace DurhamRussell DurhamMarilyn DurhamDarrell DurhamCourtney DurhamWendy DurhamJacob DurhamLois DurhamEugene DurhamThelma DurhamPaula DurhamDana DurhamDale DurhamKyle DurhamNathan DurhamErica DurhamGail DurhamJohnny DurhamEva DurhamRonnie DurhamRandall DurhamMegan DurhamDarlene DurhamHarry DurhamTony DurhamArthur DurhamCurtis DurhamLillie DurhamBessie DurhamRoger DurhamJuanita DurhamJeremy DurhamAaron DurhamEmma DurhamCharlotte DurhamMarion DurhamVictoria DurhamMarcus DurhamJay DurhamTyler DurhamTommy DurhamNicholas DurhamLucille DurhamRicky DurhamMelvin DurhamZachary DurhamJordan DurhamEthel DurhamIrene DurhamMarvin DurhamDustin DurhamRodney DurhamFloyd DurhamEdith DurhamMattie DurhamAdam DurhamJerome DurhamLeonard DurhamTaylor DurhamHannah DurhamAllen DurhamSylvia DurhamTroy DurhamBernard DurhamJohnnie DurhamAndre DurhamLillian DurhamBradley DurhamHazel DurhamNorma DurhamCorey DurhamCasey DurhamBarry DurhamClyde DurhamPauline DurhamJulia DurhamAlvin DurhamLloyd DurhamClaude DurhamCody DurhamSean DurhamClara DurhamGlenn DurhamIda DurhamStanley DurhamCecil DurhamDerrick DurhamNorman DurhamClifford DurhamAustin Durham