What Is The History Of The Last Name Eldridge?

The last name Eldridge has a long and interesting history. This name has been around for centuries and has been passed down through many families. So what is the history of the last name Eldridge?The Eldridge name first appears in the records in the early 1100s. At this time, it was only used by the nobility. Over the years, the name slowly began to spread to other parts of society. By the 1800s, it was fairly common.

There are several theories about the origins of the Eldridge name. One theory is that it is derived from the Anglo-Saxon name Aelfric. This name means “elf ruler” or “king of the elves”. Another theory is that it is derived from the Old Norse word elfr, which means “elf”.

The Eldridge name has been passed down through many families over the years. Some of the most well-known Eldridge families include the Rockefeller family, the Vanderbilt family, and the Kennedy family.

So what is the history of the last name Eldridge? The Eldridge name has been around for centuries and has been passed down through many families. It is derived from the Anglo-Saxon name Aelfric or the Old Norse word elfr. It is also associated with some of the most well-known families in history.

Are There Any Famous People In History With The Last Name Eldridge?

There are many people in history with the last name Eldridge. However, are there any famous people with the last name Eldridge?One famous person with the last name Eldridge is the musician and actor Dennis Eldridge. He is most famous for being a member of the band Blues Brothers 2000.

Another famous person with the last name Eldridge is the actress and singer Della Reese. She is most famous for her roles in the TV show Touched by an Angel and the movie Harlem Nights.

There are many other people in history with the last name Eldridge who are not as famous as Dennis Eldridge or Della Reese. However, they are all still interesting and worth learning about.

Where Does The Last Name Eldridge Rank In The Most Common US Names?

There are a lot of things to think about when it comes to choosing a name for your baby. You want something that is unique, but also something that will be easy to spell and pronunciation. You also want to make sure the name is not too popular, or you may have a lot of kids in your child's class with the same name.One name that you may want to consider is Eldridge. According to the Social Security Administration, Eldridge is the 190th most popular name in the United States. This means that it is not too popular, but it is also not too obscure.

If you are looking for a name that is both unique and easy to spell, Eldridge may be a good choice for you.

List of People with the Last Name Eldridge

Mary EldridgeCharles EldridgeDavid EldridgeJames EldridgeWilliam EldridgeJennifer EldridgeMichael EldridgeJ EldridgeD EldridgeRobert EldridgeJohn EldridgeC EldridgePatricia EldridgeRichard EldridgeR EldridgeThomas EldridgeBarbara EldridgeElizabeth EldridgeLinda EldridgeMark EldridgeDonald EldridgeSusan EldridgeK EldridgeKaren EldridgeLisa EldridgeKenneth EldridgeJoseph EldridgeA EldridgeGeorge EldridgeSteven EldridgeChris EldridgeMargaret EldridgePaul EldridgeChristopher EldridgeMichelle EldridgeDeborah EldridgeDaniel EldridgeRonald EldridgeDonna EldridgeNancy EldridgeKimberly EldridgeCarol EldridgeMelissa EldridgeBetty EldridgeAmanda EldridgeRebecca EldridgeDorothy EldridgeSandra EldridgeBrian EldridgeEdward EldridgeJessica EldridgeLaura EldridgeAmy EldridgeLarry EldridgeMatthew EldridgeStephen EldridgeJeffrey EldridgeSarah EldridgeBrenda EldridgeSharon EldridgeKevin EldridgeScott EldridgeAngela EldridgeSteve EldridgeHelen EldridgeGary EldridgeAnthony EldridgeTimothy EldridgeStephanie EldridgeBill EldridgePamela EldridgeJason EldridgeCynthia EldridgeAshley EldridgeAnn EldridgeKathy EldridgeFrank EldridgeKim EldridgeRaymond EldridgeRuth EldridgeJoshua EldridgeAndrew EldridgeDebra EldridgeCheryl EldridgeJulie EldridgeHeather EldridgeJeff EldridgeTammy EldridgeKathleen EldridgeKelly EldridgeJack EldridgeDiane EldridgeCarolyn EldridgeCarl EldridgeJoe EldridgeChristine EldridgeShirley EldridgeJerry EldridgeKatherine EldridgeVirginia EldridgeAlice EldridgeJoyce EldridgeJudy EldridgeLawrence EldridgeJanice EldridgeGregory EldridgeDouglas EldridgeJanet EldridgeBilly EldridgeTracy EldridgeChristina EldridgeTerry EldridgeTina EldridgeHenry EldridgeCrystal EldridgeJonathan EldridgeAnna EldridgeBrandon EldridgeWillie EldridgeRobin EldridgeMarie EldridgeDenise EldridgeWayne EldridgeJustin EldridgeArthur EldridgeNicole EldridgeCathy EldridgeTeresa EldridgeRoger EldridgeHoward EldridgeDennis EldridgeJean EldridgeCarrie EldridgeJudith EldridgeCatherine EldridgeLori EldridgeAmber EldridgeJacqueline EldridgeBenjamin EldridgeEric EldridgeFrances EldridgeBonnie EldridgeDawn EldridgeMartha EldridgeRachel EldridgeDanielle EldridgeBruce EldridgeLeslie EldridgeBobby EldridgeMildred EldridgeEmily EldridgeKeith EldridgeRyan EldridgeFred EldridgeHarold EldridgeRay EldridgeErnest EldridgeKathryn EldridgeJane EldridgeDana EldridgeRussell EldridgeRandy EldridgeLynn EldridgeJamie EldridgeLee EldridgeRoy EldridgeDoris EldridgeWalter EldridgeJim EldridgeSherry EldridgeMarilyn EldridgeClarence EldridgeRalph EldridgeJoan EldridgePeter EldridgeRhonda EldridgeBrittany EldridgePhyllis EldridgeTheresa EldridgeEvelyn EldridgePhillip EldridgeVictoria EldridgeShannon EldridgeDiana EldridgePaula EldridgeDale EldridgeGail EldridgeGerald EldridgeConnie EldridgeRose EldridgeBeth EldridgeEdna EldridgePatrick EldridgeWanda EldridgeCurtis EldridgeTiffany EldridgeAaron EldridgeErin EldridgeSamantha EldridgeJacob EldridgeHarry EldridgeSamuel EldridgeEarl EldridgeAlbert EldridgeBeverly EldridgeNathan EldridgeAndrea EldridgeNicholas EldridgeSheila EldridgeAdam EldridgeRandall EldridgeElaine EldridgeEugene EldridgeApril EldridgeLillian EldridgeWendy EldridgeSean EldridgeHannah EldridgeJessie EldridgeGloria EldridgeKyle EldridgeJesse EldridgeCharlotte EldridgeMarion EldridgePeggy EldridgeCourtney EldridgeBryan EldridgeJeremy EldridgeJimmy EldridgePhilip EldridgeTony EldridgeJulia EldridgeJordan EldridgeBillie EldridgeEthel EldridgeLouise EldridgeLloyd EldridgeRita EldridgeAlan EldridgeClyde EldridgeNorma EldridgeThelma EldridgeFlorence EldridgeFrancis EldridgeLois EldridgeHazel EldridgeGlenn EldridgeIrene EldridgeDanny EldridgeAnnie EldridgeRegina EldridgeGrace EldridgeTyler EldridgeTommy EldridgeEmma EldridgeLeonard EldridgeCraig EldridgeLauren EldridgeRuby EldridgeStanley EldridgeAllen EldridgeRodney EldridgeEllen EldridgeShawn EldridgeJuanita EldridgeCalvin EldridgeGladys EldridgeRicky EldridgeZachary EldridgeWarren EldridgeHerbert EldridgeEdith EldridgeTaylor EldridgeJohnnie EldridgeKayla EldridgeRoberta EldridgeLester EldridgeCassandra EldridgeJosephine EldridgeAustin EldridgeLeon EldridgeNorman EldridgeEva EldridgeCody EldridgeVernon EldridgeJay EldridgeBradley EldridgeBertha EldridgeBarry EldridgeDustin EldridgeFranklin EldridgeDarrell EldridgeTravis EldridgeCorey EldridgeWilma EldridgeBernard EldridgeClaude EldridgeLewis EldridgeMelvin EldridgeMarvin Eldridge