How Many People Are There In The US With The Last Name Emery?

Emery is the 137th most common surname in the US, with a population of approximately 36,000. Interestingly, this name is more common in the west than in the east, with the highest concentration in Utah. There is no definitive answer as to where the name Emery comes from, but it is thought to be of French origin.

Which State In The US Has The Largest Population With The Last Name Emery?

There are many different Emery families in the United States, but which state has the largest population with the last name Emery? According to the 2010 United States Census, the state with the largest population of Emerys is California. There were 8,521 people in California with the last name Emery. The next closest states were Texas (4,674 Emerys) and Illinois (4,023 Emerys).

What Are The Most Uncommon Names With The Last Name Emery?

There are many unusual last names in the world, but Emery is not one of them. In the United States, there are approximately 5,000 people who have the last name Emery. This makes it the 3,964th most common name in the country. So, what are some of the most uncommon names with the last name Emery?The first name that comes to mind is Apple. There are only nine people in the United States who have this name. The second name is Jae. There are only eight people in the United States with this name. The third name is Zane. There are only seven people in the United States with this name.

These are just a few of the most uncommon names with the last name Emery. Do you know of any others? If so, please share them in the comments below.

List of People with the Last Name Emery

Mary EmeryCharles EmeryElizabeth EmeryD EmeryJohn EmeryJames EmeryJ EmeryMichael EmeryRobert EmeryWilliam EmeryDavid EmeryThomas EmeryRichard EmeryC EmeryS EmeryDonald EmeryLinda EmeryJennifer EmerySusan EmeryPatricia EmeryMark EmeryBarbara EmeryGeorge EmeryMargaret EmeryJoseph EmeryLisa EmerySteven EmeryChris EmeryChristopher EmeryDaniel EmeryKaren EmeryKenneth EmeryPaul EmeryMichelle EmeryDeborah EmerySarah EmeryEdward EmeryKathleen EmeryNancy EmeryLaura EmerySteve EmeryBrian EmeryHelen EmeryCarol EmeryRonald EmeryKimberly EmeryScott EmeryMelissa EmeryDorothy EmeryDonna EmeryBetty EmeryStephen EmeryTimothy EmeryAmanda EmerySandra EmeryRuth EmerySharon EmeryMatthew EmeryStephanie EmeryRebecca EmeryGary EmeryCatherine EmeryKevin EmeryKim EmeryJason EmeryEric EmeryMike EmeryCynthia EmeryJulie EmeryW EmeryAngela EmeryAnn EmeryJessica EmeryKatherine EmeryPamela EmeryChristine EmeryKathy EmeryJanet EmeryBrenda EmeryRaymond EmeryCheryl EmeryAmy EmeryJoe EmeryMarie EmeryJeff EmeryChristina EmeryLarry EmeryShirley EmeryHeather EmeryDennis EmeryJeffrey EmeryVirginia EmeryDebra EmeryAnna EmeryDon EmeryWalter EmeryDenise EmeryAndrew EmeryDiane EmeryAlice EmeryKelly EmeryDouglas EmeryTeresa EmeryFrank EmeryKathryn EmeryAshley EmeryHarold EmeryRalph EmeryJean EmeryRyan EmeryJane EmeryJoshua EmeryLori EmeryNicole EmeryJerry EmeryCarolyn EmeryAnthony EmeryTheresa EmeryJoan EmeryRoger EmeryJamie EmeryRobin EmeryJeffery EmeryLawrence EmeryJack EmeryRachel EmeryJoyce EmeryArthur EmeryTerry EmeryTammy EmeryJanice EmeryShannon EmeryCindy EmeryJudith EmeryLee EmeryJonathan EmeryDawn EmeryRose EmeryConnie EmeryVictoria EmeryPatrick EmeryCarl EmeryMegan EmeryRay EmeryJudy EmeryMartha EmeryFrances EmeryMarilyn EmeryEugene EmeryNicholas EmeryDale EmeryDoris EmeryAndrea EmeryKeith EmeryJustin EmeryEarl EmeryBenjamin EmeryBonnie EmeryErnest EmeryLynn EmeryFred EmeryTracy EmerySara EmeryBeverly EmeryGerald EmeryAaron EmeryDanielle EmeryFlorence EmeryTina EmeryMichele EmeryAmber EmeryAlbert EmeryHoward EmeryJulia EmeryRussell EmeryAnne EmeryPaula EmeryHarry EmeryClarence EmeryCrystal EmeryRhonda EmeryGrace EmeryBruce EmeryMaria EmeryMildred EmeryLeslie EmeryWendy EmeryLauren EmeryErin EmeryEdith EmeryEllen EmeryJacqueline EmeryGregory EmeryEvelyn EmeryKyle EmeryPeter EmeryCharlotte EmerySherry EmeryTodd EmerySheila EmeryJacob EmeryJill EmeryWayne EmeryAdam EmeryBrandon EmeryDana EmeryJon EmeryRoy EmeryElaine EmeryIrene EmeryCarrie EmeryLouise EmeryJoann EmeryFrancis EmeryMarjorie EmeryTyler EmeryDiana EmeryGloria EmeryEmily EmeryApril EmeryHenry EmeryRandy EmerySamantha EmeryLillian EmeryAnita EmeryEleanor EmeryKristin EmerySamuel EmeryPhyllis EmeryTiffany EmeryLaurie EmeryCraig EmeryJesse EmeryJoanne EmeryNathan EmeryChad EmerySean EmeryHannah EmeryShawn EmeryBilly EmeryLois EmeryWanda EmeryEdna EmeryBradley EmeryClifford EmeryPeggy EmeryNorman EmeryDarlene EmerySally EmeryCaroline EmeryHolly EmeryLeonard EmeryMarion EmeryAustin EmeryHazel EmeryPauline EmeryFrederick EmeryLouis EmeryCourtney EmeryPhilip EmeryRandall EmeryTaylor EmeryLloyd EmeryBrittany EmeryAudrey EmeryBryan EmeryEthel EmeryGlenn EmeryEmma EmeryAllen EmeryMarvin EmeryGladys EmeryThelma EmeryEsther EmeryJordan EmeryAlfred EmeryFloyd EmeryRodney EmeryAlexander EmeryTravis EmeryStanley EmeryLorraine EmeryAnnie EmeryEileen EmeryNorma EmeryHarvey EmeryGertrude EmeryElsie EmeryBeatrice EmeryCurtis EmeryWarren EmeryCecil EmeryChelsea EmeryClara EmeryAlvin EmeryMelvin EmeryDerek EmeryMaurice EmeryHerbert EmeryEdwin Emery