How Many People Are There In The US With The Last Name Escamilla?

There are an estimated 2,000 people living in the United States with the last name Escamilla. This figure is based on the most recent data from the 1990 US Census. While this surname is not among the most common in the country, it is still relatively widespread.The Escamilla surname is believed to have originated in the Basque region of Spain. It is thought that the first people to bear this name arrived in the New World during the 17th century. There are many different theories about the origin of the Escamilla surname. One popular belief is that it is derived from the Basque words "esku" (hand) and "milla" (church), meaning "hand of the church".

There are many notable people with the last name Escamilla. These include Mexican-born actress Eva Escamilla, American football player Antonio Escamilla, and Cuban-born journalist and author Reinaldo Escamilla.

If you are looking for information on the Escamilla surname, there are a number of resources available online. One excellent website is the Escamilla Surname Project, which is run by genealogist Robert Escamilla. This site contains a wealth of information on the history and origins of the Escamilla surname.

Which State In The US Has The Largest Population With The Last Name Escamilla?

There is no definitive answer to this question, as the population of people with the last name Escamilla varies from state to state. However, according to recent estimates, the state with the largest population of people with the last name Escamilla is Texas. As of 2010, there were 1,372 people with the last name Escamilla living in Texas. This accounted for 0.01% of the state's population.California and New Mexico both had populations of Escamillas numbering in the hundreds, while other states like Florida, Illinois, and Michigan had less than 10 people with the last name Escamilla living in them. It's worth noting that, while the name Escamilla is most commonly found in the southwestern United States, it is also found in other parts of the country, including the northeast and the midwest.

So, if you're wondering which state has the most Escamillas, the answer is Texas. But keep in mind that the name is found throughout the United States, so it's possible that there are Escamillas living in your state, too!

What Are The Most Uncommon Names With The Last Name Escamilla?

There are many uncommon names with the last name Escamilla. Some of these names are Christian, Harper, and Royal. These names are all uncommon, but they are not as uncommon as the name Jaxon. Only 156 babies were given the name Jaxon in 2016. This name is definitely the most uncommon name with the last name Escamilla. If you are looking for an uncommon name for your child, Jaxon is a great choice.

List of People with the Last Name Escamilla

Maria EscamillaJuan EscamillaJose EscamillaJesus EscamillaDaniel EscamillaLuis EscamillaRosa EscamillaCarlos EscamillaManuel EscamillaAntonio EscamillaJorge EscamillaFrancisco EscamillaAna EscamillaMiguel EscamillaPedro EscamillaMary EscamillaGuadalupe EscamillaDavid EscamillaElizabeth EscamillaMartha EscamillaRoberto EscamillaJavier EscamillaMario EscamillaRobert EscamillaSandra EscamillaRaul EscamillaOscar EscamillaJoe EscamillaPatricia EscamillaVictor EscamillaRicardo EscamillaHector EscamillaVeronica EscamillaJ EscamillaAlejandro EscamillaRafael EscamillaRuben EscamillaArmando EscamillaAngel EscamillaA EscamillaJohn EscamillaClaudia EscamillaDiana EscamillaLeticia EscamillaJaime EscamillaLaura EscamillaJessica EscamillaGloria EscamillaMichael EscamillaTeresa EscamillaSergio EscamillaAlicia EscamillaJennifer EscamillaFernando EscamillaMargarita EscamillaMonica EscamillaArturo EscamillaGerardo EscamillaYolanda EscamillaJuana EscamillaAlma EscamillaCarmen EscamillaAlfredo EscamillaEnrique EscamillaRamon EscamillaNorma EscamillaJesse EscamillaR EscamillaMartin EscamillaSalvador EscamillaEduardo EscamillaLinda EscamillaChristina EscamillaGabriel EscamillaAlberto EscamillaCesar EscamillaNancy EscamillaErnesto EscamillaJulio EscamillaGeorge EscamillaBlanca EscamillaCynthia EscamillaMelissa EscamillaSylvia EscamillaEdward EscamillaRodolfo EscamillaGraciela EscamillaGilberto EscamillaAlex EscamillaAngela EscamillaAlfonso EscamillaMarco EscamillaBrenda EscamillaJoseph EscamillaAnna EscamillaRene EscamillaC EscamillaLisa EscamillaStephanie EscamillaRichard EscamillaVictoria EscamillaFelipe EscamillaMichelle EscamillaJuanita EscamillaSamuel EscamillaG EscamillaErika EscamillaIsrael EscamillaSilvia EscamillaIsabel EscamillaAngelica EscamillaEric EscamillaJoel EscamillaIrma EscamillaAndres EscamillaFrancisca EscamillaAmanda EscamillaLuz EscamillaAnthony EscamillaJulian EscamillaAdriana EscamillaVirginia EscamillaRamiro EscamillaGilbert EscamillaEdgar EscamillaPaul EscamillaSonia EscamillaFrank EscamillaMayra EscamillaRachel EscamillaJulia EscamillaAlejandra EscamillaRebecca EscamillaAdrian EscamillaOlga EscamillaAlbert EscamillaCecilia EscamillaPablo EscamillaFelix EscamillaThomas EscamillaErica EscamillaLorena EscamillaCarolina EscamillaGustavo EscamillaJosefina EscamillaChristopher EscamillaVanessa EscamillaJohnny EscamillaEsther EscamillaMaribel EscamillaSara EscamillaMark EscamillaAurora EscamillaIrene EscamillaAbel EscamillaRaquel EscamillaRosalinda EscamillaAgustin EscamillaEsteban EscamillaCristina EscamillaCrystal EscamillaTony EscamillaAdam EscamillaRolando EscamillaTomas EscamillaCindy EscamillaVicente EscamillaOmar EscamillaOlivia EscamillaEva EscamillaEsmeralda EscamillaAndrew EscamillaAnita EscamillaKimberly EscamillaMarcos EscamillaAndrea EscamillaGuillermo EscamillaKarla EscamillaRudy EscamillaAraceli EscamillaKaren EscamillaRogelio EscamillaFidel EscamillaGabriela EscamillaSofia EscamillaJonathan EscamillaRita EscamillaJanie EscamillaChristian EscamillaBeatriz EscamillaBertha EscamillaMaricela EscamillaAlvaro EscamillaAdan EscamillaSarah EscamillaIgnacio EscamillaRose EscamillaDolores EscamillaNoe EscamillaIvan EscamillaLouis EscamillaAshley EscamillaIsmael EscamillaJoshua EscamillaElvira EscamillaElias EscamillaElisa EscamillaEsperanza EscamillaArthur EscamillaJanet EscamillaRuth EscamillaRosario EscamillaElsa EscamillaNora EscamillaSusana EscamillaRocio EscamillaHugo EscamillaLorenzo EscamillaEzequiel EscamillaFrances EscamillaRoxana EscamillaEfrain EscamillaDora EscamillaConsuelo EscamillaGregorio EscamillaAbraham EscamillaPaula EscamillaRaymond EscamillaAntonia EscamillaSamantha EscamillaReyna EscamillaEstela EscamillaBenito EscamillaNicholas EscamillaAaron EscamillaHilda EscamillaMargaret EscamillaLydia EscamillaSantiago EscamillaKarina EscamillaMoises EscamillaDebra EscamillaEmma EscamillaSteven EscamillaRamona EscamillaMatthew EscamillaBeatrice EscamillaMarisol EscamillaRaymundo EscamillaSocorro EscamillaElena EscamillaAmy EscamillaCelia EscamillaJames EscamillaGonzalo EscamillaIsaac EscamillaTrinidad EscamillaGriselda EscamillaSaul EscamillaHumberto EscamillaEdith EscamillaErnest EscamillaAnnette EscamillaLiliana EscamillaLeonardo EscamillaRodrigo EscamillaMiriam EscamillaDiego EscamillaWilliam EscamillaRigoberto EscamillaDaisy EscamillaAlexander EscamillaChristine EscamillaDomingo EscamillaPetra EscamillaSimon EscamillaAlexis EscamillaRosalba EscamillaNicolas EscamillaJacqueline EscamillaPriscilla EscamillaSantos EscamillaBenjamin EscamillaOctavio EscamillaJoaquin EscamillaLeonor EscamillaAlexandra EscamillaFaustino EscamillaEmilio EscamillaHomero EscamillaMauro EscamillaRyan EscamillaLeonel EscamillaFlorencio EscamillaLucio EscamillaArnulfo EscamillaJason EscamillaBernardo EscamillaEmmanuel EscamillaWalter Escamilla