What Is The History Of The Last Name Esparza?

There are many myths and legends surrounding the history of the last name Esparza. Some say that it is a Basque name, while others claim that it is of Moorish origin. What is the truth behind this name?The first documented occurrence of the name Esparza was in the year 1066, when a man named Gomez Esparza appeared in a document from the town of Estella, in the Basque region of Spain. Some believe that the name is of Basque origin, meaning "Spear" or "Arrow". Others believe that it is of Moorish origin, meaning "Master of Horses".

The history of the last name Esparza is a fascinating one, and is still the subject of much debate and speculation. What is known for certain is that the name has been around for centuries, and that it is derived from a place or a person of significance. Whatever the true origin of the name may be, it is clear that it is steeped in history and tradition.

Are There Any Famous People In History With The Last Name Esparza?

There are many people in history with the last name Esparza, but only a few of them are famous. One of the most famous Esparzas is Manuel Esparza, who was a Mexican general and politician. He fought in the Mexican-American War and became the governor of Zacatecas.Another famous Esparza is Eddie Esparza, who is a professional boxer. He has held several world titles in different weight classes, and is considered one of the best pound-for-pound fighters in the world.

There are also a few Esparzas who are famous for their achievements in other fields. For example, there is Jorge Esparza, who is a world-renowned architect, and Danny Esparza, who is a successful singer and songwriter.

So, are there any famous people in history with the last name Esparza? The answer is definitely yes!

Where Does The Last Name Esparza Rank In The Most Common US Names?

There are many US surnames, but which one ranks the highest in terms of frequency? According to a recent study, the last name Esparza is one of the most common surnames in America. In fact, it ranks in at number 31 on the list.There are many different factors that contribute to the popularity of a name. For example, a name may be common because it is passed down from generation to generation, or because it is frequently used in a particular region or ethnicity.

Esparza is a common Spanish surname, so it is not surprising that it is so popular in America. In fact, there are over 520,000 people in the US with the last name Esparza. If you are looking for a unique name for your baby, you may want to consider one of the other most common US surnames.

Some of the most popular US surnames include Smith, Johnson, Williams, and Brown. So if you are looking for a name that will be unique, but also easy to pronounce and spell, you may want to consider one of these options.

List of People with the Last Name Esparza

Mary EsparzaGuadalupe EsparzaRobert EsparzaRaul EsparzaCarlos EsparzaMaria EsparzaRosa EsparzaMartha EsparzaManuel EsparzaAntonio EsparzaJesus EsparzaElizabeth EsparzaDaniel EsparzaJose EsparzaMiguel EsparzaJ EsparzaSergio EsparzaJorge EsparzaFrancisco EsparzaMario EsparzaLuis EsparzaJuan EsparzaRicardo EsparzaDavid EsparzaMichael EsparzaAna EsparzaRuben EsparzaRoberto EsparzaJavier EsparzaVeronica EsparzaPatricia EsparzaJoe EsparzaPedro EsparzaSandra EsparzaLaura EsparzaVictor EsparzaM EsparzaTeresa EsparzaClaudia EsparzaJessica EsparzaMartin EsparzaHector EsparzaCarmen EsparzaJohn EsparzaAlejandro EsparzaFernando EsparzaGloria EsparzaNorma EsparzaRamon EsparzaRafael EsparzaSalvador EsparzaJennifer EsparzaOscar EsparzaMonica EsparzaAlfredo EsparzaYolanda EsparzaEduardo EsparzaJuana EsparzaRichard EsparzaGerardo EsparzaJesse EsparzaArmando EsparzaDiana EsparzaErnesto EsparzaArturo EsparzaAnthony EsparzaEnrique EsparzaJaime EsparzaAngel EsparzaMargarita EsparzaIrma EsparzaLeticia EsparzaAngelica EsparzaAlicia EsparzaJoseph EsparzaNancy EsparzaAlberto EsparzaAdrian EsparzaSilvia EsparzaFrank EsparzaChristina EsparzaCynthia EsparzaSylvia EsparzaBlanca EsparzaAnna EsparzaMichelle EsparzaGabriel EsparzaCesar EsparzaErika EsparzaAdriana EsparzaBrenda EsparzaLinda EsparzaFelipe EsparzaJulio EsparzaMarco EsparzaGustavo EsparzaMelissa EsparzaSamuel EsparzaVanessa EsparzaStephanie EsparzaGabriela EsparzaRebecca EsparzaAlex EsparzaJoel EsparzaLisa EsparzaRogelio EsparzaAlfonso EsparzaGuillermo EsparzaAlma EsparzaIsmael EsparzaMayra EsparzaRaymond EsparzaLupe EsparzaEdgar EsparzaIsabel EsparzaEdward EsparzaEric EsparzaIrene EsparzaAlejandra EsparzaErica EsparzaAngela EsparzaAndres EsparzaChristopher EsparzaPablo EsparzaPaul EsparzaSonia EsparzaLuz EsparzaVictoria EsparzaAmanda EsparzaRodolfo EsparzaEva EsparzaJuanita EsparzaAndrew EsparzaMaribel EsparzaBertha EsparzaVirginia EsparzaEsther EsparzaTony EsparzaGraciela EsparzaJosefina EsparzaLorena EsparzaEsperanza EsparzaAndrea EsparzaRamiro EsparzaSusan EsparzaThomas EsparzaAbel EsparzaGilbert EsparzaSaul EsparzaRose EsparzaCecilia EsparzaCrystal EsparzaJonathan EsparzaHumberto EsparzaElena EsparzaGeorge EsparzaOmar EsparzaMark EsparzaCristina EsparzaDolores EsparzaRaquel EsparzaSara EsparzaBeatriz EsparzaChristian EsparzaJames EsparzaRene EsparzaJulia EsparzaRocio EsparzaMike EsparzaLiliana EsparzaRosario EsparzaSarah EsparzaIvan EsparzaIsrael EsparzaAraceli EsparzaAntonia EsparzaRuth EsparzaEddie EsparzaJohnny EsparzaAnita EsparzaSteven EsparzaRachel EsparzaDora EsparzaDenise EsparzaRamona EsparzaMarcos EsparzaElvira EsparzaSocorro EsparzaKaren EsparzaGilberto EsparzaOlivia EsparzaLourdes EsparzaMaricela EsparzaKarla EsparzaOlga EsparzaAlbert EsparzaJulian EsparzaIgnacio EsparzaErnest EsparzaTomas EsparzaFrancisca EsparzaHugo EsparzaSusana EsparzaFrances EsparzaLouis EsparzaAshley EsparzaCarolina EsparzaSantiago EsparzaKimberly EsparzaJacqueline EsparzaLydia EsparzaChristine EsparzaEvelyn EsparzaBenjamin EsparzaNicholas EsparzaEfrain EsparzaRolando EsparzaEsmeralda EsparzaSamantha EsparzaCelia EsparzaEsteban EsparzaConsuelo EsparzaRudy EsparzaElias EsparzaMargaret EsparzaBenito EsparzaNicole EsparzaHenry EsparzaMatthew EsparzaValerie EsparzaYesenia EsparzaAlexis EsparzaCindy EsparzaRodrigo EsparzaEmma EsparzaSantos EsparzaAdam EsparzaKarina EsparzaFelix EsparzaEfren EsparzaAbraham EsparzaMiriam EsparzaAurora EsparzaElisa EsparzaRosalinda EsparzaDelia EsparzaJanet EsparzaVicente EsparzaJoshua EsparzaYvonne EsparzaNora EsparzaLorenzo EsparzaMoises EsparzaRita EsparzaLarry EsparzaEmilio EsparzaJacob EsparzaGenaro EsparzaRuby EsparzaMagdalena EsparzaNatalie EsparzaOfelia EsparzaCruz EsparzaHilda EsparzaLeslie EsparzaNoemi EsparzaWilliam EsparzaPamela EsparzaArthur EsparzaDiego EsparzaBarbara EsparzaNicolas EsparzaGonzalo EsparzaManuela EsparzaAlvaro EsparzaRaymundo EsparzaAmy EsparzaLucia EsparzaCharles EsparzaMarisol EsparzaNoe EsparzaPaula EsparzaRefugio EsparzaBrian EsparzaErik EsparzaAgustin EsparzaMercedes EsparzaLeonardo EsparzaAmber EsparzaAlexander EsparzaFidel EsparzaAaron EsparzaJason EsparzaPhillip EsparzaIsaac EsparzaHoracio EsparzaAurelio EsparzaRoman EsparzaJustin EsparzaGregorio Esparza