How Many People Are There In The US With The Last Name Ferreira?

This is something that a lot of people are curious about. How many people in the United States have the last name Ferreira? According to the 2010 Census, there are 9,259 people with the last name Ferreira living in the United States. This is a pretty small number when you consider that there are over 300 million people living in the US. Ferreira is not a very common name, but it is more common than some of the other uncommon names out there. There are certainly a lot of people with more common last names than Ferreira, but there are also a lot of people with last names that are less common than Ferreira. If you are curious about how common your last name is, you can check out the Census Bureau’s website to find out.

Which State In The US Has The Largest Population With The Last Name Ferreira?

As of 2010, the most common surname in the United States was Smith, with almost 150,000 people sharing the name. But which state has the largest population of people with the last name Ferreira?The answer may surprise you. According to the 2010 Census, California has the most Ferreiras, with over 9,000 people sharing the name. Texas comes in second, with just over 7,000 Ferreiras, and Florida is third, with almost 6,000.

So why are so many people with the last name Ferreira living in California, Texas, and Florida? It's hard to say for sure, but one possible explanation is that these states have large Portuguese-American populations.

Ferreira is a common Portuguese surname, and it's no surprise that so many people with Portuguese roots have ended up in these states. So if you're looking for someone with the last name Ferreira, your best bet is to start your search in California, Texas, or Florida.

What Are The Most Uncommon Names With The Last Name Ferreira?

The name Ferreira is not as common as some of the other last names out there. In fact, it is listed as the 2,717th most common last name in the United States. But, even though it is not as common, there are still a good number of people who have this last name. So, what are some of the most uncommon names with the last name Ferreira?1. Ashley Ferreira

2. Christina Ferreira

3. Christopher Ferreira

4. Destiny Ferreira

5. Gregory Ferreira

6. Hannah Ferreira

7. José Ferreira

8. Joshua Ferreira

9. Kayla Ferreira

10. Lucas Ferreira

While there are many more uncommon names with the last name Ferreira, these are some of the most notable. Do you know of any others? Let us know in the comments!

List of People with the Last Name Ferreira

Mary FerreiraJoseph FerreiraM FerreiraJohn FerreiraManuel FerreiraJ FerreiraDavid FerreiraMaria FerreiraMichael FerreiraAna FerreiraLuis FerreiraJose FerreiraRobert FerreiraCarlos FerreiraAntonio FerreiraDaniel FerreiraA FerreiraJoao FerreiraPatricia FerreiraFernando FerreiraElizabeth FerreiraAnthony FerreiraJoe FerreiraPaulo FerreiraSandra FerreiraJennifer FerreiraRichard FerreiraJuan FerreiraFrank FerreiraMario FerreiraAnna FerreiraJames FerreiraPaul FerreiraFrancisco FerreiraLisa FerreiraWilliam FerreiraRosa FerreiraPedro FerreiraMichelle FerreiraEdward FerreiraGeorge FerreiraRicardo FerreiraJessica FerreiraLinda FerreiraLaura FerreiraVictor FerreiraSusan FerreiraJorge FerreiraSteven FerreiraEduardo FerreiraRafael FerreiraBarbara FerreiraChristopher FerreiraClaudia FerreiraPaula FerreiraNancy FerreiraStephanie FerreiraMarcelo FerreiraThomas FerreiraCarmen FerreiraLuiz FerreiraChristina FerreiraMarcos FerreiraMarie FerreiraLouis FerreiraDiana FerreiraDiane FerreiraAngela FerreiraChristine FerreiraIsabel FerreiraKathleen FerreiraKaren FerreiraSergio FerreiraMiguel FerreiraDeborah FerreiraTeresa FerreiraJulio FerreiraAndrea FerreiraKimberly FerreiraAndre FerreiraKevin FerreiraMelissa FerreiraAmanda FerreiraRose FerreiraJacqueline FerreiraRoberto FerreiraCharles FerreiraKelly FerreiraMatthew FerreiraTony FerreiraNicole FerreiraCarla FerreiraBrian FerreiraMark FerreiraMarco FerreiraAlex FerreiraAdriana FerreiraDenise FerreiraAlbert FerreiraArthur FerreiraStephen FerreiraMonica FerreiraJason FerreiraDonna FerreiraAlexandre FerreiraVanessa FerreiraCarol FerreiraNelson FerreiraSteve FerreiraRodrigo FerreiraGloria FerreiraAnn FerreiraSonia FerreiraFernanda FerreiraMargaret FerreiraJoaquim FerreiraCatherine FerreiraMarcia FerreiraFabio FerreiraJonathan FerreiraLucia FerreiraAmy FerreiraDennis FerreiraTheresa FerreiraAlfred FerreiraCynthia FerreiraJulia FerreiraAlberto FerreiraAlice FerreiraGabriel FerreiraMarcio FerreiraRenato FerreiraCheryl FerreiraAshley FerreiraPamela FerreiraAlexander FerreiraLeonardo FerreiraCristina FerreiraJaime FerreiraAndrew FerreiraDebra FerreiraRaymond FerreiraEric FerreiraDanielle FerreiraFrancis FerreiraElaine FerreiraLucas FerreiraJesus FerreiraSarah FerreiraArmando FerreiraBruno FerreiraRebecca FerreiraVeronica FerreiraKatherine FerreiraNicholas FerreiraRonald FerreiraGustavo FerreiraMartha FerreiraPeter FerreiraDorothy FerreiraIrene FerreiraFatima FerreiraSilvia FerreiraJean FerreiraRita FerreiraRamon FerreiraHelen FerreiraAnderson FerreiraJeffrey FerreiraJulie FerreiraBrenda FerreiraJoshua FerreiraRegina FerreiraJustin FerreiraJudith FerreiraShirley FerreiraLori FerreiraJoan FerreiraEmily FerreiraAngel FerreiraSara FerreiraAntone FerreiraHeather FerreiraDaniela FerreiraJuliana FerreiraAlexandra FerreiraScott FerreiraVirginia FerreiraRenata FerreiraVictoria FerreiraGilbert FerreiraRyan FerreiraSamuel FerreiraRui FerreiraRosemary FerreiraJanet FerreiraGeraldo FerreiraCarolina FerreiraClaudio FerreiraAdriano FerreiraLynn FerreiraChristian FerreiraSharon FerreiraAlfredo FerreiraHenry FerreiraJoel FerreiraMelanie FerreiraAlvaro FerreiraHector FerreiraEvelyn FerreiraKenneth FerreiraAbel FerreiraAnne FerreiraRaquel FerreiraWilson FerreiraFlavio FerreiraWendy FerreiraCesar FerreiraTimothy FerreiraOlga FerreiraRachel FerreiraAlicia FerreiraDouglas FerreiraSamantha FerreiraDawn FerreiraNatalia FerreiraErika FerreiraRaul FerreiraGilberto FerreiraJoyce FerreiraOscar FerreiraRonaldo FerreiraLuz FerreiraJack FerreiraRuben FerreiraErica FerreiraGabriela FerreiraHelena FerreiraFelix FerreiraVera FerreiraMartin FerreiraLeandro FerreiraNuno FerreiraCecilia FerreiraAndres FerreiraPatrick FerreiraJoanne FerreiraSheila FerreiraJesse FerreiraLuciano FerreiraRuth FerreiraLauren FerreiraSusana FerreiraCamila FerreiraFelipe FerreiraDiego FerreiraErnest FerreiraAngelica FerreiraOlivia FerreiraGuilherme FerreiraLawrence FerreiraDanny FerreiraCelia FerreiraMarlene FerreiraKarla FerreiraLuciana FerreiraWalter FerreiraTiago FerreiraBeverly FerreiraMauricio FerreiraPablo FerreiraAngelo FerreiraDonald FerreiraClara FerreiraEdwin FerreiraAlejandro FerreiraRogerio FerreiraAlan FerreiraMarisa FerreiraHilda FerreiraBryan FerreiraLidia FerreiraHenrique FerreiraBenjamin FerreiraFabricio FerreiraAline FerreiraSebastiao FerreiraJavier FerreiraSimone FerreiraThiago FerreiraOrlando FerreiraAdam FerreiraEdson FerreiraBrandon FerreiraRoger FerreiraAlessandra FerreiraCristiane FerreiraOmar FerreiraRobson FerreiraEmerson Ferreira