What Is The History Of The Last Name Finch?

Many people ask what the history of the last name Finch is. The name Finch is derived from the Old English word "finna," which means "to find." The name Finch was most likely given to someone who was a skilled hunter or tracker. The Finch family crest features a hunting hawk, which is a symbol of the hunter.The first recorded use of the name Finch was in the 12th century. One of the earliest known Finches was a knight named Sir Reginald Finch. Sir Reginald was a powerful knight who fought in the crusades.

The Finch family has a long and proud history of military service. Many Finches have served in the British military, and some have even been awarded the Victoria Cross, the highest military honor in the United Kingdom.

The Finch family has also been involved in politics. Many Finches have been elected to Parliament, and one even served as the Prime Minister of the United Kingdom.

The Finch family has had a tremendous impact on British society and culture. They have contributed to many different fields, including law, medicine, and the arts.

The name Finch is a noble and historic name, and the Finch family has a long and proud history of service to their country. If you are lucky enough to have the name Finch, you should be proud to carry on the legacy of this distinguished family.

Are There Any Famous People In History With The Last Name Finch?

There are quite a few famous people in history with the last name Finch. Some of the most notable include English author and statesman Henry Finch, American ornithologist and naturalist John Finch, and English cricketer Stuart Finch.Henry Finch was born in 1558 and served as an MP in the House of Commons for over 20 years. He was also an accomplished author, writing a number of books on theology and politics.

John Finch was born in 1626 and was one of the first American ornithologists. He published a book on birds in 1688 and is credited with discovering the Baltimore oriole.

Stuart Finch was born in 1897 and was a professional cricketer who played for a number of teams, including Lancashire and Derbyshire. He is best known for his record-breaking innings of 251 for Derbyshire against Nottinghamshire in 1930.

Where Does The Last Name Finch Rank In The Most Common US Names?

The last name Finch is the 317th most common US name, according to recent estimates from the Social Security Administration. This means that Finch is less common than the names Smith, Johnson, and Williams, but more common than the names Garcia, Nguyen, and Rodriguez.Interestingly, the name Finch does not seem to be as popular in other countries. For example, the name Finch ranks only 8,898th in the UK and 8,584th in Australia. This may be due in part to the fact that the name Finch is derived from the English word "finch," which is a type of bird.

So, where does the last name Finch rank in the most common US names? It's not at the top of the list, but it's definitely up there. If you're looking for a name that is both unique and familiar, then Finch may be a good choice for you.

List of People with the Last Name Finch

Mary FinchJohn FinchJennifer FinchRichard FinchCharles FinchM FinchThomas FinchWilliam FinchJames FinchJ FinchC FinchD FinchDavid FinchElizabeth FinchBarbara FinchRobert FinchMichael FinchL FinchLinda FinchPatricia FinchS FinchDonald FinchB FinchGeorge FinchMargaret FinchJoseph FinchSusan FinchChris FinchLisa FinchSteven FinchChristopher FinchK FinchMichelle FinchKaren FinchPaul FinchKenneth FinchDeborah FinchDonna FinchKimberly FinchDaniel FinchRonald FinchNancy FinchSarah FinchHelen FinchMark FinchDorothy FinchW FinchCarol FinchBetty FinchSandra FinchMelissa FinchRuth FinchLarry FinchJessica FinchRebecca FinchEdward FinchJeffrey FinchSteve FinchTimothy FinchCynthia FinchHeather FinchAngela FinchDebra FinchAmanda FinchKevin FinchStephanie FinchBrian FinchSharon FinchBill FinchStephen FinchJeff FinchJason FinchAmy FinchLaura FinchWillie FinchHarold FinchDiane FinchGary FinchMatthew FinchAnn FinchAshley FinchKatherine FinchFrank FinchPamela FinchChristine FinchGregory FinchKathleen FinchJerry FinchKim FinchBrenda FinchScott FinchShirley FinchDouglas FinchFrances FinchCarolyn FinchTeresa FinchMike FinchJulie FinchAndrew FinchKathy FinchJoyce FinchCatherine FinchTerry FinchJoe FinchKelly FinchLawrence FinchJudy FinchJamie FinchAnthony FinchJean FinchRaymond FinchMarie FinchNicole FinchJack FinchAnna FinchHenry FinchLori FinchJanet FinchEric FinchVirginia FinchJoshua FinchWalter FinchCheryl FinchLeslie FinchKathryn FinchEmily FinchArthur FinchAlice FinchAlbert FinchDon FinchTammy FinchTina FinchDoris FinchCrystal FinchJudith FinchDennis FinchJonathan FinchMartha FinchGerald FinchTracy FinchJustin FinchFred FinchAndrea FinchBobby FinchDawn FinchShannon FinchJesse FinchRandy FinchPeter FinchJanice FinchWayne FinchHoward FinchRoy FinchLee FinchJane FinchTheresa FinchDenise FinchBonnie FinchWendy FinchCarl FinchChristina FinchBeverly FinchRyan FinchRachel FinchAnnie FinchGloria FinchJackie FinchBrandon FinchBilly FinchConnie FinchBrittany FinchSherry FinchTiffany FinchCarrie FinchJoan FinchSamuel FinchBruce FinchDiana FinchJacqueline FinchAmber FinchPeggy FinchMildred FinchSamantha FinchRay FinchEvelyn FinchEugene FinchLillian FinchApril FinchVictoria FinchMegan FinchAaron FinchAnne FinchRose FinchTravis FinchRobin FinchErnest FinchGrace FinchJessie FinchEarl FinchSara FinchRoger FinchSheila FinchRalph FinchFrancis FinchJeremy FinchNicholas FinchMarcus FinchLynn FinchAllen FinchGladys FinchHarry FinchDerrick FinchLouise FinchEdna FinchPhyllis FinchDanielle FinchBenjamin FinchLois FinchBryan FinchJulia FinchRussell FinchKeith FinchPatrick FinchCharlie FinchEmma FinchRonnie FinchMaria FinchEdith FinchShawn FinchFloyd FinchTaylor FinchRodney FinchAlan FinchMarion FinchWarren FinchFrederick FinchDale FinchClarence FinchAdam FinchMarilyn FinchWanda FinchKyle FinchZachary FinchThelma FinchGlenn FinchClara FinchRuby FinchChad FinchPhillip FinchAllison FinchBradley FinchFlorence FinchAlfred FinchNathan FinchGail FinchCurtis FinchRandall FinchJordan FinchGordon FinchMonica FinchWesley FinchRicky FinchEdwin FinchTyler FinchJacob FinchEleanor FinchGeorgia FinchCharlotte FinchNorma FinchMartin FinchSally FinchLouis FinchEllen FinchLeonard FinchCraig FinchLewis FinchEthel FinchHazel FinchRita FinchIrene FinchAustin FinchClifford FinchGeraldine FinchSylvia FinchNorman FinchMarjorie FinchMarvin FinchAlexander FinchElmer FinchVivian FinchPauline FinchElsie FinchSean FinchHerbert FinchStanley FinchNellie FinchMelvin FinchCody FinchWillis FinchGertrude Finch