Historical Information About The Last Name Flowers

The history of the name Flowers goes back centuries. It is derived from the Old English word "flowers" which means "flowering plants". The name was first introduced to England by the Normans after they conquered the country in 1066. It was likely introduced as a surname to identify someone who either lived near a flower field or who was involved in the cultivation or trade of flowers.The Flowers name has been associated with many notable people over the years. For example, Sir Lawrence Flowers was a highly decorated British soldier who fought in both World War I and World War II. Bishop Geoffrey Flowers was a prominent Anglican clergyman who served as the Bishop of Chester for many years.

There are also a number of famous Flowers athletes, including Olympic gold medalist Jesse Owens and NFL quarterback Ben Roethlisberger.

If you are interested in finding out more about the history of your last name, there are a number of resources available online. One of the best is the website surnameinfo.com, which provides detailed information on thousands of surnames.

The Popularity Of Flowers As The Last Name

Flowers as a last name can be found all over the world. They can be found in countries such as the United States, the United Kingdom, and Australia. In the United States, there are around 5,500 people who have the last name of Flower. The Flower name is most popular in the state of Ohio, where there are around 1,100 people with the last name. In the United Kingdom, there are around 2,500 people with the last name of Flower. The Flower name is most popular in the county of Lancashire, where there are around 650 people with the last name. In Australia, there are around 1,800 people with the last name of Flower. The Flower name is most popular in the state of Victoria, where there are around 850 people with the last name.There are many reasons why the Flower name is so popular. One reason is that it is a unique name. It is not very common for people to have the last name of Flower. Therefore, when someone does have the last name of Flower, it makes them stand out from the crowd. Another reason why the Flower name is popular is because it is a pretty name. It is a name that is associated with beauty and elegance. Lastly, the Flower name is popular because it is a positive name. It is a name that is associated with happiness and joy.

All in all, the Flower name is a popular name that is associated with beauty, elegance, and happiness. If you are looking for a unique and positive last name, then the Flower name is a great option!

Naming Ideas With Flowers As The Last Name

Naming ideas with flowers as the last name are endless. You can choose to name your child after a type of flower, a color of flower, or after the location where the flower is found. If you are looking for a more unique name, you can choose to name your child after a flower's Latin name.Here are just a few examples of flower-inspired baby names:

Amber Lily


Bay Laurel




















List of People with the Last Name Flowers

Mary FlowersDorothy FlowersSharon FlowersGeorge FlowersLinda FlowersRonald FlowersDavid FlowersChris FlowersSandra FlowersJames FlowersDeborah FlowersCharles FlowersThomas FlowersDonald FlowersWillie FlowersMichael FlowersKimberly FlowersAngela FlowersPatricia FlowersCynthia FlowersS FlowersElizabeth FlowersBarbara FlowersChristopher FlowersBrenda FlowersB FlowersSusan FlowersDonna FlowersJoseph FlowersWilliam FlowersRichard FlowersJohn FlowersMargaret FlowersAnthony FlowersKenneth FlowersMichelle FlowersLarry FlowersJ FlowersBetty FlowersSteven FlowersRobert FlowersM FlowersR FlowersL FlowersJoe FlowersJennifer FlowersEdward FlowersKaren FlowersDebra FlowersJessica FlowersLisa FlowersMelissa FlowersDaniel FlowersSarah FlowersShirley FlowersPamela FlowersAshley FlowersJeffrey FlowersCarolyn FlowersPaul FlowersAmanda FlowersNancy FlowersKevin FlowersWalter FlowersTimothy FlowersCarol FlowersJason FlowersStephanie FlowersMark FlowersAndrew FlowersBrian FlowersKim FlowersJerry FlowersGary FlowersHelen FlowersTeresa FlowersDiane FlowersTammy FlowersRebecca FlowersHenry FlowersAmy FlowersTerry FlowersSteve FlowersAnnie FlowersMike FlowersJoyce FlowersKathy FlowersTiffany FlowersRuth FlowersChristine FlowersKelly FlowersRaymond FlowersEric FlowersDebbie FlowersLawrence FlowersStephen FlowersMarie FlowersFrank FlowersLaura FlowersCatherine FlowersAndrea FlowersCrystal FlowersJacqueline FlowersNicole FlowersBobby FlowersAnn FlowersBilly FlowersSheila FlowersMartha FlowersGregory FlowersMatthew FlowersApril FlowersCheryl FlowersJustin FlowersJoshua FlowersBrandon FlowersGloria FlowersHeather FlowersJeffery FlowersChristina FlowersJackie FlowersJanet FlowersRose FlowersJanice FlowersAnna FlowersVirginia FlowersJudy FlowersTracy FlowersSamuel FlowersJohnny FlowersCarl FlowersDennis FlowersJessie FlowersDoris FlowersCurtis FlowersHarold FlowersRhonda FlowersKeith FlowersErnest FlowersTina FlowersTheresa FlowersDenise FlowersRoy FlowersBeverly FlowersJulie FlowersArthur FlowersWanda FlowersRuby FlowersAlice FlowersFrances FlowersJimmy FlowersEddie FlowersJulia FlowersKatherine FlowersJesse FlowersRandy FlowersDon FlowersLeslie FlowersJamie FlowersEvelyn FlowersScott FlowersRobin FlowersRay FlowersShannon FlowersAlbert FlowersRachel FlowersLee FlowersJeremy FlowersGerald FlowersJonathan FlowersEarl FlowersJack FlowersSherry FlowersMelvin FlowersJean FlowersEugene FlowersVictoria FlowersTony FlowersWayne FlowersLouise FlowersJasmine FlowersBrittany FlowersAmber FlowersDanielle FlowersKathryn FlowersCharlie FlowersClarence FlowersConnie FlowersMaria FlowersJudith FlowersDouglas FlowersKathleen FlowersMarilyn FlowersAaron FlowersEmily FlowersRicky FlowersPhillip FlowersJohnnie FlowersTonya FlowersPaula FlowersJoan FlowersMildred FlowersFred FlowersLois FlowersRonnie FlowersBonnie FlowersRyan FlowersShawn FlowersSam FlowersEmma FlowersPhyllis FlowersKatie FlowersDerrick FlowersMarvin FlowersPeggy FlowersGrace FlowersSamantha FlowersAnnette FlowersHarry FlowersDarrell FlowersBenjamin FlowersRegina FlowersAllen FlowersYolanda FlowersCalvin FlowersDana FlowersSara FlowersMarcus FlowersDawn FlowersRenee FlowersErica FlowersCarrie FlowersDanny FlowersDarlene FlowersEthel FlowersDiana FlowersEllen FlowersMonica FlowersGail FlowersJane FlowersRussell FlowersGeraldine FlowersAntonio FlowersPatrick FlowersStanley FlowersEdna FlowersNathan FlowersCraig FlowersAlicia FlowersAnita FlowersCharlotte FlowersThelma FlowersRita FlowersIrene FlowersDale FlowersVeronica FlowersGlenda FlowersHoward FlowersMarion FlowersJerome FlowersJimmie FlowersRoger FlowersLucille FlowersYvonne FlowersTyrone FlowersLeonard FlowersCourtney FlowersHazel FlowersAndre FlowersRalph FlowersAlvin FlowersCassandra FlowersJordan FlowersClara FlowersHerbert FlowersReginald FlowersMattie FlowersNicholas FlowersBryan FlowersTravis FlowersGladys FlowersLillie FlowersJuanita FlowersLeon FlowersTyler FlowersJacob FlowersCorey FlowersTodd FlowersMinnie FlowersAdam FlowersRodney FlowersLeroy FlowersFlorence FlowersLouis FlowersBessie FlowersVictor FlowersLillian FlowersNorman FlowersKyle FlowersAlfred Flowers