What Is The History Of The Last Name Flynn?

The surname Flynn is one of the most common in Ireland. It is thought to have derived from the Irish Gaelic name O'Flynn, which means "descendant of Flann," a personal name derived from the Irish word for "red." The Flynn family was one of the most powerful and prominent families in Ireland in the Middle Ages.The Flynn family coat of arms features a red lion rampant on a gold shield. The first recorded use of the Flynn surname was in the early 12th century, when one Flynn O'Dubhdara appeared in the annals of the Irish province of Ulster. Many Flynn families migrated to the United States in the mid-19th century, and the Flynn surname is now particularly common in the states of Massachusetts, Connecticut, and New York.

Are There Any Famous People In History With The Last Name Flynn?

There are many famous people in history with the last name Flynn, but only a few of them are really well-known. One of the most famous Flynns is probably Errol Flynn, an actor who achieved mainstream success in the 1930s and 1940s. He was known for his swashbuckling roles in adventure movies, and was even inducted into the Hollywood Walk of Fame.Another famous Flynn is Timothy Flynn, a business executive and author who has been recognized for his work in corporate governance and ethics. He was the chairman of the board at PepsiCo and is the author of the book entitled "Good to Great: Why Some Companies Make the Leap... and Others Don't".

There are also a few famous Flynns in the world of politics. One is Raymond Flynn, who served as the United States Ambassador to the Vatican from 1993 to 1997. He was also the Mayor of Boston from 1984 to 1993. Another notable Flynn is Michael Flynn, who briefly served as the National Security Advisor to President Donald Trump.

So, if you're ever wondering if there are any famous people in history with the last name Flynn, the answer is definitely yes! But don't forget that there are also plenty of non-famous Flynns out there who are just as deserving of your respect.

Where Does The Last Name Flynn Rank In The Most Common US Names?

There are a lot of common last names in the United States, but where does the last name Flynn rank on the list? Surprisingly, it is not one of the top 10 most common last names in the US. In fact, Flynn is only ranked as the #1,764th most common last name in the US. This means that there are only about 9,811 people in the US with the last name Flynn. So, if you are looking for a unique last name, Flynn is a good option!

List of People with the Last Name Flynn

Ann FlynnMarie FlynnAnne FlynnDorothy FlynnCatherine FlynnLinda FlynnRobert FlynnMargaret FlynnSusan FlynnGeorge FlynnEdward FlynnAnna FlynnPeter FlynnFrank FlynnHelen FlynnTim FlynnJoseph FlynnJames FlynnC FlynnDennis FlynnRichard FlynnLisa FlynnAmy FlynnTimothy FlynnSandra FlynnJohn FlynnJessica FlynnB FlynnCharles FlynnJ FlynnPatricia FlynnMary FlynnErin FlynnNancy FlynnKathleen FlynnThomas FlynnChris FlynnCarol FlynnBrian FlynnSarah FlynnDaniel FlynnDonna FlynnKevin FlynnS FlynnKatherine FlynnPatrick FlynnKelly FlynnMark FlynnChristine FlynnChristopher FlynnBarbara FlynnFrancis FlynnD FlynnShannon FlynnJoe FlynnSteven FlynnPat FlynnJoan FlynnMike FlynnKaren FlynnMichael FlynnM FlynnJack FlynnMatthew FlynnK FlynnKimberly FlynnJennifer FlynnElizabeth FlynnLaura FlynnMichelle FlynnDavid FlynnDonald FlynnR FlynnWilliam FlynnRyan FlynnStephen FlynnP FlynnDeborah FlynnPaul FlynnDiane FlynnDan FlynnKathy FlynnStephanie FlynnMaureen FlynnSharon FlynnCynthia FlynnTom FlynnMegan FlynnSean FlynnKathryn FlynnHeather FlynnBetty FlynnMelissa FlynnJulie FlynnTheresa FlynnColleen FlynnRebecca FlynnLawrence FlynnRuth FlynnFrances FlynnRaymond FlynnAlice FlynnAngela FlynnJean FlynnAndrew FlynnDebra FlynnTerry FlynnAmanda FlynnEileen FlynnRose FlynnKenneth FlynnJudith FlynnJeffrey FlynnGerald FlynnJane FlynnPamela FlynnVirginia FlynnCheryl FlynnKim FlynnJanet FlynnLarry FlynnShawn FlynnDebbie FlynnNicole FlynnChristina FlynnTeresa FlynnMartin FlynnGary FlynnRonald FlynnAshley FlynnBrenda FlynnCarolyn FlynnGregory FlynnEric FlynnJason FlynnJerry FlynnDenise FlynnJoyce FlynnScott FlynnJacqueline FlynnEmily FlynnKatie FlynnCindy FlynnBernard FlynnEugene FlynnBridget FlynnAnthony FlynnEllen FlynnJulia FlynnMichele FlynnJanice FlynnLori FlynnSheila FlynnJamie FlynnJudy FlynnMaria FlynnMartha FlynnIrene FlynnTracy FlynnRachel FlynnVictoria FlynnTammy FlynnHarold FlynnArthur FlynnJoanne FlynnRobin FlynnBonnie FlynnRita FlynnLeo FlynnJustin FlynnShirley FlynnLauren FlynnMarilyn FlynnJoshua FlynnSara FlynnTara FlynnBryan FlynnJoann FlynnFlorence FlynnSuzanne FlynnLeslie FlynnPaula FlynnDawn FlynnDiana FlynnAndrea FlynnWalter FlynnBeverly FlynnDoris FlynnWendy FlynnEvelyn FlynnMeghan FlynnCourtney FlynnLouise FlynnKyle FlynnTina FlynnElaine FlynnJonathan FlynnPeggy FlynnMolly FlynnLillian FlynnBrandon FlynnNicholas FlynnGrace FlynnKeith FlynnHenry FlynnRosemary FlynnDouglas FlynnMildred FlynnVincent FlynnLaurie FlynnDanielle FlynnBrendan FlynnHarry FlynnMarion FlynnGeraldine FlynnKerry FlynnJeanne FlynnBilly FlynnSamantha FlynnEleanor FlynnCarrie FlynnLois FlynnCaroline FlynnLynn FlynnAgnes FlynnValerie FlynnJosephine FlynnGail FlynnTerrence FlynnTyler FlynnPhyllis FlynnAlbert FlynnDana FlynnCharlotte FlynnRegina FlynnTiffany FlynnCrystal FlynnEthel FlynnJill FlynnAllison FlynnGertrude FlynnMonica FlynnConnor FlynnCasey FlynnMarjorie FlynnKristin FlynnEdith FlynnSherry FlynnAnita FlynnLorraine FlynnBrittany FlynnAmber FlynnPhilip FlynnLucille FlynnLoretta FlynnNora FlynnDolores FlynnVeronica FlynnRoger FlynnJerome FlynnEarl FlynnEmma FlynnGloria FlynnMelanie FlynnMaurice FlynnAaron FlynnColin FlynnJacob FlynnJeremy FlynnSally FlynnCaitlin FlynnAnnie FlynnHannah FlynnPauline FlynnLeonard FlynnEdna FlynnRoy FlynnAdam FlynnCarl FlynnFrederick FlynnNorma FlynnMarguerite FlynnWanda FlynnRalph FlynnErrol FlynnRussell FlynnZachary FlynnClara FlynnTerence FlynnHoward FlynnHugh FlynnBruce FlynnSamuel FlynnCraig FlynnShaun FlynnDale FlynnAustin FlynnEdmund FlynnBeatrice FlynnJeremiah Flynn