With the increased crimes worldwide, criminals are incarcerated immediately after violating any law. It happens daily.

Sometimes, people get imprisoned for months or years until they have arranged any evidence for getting bail. So, finding out if a relative or a friend is in jail or has been recently arrested might seem intimidating. But how to find out if Someone is in Jail? Is it that easy?

Are you baffled about how to check if someone is in jail? Umpteen resources you can use to find out if they got arrested. So, in today’s article, we have summed up the top 5 hassle-free ways to check out if someone is in jail.


FindPeopleFast is a top-notch public records search engine with a wide array of trustworthy databases. It has a supreme background check option, which lets you access anyone’s criminal record. Therefore, finding credible details and demonstrating those to users in a comprehensible manner will require little time.

The process of checking someone’s jail background is a piece of cake for FindPeopleFast. It will do a systematic scan of its extensive databases, which are made accessible by the jurisdiction that unbolts details about felonies, crimes, misdemeanors, or any kind of infringements .

The information you will receive after digging in FindPeopleFast is from public documents. A plethora of good reasons are there to run a background lookup in FindPeopleFast. It will unearth necessary information on if someone has ever been imprisoned for a specific purpose.

The basic steps of finding out if someone is in jail will need to take a plunge in a background check by FindPeopleFast. As the website is unique, it will provide arrest reports and what allegations an individual was charged for, and the punishment.

In order to perform a quick check if someone is in jail, follow these:

  • Scroll to the FindPeopleFast search bar on this page
  • Enter the first and last name of that person
  • Hit the search button to continue
  • It will show the relevant results within a few minutes

Search Government Database

Searching the government database or checking the county sheriff’s website is another way to find out if someone is in jail. Some county jail sites possess innumerable databases of the criminals. In order to get fruitful results, you don’t need anything more than the individual’s name to rummage the database.

After visiting the county law enforcement web page, you will get access to their database. Here are some downsides, like those databases couldn’t be regularly updated. Still, the chances are pretty lower. By rummaging through those government databases, you can confirm the individual’s identity by calling the county jail directly when you find the person you are looking for.

Contact the Local Police Department

How to find out if someone is in Jail and confirm the same with evidence?

Well, if you prefer an offline method of finding anyone’s jailing information or don’t have complete details required to utilize an online inmate service, it would be better to contact the local cop department and speak with them directly. You will get the non-emergency county law enforcement department number on its official website or in your local phone book.

Are you not sure about the person’s imprisonment has occurred in which country?

You have to call various offices to acquire precise information about jailing. Moreover, you may also investigate your friend’s inmate queries after calling on a special phone number.

In case you can’t track that number and can’t find it anywhere, it would be better to call that non-emergency law enforcement department. On the other hand, the operator or the receptionist can arrange a necessary contact with whom you can discuss these matters.

Always ensure that whoever you are speaking with can’t provide you accurate information until you don’t have sufficient details about that individual who has been arrested. Therefore, you must understand that it will take a few days to get all the information.

Ask the Neighbors Nearby He Lived

Asking a neighbor is also one of the significant ways to find out if someone is in jail. Neighbors are the best information provider who can tell you about that individual’s characteristics.

If the person lives right next to your neighbor, they can inform you about his suspicious activities if he has ever indulged in wrong deeds. Therefore, this is how you can reveal anyone’s imprisonment information.


It is another amazing solution to resolve your ‘how to find out if Someone is in Jail?’ query.

The web-based platform, CocoFinder offers background searches on anyone. This is the best method of gaining important information about an individual. CocoFinder is a powerful background lookup tool, providing potential information about anyone’s criminal misdemeanor. You can also find someone's name by phone number with this tool.

Last but not least, this tool has an intuitive interface so that the users can easily look up at anyone’s jailing information by giving their name and other details. Traditional ways of background searching are tedious. But, with CocoFinder, the process becomes hassle-free.

More About Jail System

In the United States, more than 1700 state-run prisons are there, which hold captive approx 2.3 million people. More precisely, over 3000 additional detention facilities, including 80 Indian Country jails, 1772 juvenile correction amenities, and many more.

Countless online records are available via government websites, which tackle such liabilities. You can head to these websites to check out the online databases or pay a small fee to conduct an inmate lookup.

The jail system means a place for the confinement of persons who have contravened the law or been convicted of crimes. However, the jail and detention centers are different.

The latter is regarded as any type of amenity, which detains the population of a prison. These are the locations where detainees are kept while waiting for their trial. In brief, a detention hub means mental health assessment, non-criminal acts, and trials and hearings for deportation.

So, in order to visit an inmate, each jail possesses its own guidelines for visitation, including 4 hours of allowed visitation hour. The timing could vary as per the authoritative body of the county, local, or city jail.

How to Find an Inmate in the different timeline Since Their Arrest?

It is heart-rending to know about someone you love has been confined. The worst part is that not knowing their whereabouts. For example, if your loved one gets caught red-handed in Los Angeles, you can trace that person.

But, it requires both time and patience. When you know who to call for general custody related queries, it’s necessary to fathom the arrest timeline:

  • In the few hours after imprisonment, it’s not probable to get information
  • For 1-3 days of arrest case, that individual will be taken to a small jail by the LAPD or LASD department.
  • After 3 days of imprisonment, they will be taken for a court hearing. Therefore, after this arraignment, they might be allowed to be from any convictions, or they have to appeal for bail. In case bailing got rejected, they will be handed over to a different authority.


You can identify if someone gets arrested is by conducting a thorough background search on FindPeopleFast. Otherwise, you may also go for the offline method like contacting the county police department where the person was arrested.

Hopefully, this article provides diverse ways to solve your ‘how do I find out if someone is in jail’ queries. Fathoming the jail system is crucial before you start searching for a person in jail.